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What to treat toenail fungus – the best remedies

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Nail fungus is a fairly common and very unpleasant disease. In fact, mycosis (the medical name of the disease) belongs to the group of chronic pathologies, which is quite difficult to get rid of. To choose the best remedy to fight it is not possible for many months, and sometimes even years. It often happens that the symptoms go away: the nails get a healthy appearance, the original shape returns to them. However, in just two or three weeks, the nail plate becomes yellow again, thickening appears on it, and the nail itself begins to crumble. One of the most unpleasant things is itching, discomfort or painful sensations, as well as a rather unpleasant odor.

In pharmacies there is a wide range of such means, but even in this case, choosing the most appropriate medicine can be very problematic. We decided to help you in this matter and compile a rating of the best remedies for nail fungus. Nevertheless, you should remember that, first of all, you should be guided by the recommendations of your doctor. In our review, we have not only collected the most common remedies, but also are going to give some useful tips on how to choose the most suitable composition.

How to choose the right remedy for toenail fungus?

Choose the most effective remedy to combat toenail fungus should not only because of the bad appearance of the nail plates and feet. If there is a fungal infection in the human body, it will have a depressing effect on the human immune system, his general well-being, and often fungus becomes the cause of a number of other dangerous diseases. In pharmacies there is a wide range of means, which differ from each other by composition, principle of action, method of application and so on.

They are all divided into two large groups – for external and internal use. The former are represented by ointments, creams and varnishes, the latter are available as tablets or capsules. In consultation with a specialist, it is desirable to accurately identify the causative agent of this disease. The fact is that fungus can appear as a result of the impact on the body of various parents of microorganisms that react differently to certain drugs, which are divided into categories – azoles, allilamines and morpholines.

Azoles combat fungal spores, preventing their further spread. In addition, they help to destroy the cells of the fungus itself by penetrating into their structure and having an effect at the cellular level. Such preparations are found for both external and internal use. The effectiveness of azoles is high – they help to fight most fungi, they can be used for a long time, and are also reasonably priced.

Allilamines are also very effective antimycotics, but their action is most active if no more than 50% of the nail plate has been affected. The preparations are mostly available as a means for external use. With their help you can quickly cope with the unpleasant manifestations of fungal infections – itching, feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin, they also destroy cell membranes, destroying the fungus and not allowing it to reproduce.

Morpholins contain many active pharmaceutical substances that inhibit fungal infection. They penetrate the nail plate almost immediately and are effective against fungus regardless of its origin.

When we chose products for our review, we were primarily guided by all of the factors discussed above. In addition, we took into consideration the price/quality ratio of the products and user reviews. We have tried to make a ranking of medications of acceptable cost, so that each of our readers can beat this infection in themselves.


4. Ketoconazole-ds tablets

The key principle behind the action of these tablets is based on blocking the production directly in the fungal infection of a substance such as ergosterol, as well as changes in membranes, particularly lipids. In one tablet, the concentration of the active substance is about 200 mg, with lactose monohydrate, corn starch, potato starch combined with gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and sodium carboxymethyl starch as additional components. The drug is a universal remedy that can be prescribed not only in the case of nail lesions, but also to combat skin diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and so on.

Under the influence of active substances, the fungal infection loses the ability to form mycelial filaments. This technology helps in a short time to prevent the spread of infection throughout the human body, and with regular use lead to the death of the fungus. Ketonazole is quickly absorbed directly in the stomach, literally in half an hour the optimal concentration in the body is reached, no systemic effects were found. In addition, these pills are often prescribed as a preventive measure. How to use – one or two tablets per day. It is strictly forbidden to take the remedy for children under the age of three, lactating women, people suffering from liver failure and in the case of individual intolerance.

  • Quite an effective drug;
  • Also available as an ointment, which allows the drug to be used comprehensively;
  • It is allowed to use to prevent the appearance of fungus in the case of a weakened immune system.
  • There are certain contraindications to use and minor side effects;
  • Not all fungal diseases are affected by this remedy.

3. Nizoral cream

Ketoconazole is also used here as an active ingredient, but a number of additional compounds make it much more effective. These compounds here are: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, polyvidone K90, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate. These pills fight well with chronic fungal diseases, and they cope not only with mycosis of the nails, but also with skin and hair infections, and also allow you to fully restore the condition of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. It is available on the market as an ointment and a shampoo. The latter is able to completely cure seborrheic dermatitis and variegated shingles that spread in the hair on the head.

The drug is taken one tablet a day with meals – this helps speed up absorption into the body. The active preparation contains 200 ml. You should consult a specialist beforehand – if the form of the disease is neglected, the doctor may increase it. The course of treatment in most cases does not exceed six months. It is quite acceptable to use the drug for the treatment of children as well. Children weighing from 15 to 30 kilograms are given half a tablet once a day. If the drug is planned to be used in the form of an ointment, then before applying the body area requires careful washing and drying, the affected areas of the nails are filed, then wiped with a cotton pad previously soaked in alcohol or in hydrogen peroxide. There are many side effects, but they are all minor, although if they occur, you will need to see a specialist.

Fungus of the Toenail — 3 Treatment Tips

  • Positive results appear within a short period of time;
  • The drug is effective in most cases;
  • The active ingredients do not get into the blood and breast milk, so it is allowed to use the product even for pregnant and lactating women;
  • Suitable for people who have renal or hepatic insufficiency.
  • The pills are taken strictly on time, which for working people can be a serious problem;
  • The product in the form of an ointment has a liquid consistency, so it is not so easy to apply and distribute it on the affected areas.

2. Fluconazole capsules

Originally, this drug was developed not only to actively combat fungal infections, but also for their prevention. The drug is a synthetic compound, with the help of which it is possible to break the full vital activity of pathogens in a short time. Specialists regularly prescribe it to combat candidiasis, but it is also optimal to get rid of most fungal diseases. The original composition allows the composition to be used not only in therapeutic, but also in pedagogical practice, but the treatment in this case should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. The active ingredient used in the composition of this drug was developed more than 20 years ago, but it is still one of the most effective.

The most effective this remedy, designed to combat toenail fungus, works best when issued in the form of capsules. In addition to fluconazole itself, there is gelatin and titanium dioxide. The latter greatly accelerates the action of the substance, helping it to be quickly absorbed not only in the stomach, but also in the intestinal tract. The maximum amount of active substances penetrates to the affected areas and begins to fight quickly against fungal formations.

  • No preliminary procedures before using this remedy are necessary;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Due to just one course of treatment it will be possible to cope with most types of mycosis and avoid the threat of relapse.
  • A small amount of the drug penetrates into the bloodstream, due to which some contraindications and side effects are possible;
  • The dosage must be observed strictly;
  • It is desirable to combine the drug with other drugs for optimal effect.

1. Clotrimazole

One of the most popular preparations of this type, with the help of which it is possible to cope effectively with pathogens in a short time. With this medicine you can quickly fight fungal diseases, prevent their further reproduction and cope with the subsequent spread of infectious disease. In pharmacies it is sold in the form of ointments and gels for topical use, there is also a tablet form. Often experts prescribe a comprehensive treatment with this drug, which allows for a short time to cope with the disease. Due to the action of the active agent the fungus cells’ membranes are destroyed, which contributes to the termination of their life activity.

In addition, with the help of this remedy it is possible to quickly remove potassium from the body, which usually feeds the fungus. This drug also damages harmful nucleic acids, helps to cope with itching and burning, does not allow subsequent skin flaking. When the fungus dies, the remedy additionally restores the nail plate. Users note the high efficiency of the drug – the positive effect of its use is noticeable literally on the third day after use.

  • Actively fights even with severely overgrown colonies of fungi, not allowing them to reproduce again;
  • Well combined with other active substances;
  • Eliminates pain, relieves pain, discomfort, gets rid of swelling and inflammation;
  • Available in a variety of forms;
  • Acceptable cost.
  • The content of active substances is high, so it is not suitable for all patients;
  • Combination with other antifungal agents does not always provide an enhanced effect;
  • Allergic reactions are not uncommon.

fungal diseases


4. Terbinafine

By using this product it is possible to ignore onychomycosis, which prevents the infection of other nail plates and other skin areas, including the foot. Thanks to this composition it is possible not only to cope with pain and discomfort, but also to get rid of infectious agents. These products are available as tablets, spray for external use, solution, cream and ointment. The key pharmacological action is fungicidal and antifungal. There is no negative impact on human hormones, but the active ingredients contained here are good against microbial spores and do not allow their further reproduction, growth. The membrane of the fungus cells becomes more susceptible to other medications.

When used as capsules or tablets, the substance is actively absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is characterized by its universal action – it additionally normalizes the work of the liver cells, so that the active compounds of the drug do not accumulate in it, but are eliminated together with the natural waste. Period of use may vary depending on the severity of the disease and the area affected. It is strictly prohibited for children to use.

  • Drugs for internal and external use reinforce each other’s action;
  • Prevents the occurrence of relapses;
  • It is enough to take only one or two tablets per day or to smear the affected areas once.
  • Has a decent number of contraindications, it is required to strictly observe the dosage;
  • If the case is very neglected, without the use of auxiliary compounds, the drug may have zero effect.

3. Naphtifine is an antifungal agent

Another drug designed exclusively for external use, besides it is domestically produced. The drug has a wide spectrum of action, and it is very safe for the human body. After application, the active compounds penetrate deep into the nail plate. This helps to ensure a rapid and prolonged therapeutic effect. Naphtifine hydrochloride is used here as the key active ingredient – this compound actively fights fungal diseases of different types – lichens, skin and nail fungi, scalp.

Produced as a white cream that is odorless. It absorbs into the affected areas almost immediately, using benzene alcohol as an additional substance. There is also a drug made in the form of a gel – it is transparent, absorbs even faster, but the composition is not at all different. The solution still has a certain percentage of propylene glycol, which enhances the action of the active compound, and also helps naftifin to get as deep into the nail structure as possible, more actively coping with the fungus mycelium.

  • Can quickly cope with all varieties of fungal infection;
  • The remedy for external use can be applied only once a day;
  • It fights not only fungus, but also other pathogens;
  • It only takes a couple of weeks to cure the infection.
fungal diseases
  • To combat the fungus in the neglected form will have to spend more time;
  • Nails require careful pre-treatment.

2. Lamisil cream

Very powerful antifungal agent, because with its help you can quickly get rid of the infectious agents, return the nails to a healthy appearance, make them well-groomed. The drug has a fast action. Available as a spray, cream, gel, solution and tablets. In each of them, the active ingredient is terbinafine, which, even in low concentrations, quickly destroys the fungus and exhibits powerful fungicidal characteristics. All preparations, except for tablets, are external agents. As noted by users, the spray is the most fast-acting option. It immediately after application to the damaged area penetrates deeply into the nail structure, covers it with a protective film and begins to actively fight the fungus.

The drug copes well with fungal microflora, which leads to lesions not only of the nails but also of the hair or skin. Even in low concentrations, this drug does not allow the reproduction of pathogens, stops their activity, which leads to their extinction and removal from the body. In the cells of the fungus accumulates a substance squalene, which is poisonous to them and harmless to humans, which leads to the death of the pathology. Therapeutic concentration is created literally in an hour and a half after applying the drug.

  • The active compound for a long time is preserved in the nail plates, which allows you to prevent a relapse of the disease;
  • Available in a variety of pharmaceutical forms;
  • Itching and burning go away literally within the first day of use;
  • The nail recovers within just two weeks of using the product.
  • The active ingredient penetrates the blood and breast milk, so it is strongly contraindicated to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

1. Exoderil cream

Fights not only with itching, burning and other unpleasant manifestations of fungal diseases, but also with an unpleasant persistent odor and pathological formations themselves, which can spread throughout the human body. When using such a remedy competently, you can not only return your nail plates to their original appearance, but also completely cope with the disease, to prevent its subsequent occurrence. The drug is available as drops, ointment or cream. It has practically no contraindications and side effects, so when choosing it, you do not need to consult a specialist, especially since the remedy is available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Good as a preventive agent for people who are frequenters of public baths, saunas, swimming pools and gyms, where the probability of getting a fungal infection is very high. The composition is oily, with no extraneous odor. The main requirements when using it are that it is necessary to follow the dosage strictly, adhere to the basic rules of personal hygiene and undergo a course of treatment strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. The drug successfully combines with absolutely any antifungal drugs. The pathogenic microflora dies off very quickly, and the preparation promotes fast restoration of the nail plate.

  • Eliminates itching;
  • Stops inflammatory processes;
  • Not only cures fungal disease, but also protects nail plates from the recurrence of the disease.
  • The full effect of this remedy on the human body has not yet been studied;
  • It is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women and children under 14 years of age;
  • Individual intolerance to the components is relatively common.


2. Nogtevit

Quite a cheap remedy, which at the same time is characterized by high efficiency. By and large, the drug belongs to the cosmetic means, with its help you can safely and painlessly remove the nail, which has been affected by fungal infection, and without the use of surgery. Comes in the form of a cream, its smell is weak and quite pleasant. The texture is non-greasy, mostly composed of natural ingredients – tea tree oil, urea, but there are also artificial substances – stearic acid and propylene glycol. They are all aimed at softening the dead cells of the nail tissue, getting rid of inflammation. There is also a strengthened composition, which contains lactic acid, beeswax and glycerin.

All these compounds gently penetrate into the structure of the nail, making it malleable and actively fighting fungal formations. Thickening goes practically by itself, in the most advanced cases, the nail itself comes off, and re-infection by fungus does not occur. There are practically no contraindications, because the preparation is not a medicine, but a cosmetic product.

  • Produced as a cream, gel, or patch;
  • The effect is noticeable in literally three to four days;
  • The components are very active, but do not enter the bloodstream.
  • Optimal results are obtained through its combination with other antifungal agents.

1. Nitrofungin

Especially developed for external and local application, it helps to rapidly get rid of fungus and eliminate the symptoms of this disease. The drug has an insignificant cost. As a result of clinical studies, as well as on the basis of user reviews, it can be argued that it effectively copes with most types of fungal nail lesions. Produced as a solution or spray. The shade is yellowish, the smell is characteristic alcoholic, but it evaporates in just 10-15 minutes after treatment.

The action is extensive – with its help you can not just completely destroy fungal cells, but also slow down the development of spores, prevent their active spreading. It also has high antibacterial properties – it kills the microorganisms that target pathogenic microflora, and it can disinfect the nail surface. Excellent anti-inflammatory action – relieves burning and itching, gets rid of swelling around the nail. The active ingredient can accumulate in the tissues, helping to have a therapeutic effect over time.

  • Versatile positive action;
  • Reasonable cost of the drug;
  • Successfully works with all varieties of fungal infections, including their complications.
  • With regular use, the surface of the nail is stained;
  • Should not be used while nursing or pregnant;
  • It is not as convenient to apply as we would like it to be.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best remedies for nail fungus has come to an end. We have tried to include a variety of products that help to cope with the disease, regardless of how much it has had time to develop. If you have experience using such compositions or you want to ask us questions about the means you like, you can always do it in the comments of this article.

I got nail fungus helped cream Nogt… bought it at the drugstore, the smell is not very good, but it treats fungus, removes the nail plate affected by fungus. I did everything according to the instructions and after three procedures, the nail was already removed. Grew back healthy, even.

And the photo, it’s scary to look at.
Of course it is better to treat the fungus right away, so as not to drag and not to drink pills for a long time, and do only varnish, I used Lotz and it is not at all difficult (I have not painted nails before), not harmful to general health.
When I come from Thailand or Vietnam, I always use it as a preventive measure, because the climate there is humid and hot, the fungus must be suppressed in its bud

I treated my husband’s toenail fungus with cream Nogtim… 911. I put it on painful nails, bandaged it up and did not wet them for a few days. For a week and a half, the nails became soft and I removed them. Grow new and healthy.

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