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What to do in acute pain – the best pain relief pills

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No one likes painful sensations – they cause severe discomfort, because of pain a person can not lead a normal life and fully enjoy it. Fortunately, coping with pain syndrome today is quite easy – in pharmacies there is a large selection of painkillers that help not only to alleviate the condition, but also to prevent the recurrence of unpleasant painful sensations.

To understand the huge range of these drugs is difficult: they differ from each other in principle of action, the active substance used, existing contraindications and possible side effects. The main thing to keep in mind when buying pain pills is that they must be prescribed by your doctor. Without his recommendation to acquire such drugs is undesirable. Our rating of the best pain pills includes the most popular products among patients. First of all, in compiling this review, we relied on user reviews, as well as on the value for money of the products.

The 10 best pain pills

10. Nurofen Long

A widely known pain reliever that has a targeted effect. The tablets are a synergistic drug that can greatly enhance the activity of antipyretic and analgesic drugs. This increases their effectiveness several times over. Originally, such tablets were used to combat headaches, as well as the various discomforts that accompany various kinds of inflammatory processes. Two substances – ibuprofen and paracetamol – are used here as active ingredients. The first inhibits the pain receptors, and also has a pronounced antipyretic effect. It is used to fight inflammatory processes of different origin. Ibuprofen inhibits the activity of acetylsalicylic acid and all its derivatives, reversibly depresses platelets. Paracetamol activates the hormone serotonin and hydroxytripamine-5, which will suppress pain signals directly in the spinal cord channels. Used to fight migraines, toothache.

The combination of ingredients in the drug is chosen so that the effectiveness of the drug at acute pain is 93.2%, the pills quickly reduce the sensitivity of chronic pain. The drug begins to work approximately 18-20 minutes after taking it, and its activity lasts for 9.5 hours. The metabolic reaction of the active substances is quite pronounced. Part of the paracetamol is excreted naturally through the kidneys, about 5% leaves the body unchanged. Part of the drug is deposited in the liver, where it then breaks down into harmless compounds. All active ingredients are released from the medication at the same time, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the drug. The pills allow you to quickly get rid of rheumatic pain, cope with mild to moderate arthritis. They fight toothaches well, as well as the discomfort arising in the gums as a result of dental treatment. Few side effects – nosebleeds, slight swelling of the face or throat.

  • Widespread remedy;
  • Uses two active ingredients at once;
  • Quickly relieves pain syndromes;
  • Has a long action;
  • Does not accumulate in the body.
  • Pain from arthritis or severe rheumatism is dulled, but not completely gone;
  • Has a number of contraindications and side effects.

9. Pentalgin

A complex remedy, characterized by a fairly pronounced analgesic and antispasmodic action. Comes in the form of tablets, covered with a green film coating. The drug contains the following substances – paracetamol, caffeine, naproxen, drotaverine hydrochloride and pheniramine maleate. Naproxen is a substance that belongs to the group of non-steroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory effects. It also has antipyretic and analgesic properties. Its action slows down the production of prostaglandins in the patient’s body, which mediate the development of inflammation and pain. Caffeine in addition dilates blood vessels of the heart and other internal organs, tones up the vessels that permeate the brain. Caffeine reduces drowsiness and lethargy and increases efficiency. Drotaverine hydrochloride is used to relieve spasms. It also relaxes smooth muscle fibers surrounding blood vessels and many of the internal organs. Pheniramine is also designed to get rid of cramps and swelling, it also enhances the action of other substances contained in this medicine, its effect is aimed at calming the nervous system. Pentalgin successfully combats pain, regardless of its nature – in addition to toothache or menstrual pain, it copes well with hepatic and renal colic, eliminates discomfort during exacerbation of cholelithiasis. Often used as part of complex therapy to combat fever and fever.

There are quite a lot of restrictions when using it, so you will have to consult with your doctor on a mandatory basis, and before taking the medication, you should study its annotation as carefully as possible. It is strictly prohibited in any chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – in gastritis, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. If there is even the slightest suspicion of bleeding in the digestive tract, pentalgin should also be abandoned. Often there is an individual intolerance to some components. During pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding you should not use this medicine, the same applies to children and adolescents under the age of 14 years. To achieve maximum effect, the drug should be taken one tablet three times a day – the frequency of use depends directly on the severity of pain. It is worth considering that an adult is allowed to drink a maximum of 4 tablets a day, do it strictly after meals. This prevents irritating effects on the walls and mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Quickly relieves any, even quite severe pain;
  • Copes well with fever and fever;
  • Can be easily combined with other drugs;
  • Reasonable cost.
  • A lot of contraindications.

8. Nalgesin

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory type medication – such drugs are quite popular with both doctors and patients today. This product allows you to quickly get rid of any pain, helps to cope with ailments associated with colds and flu. Naprexen sodium is used as the main active ingredient here. Form of release – blue capsules, covered with a film coating. Before using, be sure to study the instructions. During the flu, the drug reduces fever, eliminates muscle pain, stabilizes the well-being, helps overcome weakness and malaise in general. The drug is suitable for people experiencing severe back pain, suffering from migraines, including chronic, it excellently fights tooth and gum pain. Well relieves the pain syndrome during menstruation, gets rid of discomfort during sciatica, arthritis. However, it should be taken into account that the drug gets rid of the consequences of the pathology only, without affecting its cause, so after a while the pain will return again. If the body is hypersensitive to the active ingredient, it is necessary to refrain from taking this medicine. It is also prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, children are allowed to take it, starting from 9 years old.

It is also forbidden to take after surgical interventions. This medication is refused if the patient suffers from a stomach ulcer, various inflammatory processes in the intestines. The action of the pills lasts for 4-8 hours, depending on how severe the pain is. In colds, the drug is allowed to take no more than 3 days, but if the medicine is designed to relieve pain syndrome, the period can be increased by up to 5 days. Often used as a prophylactic to help prevent migraine – therapy may take up to 2 weeks, but in this case it will be necessary to see the attending physician regularly.

  • Broad action of the drug – it fights colds, acts as a preventive medicine, copes with pain;
  • There is only one substance as the active ingredient;
  • Rapid onset of action.
  • Individual intolerance is not uncommon.

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7. Spasmalgon

The drug contains the following substances: non-narcotic analgesic sodium metamizole, pitotferon, which is an antispasmodic compound of myotropic nature, phenpiperinia bromide, which is responsible for the m-cholinoblocking effect. Metamizole is a compound that is a derivative of pyrazolone. It has a pronounced antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect. The action of pitophenone is similar to papaverine – it gently relaxes smooth muscles, gently relieving spasm. Phenpiperinia bromide enhances the action of these active compounds. All together the components of the drug reduce fever, reduce the pain effect. Spasmalgon is recommended by specialists for mild to moderate pain syndrome, including renal or hepatic cramps. Recommended for single decreases in joint pain, neuralgia, and myalgia. It is used to relieve the patient after surgical or diagnostic interventions.

The drug is suitable for children aged 6 years and older, but you must follow the specific dosage specified in the drug’s leaflet. Some side effects are observed – dry mouth, decreased blood pressure. The drug can cause allergic reactions.

  • Complex effect on the body;
  • Quickly copes with pain sensations;
  • Long-lasting positive effect.
  • Physical and mental reactions may decrease, so you should not drive while using this product.

6. Diclofenac tablet. п.о

A very popular medication designed to fight joint pain. It relieves inflammation in muscle tissue, among other things. It is produced in several formats – ointment, tablets, capsules. Today, this product is one of the strongest pain relievers. It is worth noting that only the gel or ointment can be purchased without a prescription, preparations for internal use are dispensed strictly on the recommendation of the doctor. This medicine is well suited for the elderly, who often suffer from muscle and joint pain. It is worth noting that the drug also has antipyretic characteristics. According to the chemical composition, the most active component of this medicine belongs to the derivatives of acetic acid. It often helps people when other drugs no longer cope. Diclofenac is able to cope with even the most severe pain, although it was originally developed as an analgesic for mild to moderate syndrome. The mechanism of action of such a drug is based on the suppression of the body’s production of substances that trigger inflammatory processes. Thanks to this, not only the pain is reduced, but also the swelling goes away.

If you take the drug for a long time, then antihistamine qualities are also manifested – the key components that are in the composition, get into the bloodstream, and through it penetrate into the synovial fluid, which is in the joints themselves. After a cycle of treatment the pain syndrome can be forgotten for a long time.

  • Optimal medicine for the elderly suffering from joint pain;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Works well even with severe pain;
  • After a course of treatment, you can forget about the pain for a long time;
  • Has good antipyretic qualities;
  • Works where other medications are powerless.
  • In tablets sold only by prescription;
  • A decent amount of not very pleasant side effects.

5. Arthromaximum Martinia

The first dietary supplement in our review, which action is aimed at reducing pain in the joints and the prevention of diseases such as gout. Comes in capsule form. The main active ingredient is a dried extract of martinia sulphata, still contains a whole set of different nutritional supplements – microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, iron oxide and gelatin. The product can inhibit the onset of the inflammatory process directly at the cellular and molecular level. Due to the original characteristics and balanced composition, when taking this drug regularly, it is possible to reduce the tension in the muscles. In the joints, the concentration of uric acid, which is precisely what causes gout, gradually decreases. If the drug is taken regularly, not only will the pain be reduced, but the flexibility and mobility of the joints themselves, including the spine, will increase. Literally in the first week the swelling disappears, the person becomes more active.

There are practically no contraindications – pregnant and lactating women and people who are sensitive to one of the components of this remedy cannot take the drug.

  • Quickly absorbed by the body;
  • It can be used for a long time;
  • Acts as a prophylactic agent, among other things;
  • It relieves the pain syndrome well.
  • Individual intolerance to the drug is often enough observed.

4. Analgin

This drug is known to everyone, since it was developed during the Soviet era, but until today it has not lost its relevance. The analgesic effect is achieved thanks to sodium metamizole. The other substances contained in this medicine are auxiliary and play no special role in relieving pain – it is potato starch, sugar, calcium stearate and talc. Available in the form of tablets that are white or yellowish in color. The medicine tastes very bitter. According to the generally accepted specification, the drug is a nonsteroidal agent and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. By the mechanism of work, analgin is almost no different from other painkillers. It quickly performs a blockage of inflamed nerve receptors, providing a reduction in pain. It fights inflammatory processes weakly, so it has almost no effect on the metabolism of salts and water in the body, and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

This medicine can be taken even by small children from the age of three months in the form of a solution. However, analgin is contraindicated in people with bronchial asthma and in blood diseases. To be taken twice a day after meals. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, as this can lead to various side effects, in particular allergic reactions and decreased blood pressure.

  • Inexpensive and widely available;
  • Effective against all types of pain syndromes, including post-operative pain syndromes;
  • Suitable for children from 3 months of age;
  • Also available as injections.
  • Not very long duration of action.

3. Ketoprofen organica tab. п.п.о.

It is a derivative of propionic acid. Together with analgesics, it also has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects, which allows it to be treated during colds. The mechanism of action is quite standard, but there is an original point here – the active substance significantly slows down the production of prostaglandins in the nervous system (both in the central and peripheral), which are responsible for the spread of pain, the transfer of information about it to the spinal cord and brain. It also affects other neutrophic substances that can release pain mediators. As a result, it turns out that this drug does not so much get rid of the pain syndrome, but masks it for a while. However, with the help of the remedy it is possible to reduce swelling.

Works well with diseases such as arthritis and gout. The pain is relieved almost instantly – the drug begins to work in just 5-7 minutes after ingestion. These pills can also relieve pain in the spine, myalgia and neuralgia patients. In uncomplicated injuries, which include sprains, strains, bruises of various kinds, the effectiveness of the drug is much higher. Often ketoprofen can be used in the combined treatment of inflammatory processes in the veins, lymph nodes and vessels. This is one of the few remedies that are allowed to pregnant women (except for the last trimester).

  • Copes well with joint diseases associated with severe pain;
  • It is used as a therapeutic agent.
  • Virtually just masks the pain sensations, although it relieves the swelling, so after the end of the drug period, the pain is highly likely to return.

2. Nais

In the second place of the review of the best pain-relieving pills is another very well-known in people medicine, which effectively and for a long time copes with pain syndrome, and also allows you to relieve swelling and stop inflammation. Comes in several forms, which makes it most convenient to use. However, about the contraindications should be kept in mind, because when uncontrolled use of this drug can cause a large number of very unpleasant consequences. It must be prescribed by a specialist. The composition of the tablets may vary, they only have in common the active ingredient – nimesulide. It belongs to the group of sulfonanilide derivatives, the compound was discovered quite a long time ago, but even today it is actively used in pharmacology. It refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances.

All other compounds included in these tablets are auxiliary, have no active action – it is cellulose, starch, talc, calcium, magnesium and silicon compounds. Inflammatory processes are slowed down quickly enough, and pronounced pain symptoms fade. The drug is effective for all types of pain, in its effectiveness is much better than ibuprofen, diclofenac, acetylsalicylic acid, and this applies not only to pain relief, but also to reducing fever. The active substance is able to penetrate into the female reproductive system, as well as in the synovial fluid of joints, so the drug is used in various areas of medicine – gynecology, orthopedics, traumatology and surgery.

  • The high activity of the drug, which appears very quickly;
  • Used in many branches of medicine;
  • Good antipyretic effect.
  • There are contraindications and side effects;
  • In the form of tablets is not found too often.

1. Brustan tablet. п.п.о.

The function of the pharmacologically active substances in this medicine is performed by two drugs – ibuprofen and paracetamol. There are many more components, but these are the main ones. The ratio of compounds is chosen so as to maximize the duration of action of the drug, effectively stifle pain and overcome even the most serious inflammatory processes. The pills also cope with fever, allow a person to return to work, relieve him from the symptoms of respiratory diseases. On sale you can find this drug in the form of syrup – it can be given to children from the age of two. It is good to cope with the body’s reactions to all kinds of vaccinations, for example, against hepatitis or influenza. Optimal effect is achieved when pain is of low to moderate intensity. In particular, the tablets easily fight any migraines, get rid of toothache. With this medicine, you can even get rid of pain in the throat and ears, during sprains.

Do not take the drug if the patient has stomach or intestinal ulcers, asthma, or rhinitis. The drug is taken three to four times a day, one tablet every 7-8 hours. If it is used as an antipyretic, it is allowed to take a maximum of three days, for pain relief – up to 5 days.

  • Combined medication;
  • Effectively copes with pain and symptoms of colds;
  • Well tolerated by both adults and children.
  • The tablets are large – it is not very convenient to swallow them;
  • The drug is prohibited for ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In conclusion, a helpful video

Our ranking of the best painkillers is over. We want to believe that you could find your ideal product, which will help you to cope with discomfort and unpleasant feelings in a very short time. If any points need clarification, or if you want to share your impressions of the use of a particular drug, you can always do it in the comments to this article.

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