Runbike Beck ALX

Specifications Runbike Beck ALX Yandex data.Marketa General specifications Maximum load 23 kg Child height 80 – 115 cm Child’s age 1.5 – 4 years Tires solid Tire material EVA-polymer Frame Material aluminium alloy Treadmill weight 2.9 kg Seat and handlebar Height adjustable saddle, handlebar Saddle height 31 – 39 cm Handlebar height 48 – 60 […]

6 best vitamins for eyes

The comparison of the most expensive with the apple of their eye, coined by our ancestors, is still relevant today. Moreover: the zenith itself has acquired a special value and began to require increased attention to its own health. Prolonged use of a PC, watching TV, sedentary activity, and infrequent and scarce portions of fresh […]

The 10 Best Microscopes for Students and Schoolchildren

A good gift for a young researcher – a microscope Best children’s microscopes for the youngest The best classic educational light microscopes for schoolchildren The best stereoscopic microscopes The best digital microscopes Many kids dreamed of having a microscope of their own. School instruments suffered from poor focus, you could spend hours adjusting the light […]

Not the ugly seven, or the top seven Tarantino movies

Many people, uttering the word “America”, immediately think of hamburgers, girls in swimsuits the color of the flag, who picturesquely drink Coca-Cola from designer glass bottles, and of course – the movies of Tarantino. Quentin didn’t just become one of America’s favorite directors, he created his own iconic style. Most of you have seen, or […]

What to do in acute pain – the best pain relief pills

No one likes painful sensations – they cause severe discomfort, because of pain a person can not lead a normal life and fully enjoy it. Fortunately, coping with pain syndrome today is quite easy – in pharmacies there is a large selection of painkillers that help not only to alleviate the condition, but also to […]

Top 10 best pills for weight loss

The reasons why the human body starts to put on extra pounds have long been well known to all – excessive consumption of food, too high a concentration of carbohydrates and fats, which are very quickly digested by the body’s digestive system. This also includes a lack of exercise, stress, endocrine disorders and many others. […]

Top 11 best remedies for colic in newborns

Colic in newborn babies is a phenomenon that almost does not bypass any baby. When colic occurs, you should not immediately panic and buy off the shelves of pharmacies with everything in a row. First of all it is necessary to understand the problem, but most often colic in newborns is a physiological process, this […]

What to treat cough the best remedies

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of colds, delivering a lot of inconvenience. There are more than enough medications to treat coughs, most of which are sold without a prescription. It is worth noting that the choice of medication is determined by a number of nuances, chief among which is the type of […]

Top 10 best laxatives, how to choose a remedy for constipation?

Health problems can be quite delicate. Hardly anyone can admit that he suffers from constipation. However, this illness can not be avoided and it must be treated, good thing that today in pharmacies there is a wide choice of drugs for this problem. Choose them carefully, paying attention to the indications, contraindications and side effects, […]