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Top 10 orthopedic pillows, how to choose a good pillow for a good sleep

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Sound and prolonged sleep – a guarantee of good health, but should sleep in the right position. Otherwise you can earn a variety of diseases, ranging from osteochondrosis and ending with rheumatism. The fact that the human spine is curved, and this fact is most pronounced in the cervical area. In the upright position the neck is held in place by a muscular frame. When a person is resting, muscles relax, so the spine needs special additional support, for example, in the form of a pillow. Standard feather products nowadays are quite rare, as they are not able to keep the head at the proper height and keep the cervical vertebrae in the correct position.

They have been replaced by the so-called orthopedic pillows, which are the latest products with high elasticity. With their help, the muscles in the cervical spine will be able to fully relax, without the possible disruption of blood circulation, which often leads to fatigue and pain. Ultimately, a person begins to have trouble sleeping, he has a variety of related diseases. Our today’s article we decided to devote to the review of the best orthopedic pillows 2022 – the choice in the specialized stores is very large, but not every user has directly encountered these products. We will analyze some of the most popular people’s models, and also tell you how to choose such units correctly.

Orthopedic pillows: choose correctly

If the standard pillows, made on the basis of feathers or down, have a standard rectangular shape, then the orthopedic products can be very different shapes: a square, rectangle, the so-called butterfly, in the form of a half moon or horseshoe, and so on. The standard pillow has a simple shape, it is universal, as it will fit literally every adult. Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the type of filler: ideally, you should give preference to products of medium hardness – so it will be convenient to sleep both on the back and on the side.

The crescent-shaped pillows are designed to sleep only on the back. They are not as elastic, but retain their shape for a long time, carefully fix the neck. There are very compact versions, which can be taken with you even on a long trip or camping trip. There are products with a special notch for the shoulder – it is comfortable to sleep on these pillows on the side.

It is very important to choose the right size pillow. If it does not match the actual physical parameters of the user, it is unlikely he will be able to get a good night’s sleep, he will surely be haunted by headaches and heaviness throughout the body. The length of products for adults ranges from 40 to 80 cm and the width of 30-50 cm. These parameters are chosen according to a person’s build and build. Be sure to pay attention to the height – it must strictly correspond to the distance from the mattress to the sleeping person’s neck, The filler also plays a significant role when choosing an orthopedic pillow, because it directly depends on the elasticity of the product.

When we chose models for inclusion in the rating of the best orthopedic pillows, we relied primarily on the impressions of users, which they expressed in their reviews of the products. All the factors analyzed, as well as the price/quality ratio of the products, were still taken into account, which allowed us to develop what we think is the most objective review possible.

Inexpensive products

5. Pillow from Espera Factory

The products of this national company, which is renowned in many European countries, are characterized by excellent quality and well thought-out shapes. The original Espera-Foss material is used here as a filler. It is a natural porous product, which is able to compete effectively with the classic goose feathers, foam and polyester. The engineers of the organization, together with experienced orthopedists, develop more and more new forms of such products. As some of the latest variants were released in the form of the letter U, in the form of a boomerang, as well as the original pillow for the whole body. The products are characterized by excellent quality and are even covered by a one-year warranty. The pillows can be washed by hand or in a washing machine and retain their original shape and color, as well as all their qualities, even after many washings. There are products for children, for adults suffering from diseases of the neck and spine.

Particularly in demand among users are pillows with the latest Memory Foam filler, which have memory. The filling is made of a special porous material that allows the neck to properly position itself during sleep, preventing nerve pinches and other nuisances. According to the users, the pillows are very comfortable to use, they are very durable if compared to cheaper latex models.

  • The pillows can be adjusted to the shape of the head, the length of the neck and the height of the shoulders;
  • The head rests on them softly, no repulsion effect was found;
  • The muscles are completely relaxed;
  • Excellent prophylactic agent against diseases such as osteochondrosis;
  • Long service life.
  • Much more expensive in comparison to lower quality counterparts.

4. Memory Sleep pillow

At first glance it might seem that this pillow is the most common, but in form it still has some differences from standard feather products. On the sides of the product have two rollers. Largely due to this approach is possible to prevent too strong loads on the spine resting man, to fully relax it. As the filler material used here is the original Memory Form, which immediately memorizes the contours of the wearer’s body and completely adjusts to him. There is usually a recess in the middle of the pillow for the head. Such products have a positive effect on the overall quality of sleep and health in general. The pillow significantly improves sleep and cerebral circulation, which is an excellent prevention of strokes and other diseases related to the brain. The muscles of the back and neck will perfectly relax during sleep, preventing them from stagnation and circulatory disorders. Using such a pillow is a reliable protection against circles under the eyes.

The filler is made of a special viscous polyurethane foam. It literally immediately takes the shape of the head and neck of the person resting, carefully supports them, adjusting, with the so-called memory effect. Another important quality of this material is that this pillow has excellent ventilation, because the polyurethane foam has a porous structure.

  • Throughout the life of the pillow retains its shape and elasticity;
  • Excellent qualities of durability and resistance to wear and tear;
  • It dries in no time at all;
  • The pillow is air permeable, which is very important in summer;
  • Even if the room is cool, the product retains heat well;
  • Perfectly supports head and neck.
  • Do not wash such a pillow – otherwise the porous structure will be broken;
  • In some cases there are contraindications.

3. Trelax Pillow

Developed by this company especially for users who have spine problems, especially in the cervical area. If you regularly sleep on this pillow, it will quickly normalize the cerebral circulation, reduce the tension in the muscles. Products are allowed to use as a preventive unit, which prevents the occurrence of osteochondrosis or problems associated with a curved spine. Absolutely all pillows are created with the help of professional orthopedists and somnologists. Only the highest quality materials are used in production. The spinal column during sleep is fixed in the correct position no matter what position a person sleeps in – on the side or on the back. The elasticity values of the pillow are increased, so the condition and position of the muscular systems are normalized.

Most models are made in a standard size range, which makes them suitable for almost every person. There are pillows that can be used as back pads and are well suited for people with back problems. The products are designed not only for good quality sleep, but also for long journeys in a car or long sitting hours in the office. With their help it is possible to inhibit the development of any diseases of any parts of the spine, to reduce pain. The polyurethane is filled with excellent elasticity, and the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on its products.

  • Do not need any special care;
  • There are models for riding in the car or spending time in an office chair;
  • The muscles of the back and neck relax almost instantly;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Absolutely safe products;
  • Often used as a therapeutic measure after surgery.
  • Pillowcases are quite expensive.

2. Fosta Orthopedic Pillow

Quite an original pillow, characterized by a long-term memory effect. With its help the necessary conditions can be created to provide proper rest for ligaments and muscles, to make the sleep lasting and strong. The man wakes up cheerful, with increased efficiency. Often this pillow is prescribed by orthopedists in case the patient has severe dizziness, regular headaches, posture disorders, radicular syndromes. With its help it is possible to reduce the disc disc disc disc herniation unpleasantness. The product helps normalize human sleep, is often used as a preventive measure for many diseases. During sleep the pillow supports the anatomically correct position of head and neck, does not curve the spine.

The filling is performed by special medical polyurethane foam with prolonged memory effect. The pillow follows the contours of the human body exactly, it is also equipped with two rollers of different heights. The polyurethane foam used in the manufacture of this product is distinguished by decent viscosity and elasticity, which allows for maximum unloading of the cervical spine. The set also comes with a cover made of polyester, the product does not require special care.

polyurethane foam

  • Low weight of the product;
  • Prolonged memory effect;
  • Well copes with the function of prevention of diseases of the cervical spine;
  • Reliable support of the head and neck, keeps the back in the right position.
  • Insignificant size – during sleep, the head can periodically slip off the pillow, due to which the person wakes up, the sleep becomes interrupted.

1. Trives Pillow

In the first place among the inexpensive models of the best orthopedic pillows is the production of domestic production. The manufacturer uses only the most reliable and durable foam materials that will serve for a very long time. The function of the filler may perform not only polyurethane foam, but also natural latex, original cooling gel, other materials with memory effect. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacture, which makes the pillows more effective and comfortable to use. If you regularly sleep on these pillows you will achieve excellent results, which will be expressed in the form of improved well-being, avoidance of muscle and joint pains. The pillow can perform both preventive and therapeutic characteristics. The company, which manufactures products, has been on the market since 1992, allowing it to develop original products characterized by the highest quality.

Only the most advanced technology is used in the production process. On sale, you can even find pillows designed for children from one and a half years of age, which allows for proper development of the spine and muscular skeleton. There are several original shapes and sizes of products, many of which are used in case a person has certain health problems. Cushions prevent excessive pressure in the intervertebral discs, spasms in the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

  • Reasonable cost;
  • The set comes with two pillowcases;
  • High quality filling, the function of which is far from the standard polyurethane foam;
  • Copes well with spine or muscle pain.
  • Some materials are poorly air permeable, which can cause the head to sweat while sleeping.

The best value for money pillows

5. Orthopedic pillow Askona

The company has been on the market for 26 years. It is engaged in manufacturing of very original pillows equipped with a mini-spring system that last much longer compared to standard fillers like polyurethane foam. With this design it is possible to achieve even greater relaxation of the neck muscles. There are some models with the original carbon inserts – they effectively support cervical spine, thoroughly absorb extraneous and unpleasant smells. Another important feature associated with these pillows is a very long warranty period – as much as 25 years. Anatomic pillows are developed with skilled orthopedists that help to achieve the most comfortable sleeping conditions. The filler has a long-lasting memory effect, which allows you to use this pillow for a long time without worrying that there will be some discomfort.

Most models are equipped with special rollers, used to fully unload the spine. Pillows are optimal for people suffering from various cervical diseases. On sale you can find models with the original surface, characterized by a cooling effect. Only hypoallergenic materials are used in manufacture – they will not cause irritations and other unpleasant things.

  • Very comfortable products with charcoal inserts and miniature springs – this allows for maximum muscle relaxation;
  • Provides a very comfortable and long-lasting sleep;
  • Long Warranty Period;
  • There are several dimensional variants that allow choosing the size of the pillow exactly for your sleeping peculiarities and body size.
  • Rather expensive;
  • Cleaning a pillow is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

4. HILBERD Pillow

High-quality German-made products, which have been on the domestic market for about 10 years. It was developed specifically for the comfort of people to ensure a person a long rest and a good night’s sleep. Due to this pillow it is possible to normalize the position of the head in sleep, which restores blood circulation, so you can relieve even a lot of tension of the muscular frame. The form of the pillow is carefully designed, so it will perfectly support the spine, neck and head, no matter in what position the person sleeps. The pillow is filled with a special BASF material of high viscosity and elasticity. It also has a memory effect, after waking up the person almost instantly takes the original shape, but the orthopedic characteristics remain at the same level.

Often this pillow is prescribed by surgeons and orthopedists in order to prevent the development of spinal instability. Products act as a prophylactic against osteochondrosis. If you sleep on it all the time, you can avoid severe headaches, dizziness, sensitive pain in the cervical region. The pillow also helps to fight such an unpleasant phenomenon as snoring. The material is perforated and has excellent breathability, which provides comfort even in very hot weather.

  • The molded form of the outer shell;
  • The filling is made of a special visco-elastic material;
  • The perforation provides excellent breathing properties;
  • Well-designed combination of elasticity, softness and memory foam effect of the pillow;
  • Ensures correct positioning of the head during sleep.

BEST Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain Relief! Tips from a Physical Therapist

  • One of the most expensive models in our review of the best orthopedic pillows.

3. Luomma orthopedic pillows

This product is a world-renowned Finnish company, which is engaged exclusively in production of orthopedic products. Only modern materials and technology as well as the highest quality raw materials are used in the production. The range is very wide, with pillows designed for both adults and children. They all have a memory effect, help fight against acquired or congenital torticollis, act as a prophylactic agent against rickets, curvature of the occipital zone of the skull. The load on the vertebrae of the neck is considerably reduced.

Thanks to these products it is possible to get rid of muscle spasms, ensure proper development of bones in the cervical spine, improve blood circulation to the brain. No contraindications or side effects from using the pillow have been identified. The products are made on the basis of a material that can not put counter pressure on the human body, with the addition of silver ions, characterized by an excellent antibacterial effect. The pillow decreases the muscle tone and shortens the rehabilitation period in case of injury of the cervical spine.

  • It does not create counter pressure;
  • The head does not start to sweat;
  • It takes the optimum shape during sleep;
  • All types of pillowcases can be worn.
  • Price is a bit high.

2. Sissel pillow

The pillows from this company belong to the premium class, for this reason they are so strongly praised by users. They have been made for over 30 years. Although the main material is polyurethane foam, which has excellent memory and body shape properties, it is combined with springs, which significantly increases the efficiency of the material. As a result, the pillow helps to stretch the spine and neck, which has a positive effect on the entire human body. The foam blocks are placed in the structure of the product to provide maximum effective ventilation – the user will not feel discomfort even on the hottest days. The pillow helps to quickly cope with snoring problems.

Often the product is also prescribed for osteochondrosis, scoliosis, severe pain in the head and neck, if there is a displacement of the vertebrae, high muscle tone, and so on. Pillow helps stabilize breathing, making it smooth and calm and ensure normal ventilation of the lungs, the skin becomes healthier, increased performance.

  • It is characterized by relaxing and revitalizing effect;
  • Does not have a strange odor;
  • It comes with a terry cloth pillowcase;
  • Comfortable pillow shape;
  • Prolonged use.
  • But it takes some time to get used to it;
  • Cost.

1. Tempur Orthopedic Pillow

This brand was originally developed specifically for the space program of the Western countries, to provide astronauts with the greatest comfort during sleep, to prevent insomnia, pain in the neck and head. However, after a while the products became available for the general consumer. The filler material is a unique synthetic material, whose key feature is a very high sensitivity to human body temperature. It instantly adjusts to the shape of the neck and head, supports these organs rigidly enough. The filler has excellent elasticity, is hypoallergenic and absolutely environmentally friendly.

The pillow is excellent for people suffering from diseases such as osteochondrosis, hypertension, according to many experts, it will be a wonderful preventive measure against stroke – the fact that when the arteries are squeezed during an improper sleeping posture leads to insufficient air flow to the brain.

  • Quite a wide range of models with different shapes and sizes;
  • High quality materials;
  • Good memory of the shape of the body, reacting to human temperature;
  • The kit comes with a removable type cover that protects against the development of bacteria and mites;
  • The manufacturer keeps the quality of products under strict control.
  • Except expensive price was not found.

Useful video in the end

Rating of the best orthopedic pillows finished. We tried for each model to collect as much information as possible so that you can choose for yourself and your loved ones the best product, which will help make your sleep long, strong and refreshing.

A good orthopedic pillow. The material is durable, does not squeeze with time and does not deform. No matter how I twist in my sleep, sleep is comfortable, in the morning I feel full of energy

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