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Top 9 best candles for thrush

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Thrush is an infectious and inflammatory disease, the development of which occurs in the female vagina. Scientifically, this disease is called candidiasis, because the cause is a candida fungus. The most effective way to fight this disease is with the help of suppositories. In pharmacies there is a wide range of such products, so to choose the most suitable will not be too easy, as it may seem at first glance.

Our today’s review, we devoted to candles that help to cope with thrush. However, before proceeding to consider the main characteristics of the products, we decided to give beforehand the main points to consider when buying.

What to look for when choosing candles from thrush?

First of all, you should look at the duration of application – it can range from one to fourteen days. Almost all suppositories will have to be used repeatedly, if after completing the course of treatment it was not possible to reduce the amount of fungus in the vaginal microflora. It takes a certain amount of time for the active ingredient in the suppositories to release and work optimally. For all commercially available products, a time interval of 8 to 12 hours is recommended.

Study the composition of the suppositories as carefully as possible, since each product has a specific set of useful characteristics, due to which the effect on the fungus will be carried out with varying degrees of intensity. It is worth noting that it is necessary to fight thrush, because it can develop into a chronic form.

The rules for the use of suppositories are quite simple: they are inserted into the vagina before going to bed in a supine position. Take into account that they melt quickly in room temperature conditions. You should not use them during menstruation, but there are certain exceptions to this rule – for this you will have to study the instructions for the drug as carefully as possible. Candles should be inserted as deeply as possible, so that the active ingredient acts as quickly as possible on the localization of the fungus.

Our review of the best suppositories from thrush included only the most popular suppositories, which have received maximum positive feedback from users and experienced doctors in terms of the effectiveness of the impact on the fungus. In addition, we took into account the price/quality ratio of the products – too expensive suppositories were not included in our rating. Now it’s time to move on to a direct review of the products available on the market.

Inexpensive suppositories

3. Nystatin

A very effective remedy for candidiasis, when applied, it is not absorbed into the blood, but affects the fungus locally. Often prescribed in combination with ointments and pills with the same name. It does not produce a depressing effect on the vaginal microflora. The principle of action is as follows: it destroys the membranes of the fungus cells, penetrates inside and suppresses their vital activity, which ultimately leads to their death. Doctors note that this remedy can be used for a long time, since the fungus does not develop immunity to such a drug. Such suppositories will be very effective in the process of antibacterial therapy of inflammatory processes in women’s genitalia. In such treatment, antibiotics are used, which act on the microflora of the vagina. To prevent the development of thrush fungus, the doctor may prescribe such suppositories as a prophylactic.

It is worth noting that there are a number of contraindications to use – the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hypersensitivity of the vagina, pancreatitis, ulcers, liver failure. During breastfeeding, the use of such suppositories will also have to be abandoned. You should be prepared for certain side effects, which include the occurrence of chills, increased body temperature, stabbing pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting, and so on. The course of treatment should be at least two weeks. In order to avoid a relapse of the disease, you should also use an appropriate ointment during treatment. In addition, doctors note that sexual rest is necessary when using such suppositories.

  • Very effective remedy;
  • It is one of the cheapest on the market;
  • During use in the vagina there is no discomfort;
  • They are fairly easy to insert, no pain is felt.
  • It is forbidden to use when breastfeeding;
  • There are a number of side effects.

2. Hexicon

These suppositories can provide fast and effective treatment not only of thrush, but also of other diseases of the female genitourinary system. In particular, they help to cope with a number of sexually transmitted infections. The product belongs to a special group of disinfectants and antiseptics intended for external and local use. Bactericidal characteristics are quite high, thanks to which the positive dynamics is felt after the first use. As an active component in this antifungal remedy contains chlorhexidine bigluconate – in each candle there is 8 or 16 mg. It actively affects the protozoan bacteria. The shape of the candles is torpedo-shaped, they are colored white, may have a slight yellowish tinge.

In a package of 10 candles, but you can find one of each. Each candle comes with two disposable gloves, so that all hygiene rules are followed. It should be remembered that the drug is not able to disrupt the natural microflora of the vagina, it does not interact with acid-resistant bacteria, of which there are many. In addition to thrush, the suppositories are used as a disinfectant in operations on the pelvic organs, before childbirth or abortion. A woman may be hypersensitive to the active substances contained in these candles. This is manifested by the emergence of strong itching in the area affected by the suppository.

  • The effect of the drug can be noticed literally after the first use;
  • The active substance is immediately eliminated from the body, does not accumulate and does not penetrate into the blood, so it is allowed for use during pregnancy and lactation;
  • There are no side effects;
  • No possibility of overdose.
  • Women with hypersensitivity of the vagina note the occurrence of strong burning.

1. Clotrimazole tablets vag.

These suppositories are characterized by a pronounced antifungal effect, the active substances are practically not absorbed into the blood, acting exclusively on the area in which the inflammatory process is observed. A certain amount of the substance absorbed by the body is accumulated in the liver, and subsequently eliminated from the female body. The candles are cylindrical in shape and may be white or have a slight yellowish tinge. On the cut, you may observe an air rod or a slight depression in the form of a funnel. The suppositories are in a pre-packaged ampoule. It contains six suppositories each. The active ingredient in them is clotrimazole, which is a very powerful antifungal agent. Once to the focus of inflammation, the drug begins to affect the process of production of substances that make up cell membranes. This causes their thinning, increased permeability, which eventually leads to the death of.

The action of the main active substance is enhanced by semi-synthetic glycerides. The drug can be used not only to combat thrush, but also with a number of other genital infections, which have high sensitivity to the active substance. It is often recommended to pregnant women to maximize the health of the birth canal before the birth of the baby. Also candles are used to prevent the entry of infection into the vagina as a result of various kinds of surgical interventions.

  • Excellent price-quality ratio of the drug;
  • Very detailed annotation;
  • Most women tolerate the drug well.
  • Some side effects do occur.

The best candles for value for money

3. Macmiror complex

The remedy belongs to the group of antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents intended exclusively for local use in gynecology. The suppositories are gelatinous substance that has an oblong shape and slightly pointed end, colored yellow, sometimes with a brownish tint. One pack contains 8 or 12 suppositories. Each contains two active substances – nystatin and nifuratel, as well as a number of auxiliary compounds. The first of them affects cell membranes, increasing their permeability, which leads to their death, the second drug inhibits the overall effect on the existing fungal formation, which accelerates the treatment process. A competently selected combination of these components allows to make the treatment as effective as possible. In this case, the normal vaginal microflora will not be disturbed, respectively, can not begin dysbacteriosis of the genital tract. The natural acid environment is restored in a short period of time.

The suppositories are prescribed for girls over the age of 18 years. In addition to thrush, they help to cope with various sexually transmitted infections – chlamydia, trisomoniasis and others. It is possible to use this medicine during pregnancy, with the exception of the first trimester. As contraindications stands only individual intolerance of the components contained in such suppositories. The course of treatment is 8 days, but depending on the recommendations of a specialist, it can be increased or decreased. During menstruation, the use of suppositories is not recommended. They can do no harm, but the positive effect will be greatly reduced. During breastfeeding, this product should be used with caution. If the child has even the slightest negative reaction, stop using the candles. There are few side effects, they occur quite rarely. The likelihood of overdose of suppositories is negligible.

  • High effectiveness due to the complex of active substances it contains;
  • Suitable for almost all women;
  • Can be used for a long time.
  • Not very often found in pharmacies.

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active substances

2. Betadine

It is a drug with pronounced antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. The principle of action is to block the production of amino groups of cellular proteins. It is also characterized by a fairly wide range of antimicrobial effects. Well shows its activity against not only fungal diseases, but also bacterial or viral protozoan infections. The suppositories contain a complex of active substances – iodine and polyvinylpyrrolidone. They in contact with fungal formations form iodamines, which, when coagulated, lead to the death of pathogens. Used once a day for at least 7 days, but the course of treatment can be significantly increased depending on the recommendations of a specialist. During the use of suppositories, you should completely refrain from sexual intercourse. The efficiency is high even during menstruation. Side effects almost never occur, but during the first or second use sometimes itching in the genital area and a significant increase in sensitivity.

There are a number of contraindications to the use of such suppositories. First of all, they relate to disorders of the thyroid gland. Children under the age of 8 years are also forbidden to use such medicines. If the body has a hypersensitivity to iodine and other components of the drug, then you should refuse to use it. Starting from the 3rd month of pregnancy and up to the end of lactation, it is forbidden to use these suppositories.

  • High efficiency;
  • Prolonged effect on the focus of fungal diseases;
  • Copes well with both thrush and other diseases of the genital system in women.
  • Side effects are not uncommon.

1. Zalain

Imidazole and bezothiophene derivatives are the main active substances here. Thanks to it, the production of ergosterol is reduced in the cells of fungal formations, which leads to increased permeability of the cell membrane. The suppositories are characterized by a mild effect, a minimal number of possible side effects, the risk of overdose is not provided at all. Positive dynamics of fighting the disease is observed literally after the first use. The suppositories have an oval shape and feel similar to wax suppositories. Such means are contraindicated only in one case: if the female body does not tolerate any of the substances contained in this medicine.

During pregnancy and lactation, it is quite acceptable to use, since this drug is single-use. This is due to the fact that it is very effective in dealing with all pathogens, preserving the natural level of acidity of the vagina. There are cases that a positive effect after use is not observed, in which case it is necessary to repeat the procedure after a week. It is possible to use suppositories during menstruation, but it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse fully during their use. It is worth noting that contact with barrier contraception increases the likelihood of damage. In other words, the condom can break.

  • Use such suppositories only once, repeating the procedure if necessary;
  • No contraindications are not provided – the effect on the focus of inflammation is very mild and effective;
  • Side effects are minimal.
  • Not found.

The best suppositories during pregnancy

3. Livarol

Available in torpedo form, the shape is perfectly smooth, the candles have a white color with a slight grayish or yellowish tinge, in some cases marbling is allowed. The main active ingredient here is ketoconazole – one suppository contains 400 mg of it. However, these suppositories are complex medicines, they also contain a number of other active substances – macrogol and butyloxyanisole. Each pack contains 5 or 10 suppositories. All of these drugs have a suppressive effect on fungal cells, reducing their activity and slowing down division. In addition to thrush, they effectively fight a number of bacterial diseases – staphylococci and streptococci. Active substances are not absorbed into the blood during vaginal administration of the suppository, which makes it possible to use such a device both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Suppositories cope well with acute or chronic thrush. Among the contraindications to use is only an individual intolerance of a woman to any of the active substances. The duration of the course of treatment depends directly on the severity of the disease – on average, the doctor prescribes a 10-day course. Side effects are very rare and are almost invisible: they may appear as a slight reddening of the skin of the perineum or as an irritation of the vaginal mucosa.

  • Fight well against many diseases;
  • Reasonable cost of the drug;
  • Contraindications and side effects are few.

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  • Some women have an individual intolerance to the substances contained in suppositories.

2. Terginan

These suppositories are a drug of combined action – it has high antibacterial, bactericidal and antifungal characteristics. It is prescribed not only for thrush, but also for a number of other diseases – vaginitis, expressed in the active development of pathogens, trichomoniasis and so on. The suppositories can be used as a prophylactic before surgery, childbirth, abortion, intrauterine examinations, etc. In terms of contraindications, there is only one – an increased level of sensitivity to the various substances contained in these suppositories.

As side effects are minor burning, the occurrence of a small allergic reaction on the skin of the external genitalia. Hardly absorbed into the blood, the suppositories are allowed to be used during pregnancy and lactation. The course of treatment is 10 days, but in complicated or neglected cases of the disease, the specialist can extend it to 20 days. During menstruation the effectiveness of the drug is not reduced at all.

  • Very effective remedy;
  • It does not cost too much;
  • It can be used during menstruation.
  • Not too easy to find in pharmacies.

1. Pimafucin

These are the most effective suppositories against thrush, which can be used by women regardless of the duration of pregnancy. They are made on the basis of natamycin and many additional components, among which you can find cetyl alcohol, polysorbate, adipic acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate and some others. The antifungal effect is very high: the principle of action of such suppositories is to destroy the bonds within the cells of the fungus, which greatly reduces their activity, and subsequently leads to rapid death. At the same time, the fungus does not adjust to this remedy, respectively, it will not develop immunity. These suppositories can be used for a long time, to undergo more than one course of treatment.

The course of treatment lasts from three to six days, depending on the complexity of the disease – its duration is prescribed by the doctor. If the disease is very neglected, then the candles are used in conjunction with medication: pills will have to drink four per day. The sexual partner is also recommended to take a course of pills. The instructions do not stipulate that during the use of suppositories it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse – it is enough to use ordinary barrier contraceptives. During menstruation, the use of such suppositories is not recommended: the course of treatment is interrupted, and after its completion, it is resumed again.

  • High efficiency;
  • Quickly relieves the symptoms of thrush;
  • No side effects.
  • Not found.

In conclusion there is a useful video

Our review of the best candles from thrush has come to its end. We tried as much as possible to describe in detail the indications for use and possible side effects from their use, so that you can choose for yourself the most suitable products. If you want to share your experiences or ask any questions, please feel free to comment on this article.

Pimafucin is definitely not the best for thrush! After him, everything repeats over and over again!

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