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Top 9 best diapers for newborns, how to choose diapers

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Choosing baby diapers is a responsible task for parents. Proper diaper selection will protect your baby’s skin, providing comfort, good mood and healthy sleep.

Before we proceed to the rating of the Top 9 best diapers, we offer you a memo about what you should know about diapers and what to rely on when choosing them. We also learn how to determine if a diaper is suitable for your baby, and how to properly wear a newborn diaper.

Classic diapers have 3 layers: an outer, middle, the basis of which – cellulose (in some cases, synthetic gel-forming material), retains moisture and an inner layer.

What to look out for when choosing a diaper?

  • The material.
    The best material for diapers is of course natural cotton, but the price is the same. Cellulose is also a safe and hypoallergenic raw material. Avoid polyethylene, which cannot provide healthy air exchange to the skin.
  • The right size. Each company size is different, one and the same number may be wide, or narrow, or even in small sizes. Treat this issue with care.
  • Fixing Elements. Quality and comfortable velcro should be reusable and do not leave red marks, in case of sticking to the skin. Also the soft cuffs around the feet should not chafe them and be too tight.
  • Special items. These elements ensure comfort and safety, they can be considered a cutout for the navel, natural impregnation, fill indicator, mesh on the inside of the diaper.
  • Absorbent material – the absorbent comes in the form of dry gel in pellets, and fibrous fillers. Pay attention to the absorbent distribution over the whole surface of the diaper, including the top layer.

How to properly wear a newborn diaper?

  • Change the diaper just before the walk.
  • Change the diaper every three, maximum four hours. No need to wake the baby to change the diaper.
  • Air baths! If possible, leave your baby 2-3 hours a day without the diaper, so the skin can breathe and to avoid diaper rash.
  • Powder. Use a special baby powder, and of course, do not overdo it, so as not to clog the top layer of the diaper, responsible for absorbing moisture.

Whether a certain brand of diaper is right for your baby. Learning to find out for yourself.

  1. No leakage, in case of leakage from an empty diaper you should change the size of the diaper.
  2. Chafing and rubber band marks. If the skin of his feet damaged, red marks from rubber bands appeared pr., It is worth changing the diaper.
  3. Rash and diaper rash. Should signs of allergy occur, change the diaper immediately.

9. Moony diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pieces.

The standard diapers of the Japanese manufacturer are incredibly thin and soft, they are ideal for the most delicate and vulnerable skin, do not cause diaper rash and allergies, and have a special cutout in the navel area. The well thought-out technology, ensures a good sleep, allowing parents to be safe for the health and physical condition of their babies. The inside of Moony is a soft, lightweight mesh, with an admixture of natural cotton. There are special elastic bands on the sides, reusable Velcro fasteners which allow the product to sit perfectly without slipping on the baby’s body. The diaper also has a special indentation, which prevents thick soiling from leaking out, the seat itself is ventilated.

  • Indicator of filling;
  • Reusable Velcro fasteners;
  • Universal;
  • Features a cutout for the navel;
  • Soft;
  • Lets the skin breathe
  • Does not cause diaper rash and allergies;
  • Positive consumer feedback;
  • Do not leak;
  • Does not have a specific smell;
  • Absorbent waistband;
  • No chafing;
  • Appropriateness of price and quality;
  • High sides;
  • Holes for ventilation;
  • Elastic waistband.
  • Not always available;
  • Few sizes;
  • Limited size range.

8. Huggies Elite Soft diapers 3 (5-9 kg) 90 pcs.

Universal diapers absorb moisture and liquid stools easily and quickly, protecting the skin and keeping it dry. The diaper has an elastic waistband, which provides a good fit to the back, as well as an elastic inner pocket, to protect against leakage. Moisture indicator helps control time of diaper changes. Disney design of the product with the favorite fairy tale character Winnie the Pooh will excite both the little ones and their parents. The embossed diaper layer with micro pads will gently and effectively protect against irritations and allergies. 100% cotton provides the necessary air exchange for children‘s skin and at the same time prevents allergies.

  • Indicator of filling;
  • Elasticated dance pad and inside pocket;
  • The original design;
  • No leakage;
  • Scalloped layer with micro pads;
  • Versatile;
  • Re-usable Velcro fastener;
  • Soft Absorb absorbent inner layer;
  • Absorbs liquid stools;
  • Affordable price;
  • The outer layer contains natural cotton;
  • Quality;
  • Odorless;
  • Breathable;
  • Non allergy friendly.
  • Coarse elastic band between the legs.

7. Pampers Premium Care diapers 1 (2-5 kg) 88

The gentlest, thinnest and softest diapers like silk, made of hypoallergenic and airtight materials that help circulate air. Impregnated with aloe vera balm softens, gently and fully protects the skin. The diaper has soft velcro to prevent leakage and a cutout for the tummy. The premium quality diapers have 3 absorbent channels that allow moisture to be evenly distributed inside the product, while ensuring reliable dryness and comfort for the baby.

  • Absorbent channels;
  • DryMax absorbent layer;
  • Fill indicator;
  • Breathable, soft material;
  • Stretchy sides;
  • A time-tested brand;
  • No leakage;
  • Does not cause diaper rash and allergies;
  • Cute design;
  • Reusable clasps;
  • Positive feedback from parents;
  • Comfortability;
  • Perfect value for money;
  • Mesh holds liquid stools.
  • Cost;
  • Partially contains perfume; 6.

6. Merries diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs.

Perhaps the most popular Japanese diapers with high quality. Three-layer diaper, thanks to modern technology, reliably absorbs moisture, always stays dry and does not cause diaper rash and allergies. The first layer is a breathable and breathable corrugated inner surface, the second layer is air ducts in the absorbent layer and the third layer is a breathable outer material whose outer layer drains wet air through micro pores that do not release stale air, and does not let moisture in.

  • Reusable Clasps;
  • Excellent protection against moisture and liquid stools;
  • No leakage;
  • Airy inner layer;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Cute design;
  • Fill indicator;
  • Cellular inner surface;
  • Weightless;
  • Non-sticky to the body;
  • Universal;
  • Positive consumer reviews;
  • Gentle;
  • Gentle protection for baby’s skin;
  • The ruffles around the legs do not cause pain;
  • Excellent ventilation;
  • Instant absorption.
  • No rubber bands on the back;
  • Cost;
  • Partially wet on the outside, due to the fact that the diaper absorbs moisture from the air.

5. GooN diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs

Another Japanese manufacturer of premium quality diapers, renowned for its excellent reputation, more suitable for premature and low-birth-weight babies. Soft absorbent diapers with added vitamin E protects even more effectively the vulnerable and delicate skin of your baby from allergic reactions, diaper rash and redness. The surface of the inside and outside are breathable, allowing your baby’s skin to breathe. Side edges and reusable Velcro fasteners prevent the diaper from leaking and slipping during waking hours and allow for healthy, restful sleep.

  • Quality and reliability;
  • Reusable Velcro fasteners;
  • Universal;
  • Soft and elastic waistband;
  • Filling indicator;
  • Absorbent layer with added vitamin E;
  • Odorless and fragrance-free;
  • Function of neutralization of odor;
  • Natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Cost.

4. Lovular diapers Hot Wind S (0-6 kg) 80 pcs

Ultra thin, soft inside and outside diaper will gently protect baby’s skin, preventing allergic reactions. The soft rubber band on the backside prevents leakage, and the sides do not chafe the legs, the diaper absorbs quickly and much, when the diaper is full it does not crumple and copes adequately with its function.

  • Pleasant design;
  • Absorbs a lot of volume;
  • Soft and elastic waistband;
  • Does not leak;
  • Does not cause diaper rash;
  • I have gotten rave reviews from consumers;
  • The technology of hot steam treatment – Hot Wind;
  • Gentle;
  • Quality;
  • odorless;
  • Comfort;
  • Safety;
  • Soft embossing;
  • Convenient Velcro;
  • Fill indicator.
  • Not available everywhere.

How to Choose the Right Diaper Size for Your Baby

3. Naty Diapers 1 (2-5 kg) 25 pieces

The phyto diapers are made of ecological materials its base is corn starch, the filler is based on bleached cellulose, without chlorine. Thanks to the use of a minimal super-absorbent material, the retention rate and absorbency are high enough. The materials used in Naty diapers pass allergy tests and contain no harmful chemicals, so they offer no allergy or diaper rash, even when worn for extended periods.

  • Ecological composition;
  • Odorless;
  • Does not cause diaper rash and allergies;
  • Comfort and safety;
  • Excellent absorption;
  • Does not contain plastic;
  • No added chlorine;
  • No irritation;
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Can not always be found on sale.

2. Libero Newborn 1 diapers (2-5 kg) 26 pcs.

Despite the fact that universal diapers Libero belong to the budget category, they are not particularly inferior in quality. The special material does not cause irritation and diaper rash, and there is a special cutout for the navel. The mesh layer absorbs moisture and liquid stools fairly quickly and the high barrier prevents unwanted leakage.

  • Fill indicator;
  • Comfortable cost;
  • Comfortable elastic band;
  • There is a cutout for the navel.
  • No reusable velcro fasteners;
  • Paper material;
  • Material is rough for a newborn;
  • Partially odorable.

1. GOONWOO Premium quality Korean diapers

GOONWOO products are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for babies due to the Totally Chlorine Free bleaching technology. These are thin, breathable diapers, their top layer consists of 100% cotton, inside is an innovative Korean absorbent that instantly absorbs moisture, leaving the surface dry. It is worth mentioning that no fragrances are used in the production because the absorbent absorbs the smell perfectly. The high elastic waistband and Soft Protection elastic bands allow the diaper to fit comfortably on the baby.

Available in sizes 1 NEW BORN, 2 S.

The sizes 3 M, 4 L, 5 XL, 6 XXL. Each size is designed based on the individual characteristics of each age.

  • Chlorine-free TCF bleaching technology;
  • Instant absorption thanks to Korean absorbent;
  • 100% cotton surface without fragrances;
  • Inner layer with reinforced channels;
  • High elastic waistband;
  • Soft Protection straps;
  • Extra soft top layer;
  • Comfortable size set;
  • Diaper cutout for belly button;
  • Re-usable Velcro panties;
  • Fill indicator.
  • Sold only on marketplaces;
  • Only premium collection is available in Russia.

The quality of the diaper directly affects the condition of your baby, so it is necessary to choose the best and safest at first, while maintaining both your comfort and the comfort of the baby. Don’t be afraid to change diapers until you find your own, because every baby’s skin is different.

We hope that our rating of the top 9 best diapers, based on the study of products and consumer reviews, will prove useful to you. And what do you prefer a diaper for their babies? Share your experiences in the comments.

Went through a lot of diaper options. But all something didn’t suit us. We tried nappies, but we had to take the underwear off and wash them, it was a hassle. Started going through the options and found reusable diapers. Tried them loved them. Not even just like and very much! But, not all. The first version that we bought was unsuccessful. From what we first discarded the idea, but then returned, as we were tired of the skin irritations. We bought diapers “Liya eco” on reviews. And then made friends with a bang! And we use and enjoy it :). Dry, comfortable, economical, healthy skin.

I’m excited about Eco diapers. Everything that is written on the package is really present in eco-nappies. They even have the appearance of inspiring confidence, green leaves on a light background. It’s nice to take in the hands, touch them both inside and outside, the feeling of natural panties. Sits well, the child in them comfortably. The fill indicator, recycle tape all things considered. Sized to fit. They hold moisture inside reliably, don’t irritate the butt. The price policy of Sun and Moon is very acceptable
Strange that they are not in the ranking

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