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Top 8 best baby food manufacturers

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Baby food is a complex of specialized products, produced in a certain way, with only the highest quality products, strictly following all the necessary standards and technology.

How to choose baby food?

A healthy diet influences the formation of the child, the development of the nervous system, the strength of the bones, etc., So how well you choose baby food for your children, in the future will depend on much.

For your information!

Infant feeding is heavily campaigned today, and for good reason! If there are no obstacles, it is much better and healthier for babies to drink breast milk, mother’s milk.


When choosing infant formula, take into account the fact that combining it with mother’s, breast milk will give your baby gas and colic.

The menu for the little gourmand comes in several varieties and is suitable for babies of different ages.
Infant formula
Infant formula is provided for newborns, in fact, it replaces mother’s milk. Milk formulae should ideally be enriched with vitamins and trace elements necessary for the full development of newborns.
Canned puree
This type of food, which is introduced at four months of age, and is quite common. Mashed potatoes can be vegetable, fruit, and with various additives. They also come in one-part and mixes. The advantage of baby food in jars is – the preservation of vitamins, nutrients and the ability to store for a long time.
Kashkas can be fed to babies from four months and older. Cereals are subject to special processing, so that porridge, whether it be rice, oat, buckwheat, is easily digested, saturating the child’s body with useful elements.
Nectars, juices
From the age of three months, you can buy juices for your baby, but make sure that it does not contain sugar. High-quality and healthy juices are made from natural and organic fruits and berries. It is important to know that juices, morsels, nectars are an important component of children’s diet.

Familiarized with the types of baby food, let’s move directly to the study of the best, consider their advantages and disadvantages. We present you the rating of the best baby food in 2022.

List of the best producers

8. Agusha (Russia)

Agusha offers a large range of baby food products, divided into three lines.

  1. The “first spoon” is cottage cheese, biokefir as well as apple puree, rabbit and turkey puree, juices and water. The food is designed for babies from 4 months old.
  2. Yogurts of different tastes, fruit curds, cereals, puree in jars, juices and morses rich in vitamins and prebiotics, milk “Agusha” it is a huge range of products. Suitable for children from 6 months of age.
  3. “Y Myself”, includes cottage cheese, drinkable yoghurts of different tastes and milkshakes enriched with vitamins and minerals. Suitable for children over 2 months.5 years.
  • A huge assortment;
  • Suitable for children of different ages;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not always the perfect formula.

7. Heinz (USA)

The American manufacturer has a strong position in baby food production and worthy choice of cereals: fruit and milk, dry and drinkable, dairy-free, low-allergen, etc.

Mashed potatoes can be stored for a long time, mashed potatoes can be: vegetable with meat and fish, fruit with added cream, etc. Infant cookies are ideal for babies at five months of age and special instant noodles are available for babies up to six months of age. And for dessert – fruit puddings with cream, mmm. yummy.

  • Good value;
  • Value for money;
  • Useful composition;
  • Choice.
  • No products for infants;
  • Not always natural composition.

6. Nutricia (Netherlands)

A popular brand for making baby food, designed for babies from the first day of birth until they are 3 years old. Nutricia specializes in products for infants, manufacturing powdered infant formula.

The company offers three product lines of baby food:

  1. “Baby;
  2. “Malyutka”;
  3. Nutrilon .

Nutrilon is different because it contains special elements necessary for premature babies, as well as for babies with digestive disorders, babies with low birth weight and for diet therapy, etc. “Malyutka” and “Malysh” are made sugar-free, do not contain preservatives and coloring agents, they contain important elements and vitamins: iron, zinc, prebiotics, etc.

  • Huge selection of baby formula;
  • Unmatched Composition;
  • Nutrition for children with disabilities;
  • Hypoallergenic products;
  • affordable price;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Not addictive.
  • Not detected.

5. Fruto Nyanya (Russia)

The well-known USA company, which produces varieties of food for children, offers a rich assortment of useful products for children of different ages. Oatmeal of different consistency, with and without pieces of fruit, puree: meat and vegetable, as well as the beloved by all children fruit puree in jars.

In addition, juices and fruit nectars, dairy products and drinking water. The company produces a unique line of products with hypoallergenic properties.

  • A wide assortment of products;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Natural vitamin composition;
  • Not addictive;
  • Amazing taste; 4.
  • Not detected.

4. Semper (Sweden)

Premium baby food products, Semper meets the highest manufacturing requirements and undergoes the strictest quality control at all stages of production.

A huge variety of products, adapted to any age, giving you the opportunity to choose the best and undoubtedly the best. Dry consistency formula is ideal for newborns, but there is also a product category for infants from six months of age. Semper also produces special mixtures for use in case of constipation. Vitamin teas, juices, porridges, including multigrain, fruit, fish and meat purees, meatballs, etc.

  • Useful vitamin composition;
  • A unique recipe;
  • A wide assortment;
  • Excellent quality.
  • Some products do not have a particularly healthy formula;
  • Cost.

3. Hipp (Germany)

Infant formula, complementary food: fruit and meat purees, fish and vegetable and meat and vegetable menus, soups, porridges and drinks, including those for digestion (carrot and rice broth) – the whole range of baby food products meets the requirements of babies’ development.

Hipp foods are specially formulated, contain natural ingredients and are guaranteed for children of all ages. The company produces vitamin-enriched, milk-based formulas (dry), for dietary use, which do not cause allergies.

  • Natural product;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • It develops a sense of taste;
  • Milk formula (dietary);
  • Excellent gustatory qualities;
  • Large assortment of baby food;
  • Products for digestive disorders.
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Cost;
  • Causes colic and gas.

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2. Humana (Germany)

The quality of baby food is not difficult to determine, it is worth examining its composition. The priority of the German company for the production of baby food Humana, is natural its composition includes specially selected ingredients. essential for the development of the brain and nerve cells, is DHA; baby food also contains LCP long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, vitamin B2 to support energy metabolism, vitamin D for bone formation, vitamin A for immune system and vision, as well as vitamin C, gluten, iron, iodine, calcium, lactose, fructose, fluoride and so on.

Humana baby formula is as close as possible to breast milk, and the German company also produces special nutrition for premature babies, develops special therapeutic foods and infant formula for babies who can not tolerate cow’s milk, soy-based formula,

Humana AR is a milk formula for infants with regurgitation tendencies and digestive problems. Ideal for babies, by far the best baby food for newborns.

  • Without dyes and preservatives;
  • Quality control at every stage of production;
  • Naturalness;
  • Convenient spoon;
  • Does not cause colic;
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • Extremely close to breast milk composition;
  • Large assortment;
  • Excellent vitamin content.
  • Cost.

1. Gerber Nestle (USA)

Perfect, without exaggeration, the quality of baby food products is represented by Gerber, American manufacturer. The leading company produces fruit and vegetable purees in convenient jars, both multi-component and single-component, as well as juices, smoothies, desserts and meat products.

Fruit juices are available as smoothies, in soft packs. Baby food is recommended for babies from six months, and toddlers and older children can indulge in a healthy cereal bar or cookies.

  • Quality control;
  • Natural product;
  • A wide assortment;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Vitamin composition;
  • Puree: fruit, vegetable;
  • Convenient packaging.
  • High price.

Our rating of the best producers of baby food gives a complete picture of the varieties, countries of producers, pros and cons of each. The rating is based not only on consumer reviews, but also on a personal study of the composition of products and so on. When choosing a baby food, be vigilant and careful, remember that your baby’s proper development depends directly on the food.

Well, the way my child eats purees, for me Heinz will be the best. He doesn’t like the others, but this one is okay, even the vegetable ones.

We very rarely buy these products, except on the road. I mostly cook at home with natural products. When introducing complementary food, I also started stocking up on purees. But they gave me tummy upsets and sometimes allergies. I watered multibiotic Buck-Set baby, it improves the intestinal function. That’s why I don’t risk my baby’s health, I cook by myself.

In 2007, I was very proud of my baby’s taste buds. «Gerber» bought by Nestl√© and is considered a product of the Swiss company. Check when writing consumer information.

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