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Top 11 best remedies for colic in newborns

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Colic in newborn babies is a phenomenon that almost does not bypass any baby. When colic occurs, you should not immediately panic and buy off the shelves of pharmacies with everything in a row. First of all it is necessary to understand the problem, but most often colic in newborns is a physiological process, this way the digestive system of the baby adapts to the “new” life. It may happen that colic acts as a symptom of some pathology, in which case you should immediately contact your pediatrician. In order to understand the cause of colics in a baby, it is necessary to observe him, namely: when colics occur, how often, whether it is connected with feeding.

  • Legs bent at the knees, pressed to the stomach;
  • baby suddenly starts crying loudly “for no reason”;
  • stool disorder;
  • increased gas and flatulence;
  • The tummy is bloated, the abdominal wall is tense;
  • Hands at the seams, tense, and fingers tightly clenched into fists;
  • Tension and crying cause redness on the face;
  • The back is often curved.

If colic does not go away on its own, you need to help your baby to cope with it. In addition, during a routine examination by the pediatrician, it is worth mentioning the occurrence of colic so that the specialist can further examine the child to rule out diseases.

Colic remedies are listed below.

  • Bladder tubes
  • Colic remedies
  • Herbal antispasmodics
  • Means, normalizing the intestinal microflora

Vacuum tubes

When colic occurs, it is not necessary to immediately resort to drugs, you can try to solve the problem without pharmaceuticals. Tummy massage, changes in feeding habits, the mother’s diet, switching to a different formula – all these have a place, but the effect of these procedures is not guaranteed, and does not give immediate results.

Providing a quick and safe way to deal with colic is to use a defecation tube.

Windi is a Swedish brand that produces gas tubes. These tubes are guaranteed to be safe and highly effective.

5 tips for soothing a colicky baby

Windi vapour tubes are intended for single use, which makes their use highly hygienic and safe!

At first glance, using reusable tubes is much more economical, but this is a questionable savings, since they are difficult to handle and reuse can bring pathogens to the baby. This is the main reason why it is better to give preference to single-use tubes.

Furthermore, the Windi gas tube is very convenient to use: the knurled surface helps it to be held firmly in the hand and cannot slip out.

A few other advantages that increase the safety of the tubes are the smooth tip and the insertion restrictor. The rounded tip and no holes in the insertion part of the catheter prevent injuries to your baby’s rectal mucosa. Insertion stopper allows for insertion of the tube up to the sphincter, which is spasming. This relaxes the sphincter and allows the gases to come out of the bowel on their own.

The algorithm of introduction of the tube is quite simple:

  • Massage your baby’s tummy first to relax the abdominal muscles;
  • Lubricate the tip of the feeding tube with petroleum jelly or baby cream;
  • tube gently insert into the anus of the baby, by the characteristic sounds you will know when the gas begins to escape;
  • The last step is to dispose of the tube in the trash.

Before starting the procedure, it is worth to cover the surface on which you will lie the baby with oilcloth or a disposable diaper, and after removing the tube, you should leave the baby to lie on it for a while.

Bladder tubes are instant and safe, but do not use them all the time – follow the instructions on the package. When used periodically, tubes are not addictive and are the most effective remedy for colic in newborns.

Vetrogonic agents

Despite the fact that medications should be used only after a doctor’s recommendation, it is also worth knowing about them. There are different groups of medications to relieve colic in newborns, one of them being vetrogonic agents.

Drugs in this group have surface-active properties and foaming action. Vetrogens help to reduce the tension of gas bubbles in the digestive tract, as a result of which the bubbles burst, and gases are excreted by peristalsis.

This group of drugs is good because it has minimal contraindications and side effects. The list of vetrogonic drugs includes:

  • Bobotic;
  • Sab simplex;
  • Simethicone;
  • Espumisan Baby.

Antispasmodics of plant origin

This group includes preparations based on herbal components. Consider the action of this group on the example of the drug Plantex.

The composition includes the fruit of fennel and its essential oil. These components have a stimulating effect on digestion, increase the secretion of gastric juice and stimulate peristalsis. As a result, food is broken down and absorbed more quickly. Gases are discharged on time and do not accumulate, and intestinal cramps become “soft”.

Baby Calm – dietary supplements based on dill, anise, and mint, helps get rid of bloating, prevents flatulence and has a calming effect.

Colic Calm, another herbal remedy that includes the following components: fennel, cumin, chamomile, aloe, blackthorn, mint, melissa, ginger. The effect of this drug comes relatively quickly.

Dill water has anti-inflammatory, soothing, antimicrobial effects.

Bladder tubes

The remedy relaxes the intestines, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the elimination of gas from the child’s body. Dill water improves intestinal peristalsis and stops painful spasms, helps normalize stools, has antibacterial properties.

Despite the fact that dill water carries a lot of positive effects, it should be used with caution, since the child may have an allergic reaction.

Means, normalizing intestinal microflora

These drugs contribute to the death of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, medications restore normal stools, if there are problems. In other words, the normalization of intestinal microflora is the elimination of dysbacteriosis and relief of the symptoms that accompany it. Such drugs include medicines from different pharmacological groups, such as Hilac Forte. The drug normalizes the composition of the microflora and is indicated not only for flatulence and colic, but also for other gastrointestinal disorders.

The next drug is Linex (group of probiotics and prebiotics). Linex for children is not a drug, and acts as a dietary food supplement, a source of bifidobacteria. The BAD promotes normal digestion.

Lactobacillus suppresses pathogenic microflora, stimulates normal gastrointestinal function.

Colic in newborns is, in most cases, a natural process. Despite this, it is better to consult with the doctor who treats your baby, especially if you intend to resort to medication. Sometimes you just need to eliminate the cause-trigger, and the subsequent symptoms do not have to fight.

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