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Top 10 best tablets for high blood pressure, how to choose a drug for hypertension

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High blood pressure bothers a lot of people, fortunately, there are a large number of special drugs that help to stabilize the state of a person. The range of such medicines is quite wide, but to choose the right remedy is possible only with the help of a specialist. Often treating physicians offer the patient an alternative of two or three options. To make the problem of choosing the right drug easier for you, we decided to make a rating of the best pills for high blood pressure. However, before proceeding to a direct analysis of the characteristics of each remedy, let us consider on the basis of what principles such a drug should be purchased.

How to choose a pill for high blood pressure?

First of all, the drug, designed to combat high blood pressure, is selected depending on how high this index of the patient. If the age of the person does not exceed 80 years, it is advisable to reduce the level of blood pressure to 140 by 90 mm Hg. st., If the patient is treated as an inpatient, or up to 135 over 85 when he tries to improve his health at home. In some cases, to combat such an illness using diuretics or diuretics. They remove excess salts and fluids from the human body, which have a direct effect on blood pressure.

High blood pressure does not always have pronounced symptoms. Many people have this condition asymptomatically: a person feels quite well, not even noticing that there is something wrong with his body. When choosing a drug, the doctor also necessarily determines what is the cause of high blood pressure – hypertension or hypertension. In the first case, the prescribed medicine will have to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life, although sometimes it is replaced with analogues, since the remedies can be addictive or the individual components begin to accumulate in the body.

However most medications used to fight high blood pressure can cope with all the main tasks: relieve headaches, prevent nosebleeds, remove flickers in front of the eyes, prevent kidney failure, relieve heart pain and most importantly, prevent dangerous diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

There are several types of medications that can help with high blood pressure: alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin antagonists 2. Beta-blockers slow the heart rate, vascular walls become more relaxed and blood volume decreases as a result. These drugs are prescribed for people who have concomitant heart conditions such as ischemia, rhythm disorders, tachycardia, and other.

Alpha-blockers are distinguished by their antispasmodic action. They do not just dilate blood vessels, but also relax the muscles that run along them. These are quite strong drugs, so they are prescribed in the most difficult cases, when other substances are powerless. The body gets used to them quite quickly, which leads to increased heart rate, increased hairiness and so on.

When we chose remedies to include in our review of the best drugs for high blood pressure, we were guided not only by the factors analyzed above, but we also paid attention to the pharmacological composition of the drug, the price to quality ratio, as well as user reviews. We have tried to include in our review affordable remedies, so that each of our readers can afford them.

The ten best pills for high blood pressure

10. Methyldofa tablets for hypertension

Despite the quite reasonable cost, this drug is very effective – the pressure decrease to acceptable values regardless of the age of the patient occurs literally 40 minutes after taking the pill. It enters the body by absorption through the intestine, penetrating the barriers between the blood and the nerve cells. The drug passes through them to the central nervous system, where it is metabolized. First, the active substance is transformed into alphamethyldopamine, after which it is converted into alpha methylnoradrenaline. The latter stimulates the central alpha2-adrenoreceptors. Similar in action to clopheline in that it slows down sympathetic impulses. The very process of lowering blood pressure occurs as a result of a reduction in heart rate. The amount of blood being pumped out by the heart decreases, and this, combined with a decrease in the peripheral resistance of the arterial and capillary walls, leads to a fall in blood pressure.

This medication should be taken as a single tablet two or three times a day. In particularly severe cases, it is recommended to take up to six pills The positive effect of the drug stops quickly enough – literally in 48 hours, after which the pressure can rise again. This remedy is prescribed for the most forms of hypertension and hypertension. There are a number of contraindications, which include diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, acute hepatitis, renal failure, expressed in severe form, pregnancy. In addition, people over the age of 75 to take such a remedy is life-threatening.

  • Reasonable cost of the drug;
  • It is available in small tablets;
  • A decrease in blood pressure is observed almost immediately after ingestion;
  • In complicated cases, up to 3 g of the drug can be taken during a day.
  • A large number of contraindications;
  • Various side effects – lethargy, dry mouth, abnormal functioning of the sex glands or liver.

9. Norvasc

The drug is a tablet of white or almost white color, which is made in the form of an emerald. The main pharmacological qualities are as follows: after taking the pill, slow calcium channels are blocked. The main active agent is a dihydropyridine derivative, so that a good antihypertensive and antianginal effect can be achieved. With the help of the drug it is possible to prevent the transition of calcium ions through cell membranes. Also the positive qualities of the remedy are the dilation of both coronary and peripheral arteries. Their walls relax, a greater volume of oxygenated blood passes through them.

If the patient has angina pectoris, the drug reduces the severity of myocardial ischemia. This manifests itself in a reduction of the afterload on all cardiac muscles, and also reduces myocardial oxygen demand. Hypertensive effect is active. Even one dose of the drug is able to normalize a person’s blood pressure for up to 24 hours, regardless of their position – standing or lying down. Side effects practically do not occur, but after taking the drug, a person may feel the palpitations themselves, and there is a rush of blood to the face.

  • Positively affects the human condition;
  • Normalizes the work of the heart;
  • Can be used for other conditions of the cardiovascular system.
  • There can be individual intolerance, which leads to shortness of breath, in very rare cases to fainting;
  • Not commonly available in pharmacies, although prescribed by doctors on a regular basis.

8. Arifon-retard

In its pharmacological qualities, this drug is similar to thiazide diuretics, which prevent excessive amounts of sodium ions from getting into the blood, which in a number of diseases is the cause of high blood pressure. When the drug is used regularly, excess sodium is excreted through the kidneys, binding to chlorine and, to a lesser extent, to magnesium or potassium ions, which have a positive effect on heart function. Accordingly, the action of the drug is largely diuretic. One tablet can stabilize blood pressure at an acceptable level for up to 24 hours. Active substances increase the elasticity of large arteries and decrease the resistance of blood vessels, which also has a positive effect on the blood pressure. All compounds present in this medicine are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug can be taken regardless of the absorption of food – after meals the drug will be absorbed more slowly, but not by much. Virtually all compounds bind to proteins in the blood, bind cholesterol, removing it through the kidneys or liver. There are not too many side effects for this type of medicine – some patients may have increased sensitivity to indapamide or its excipients. Do not take the drug in severe renal insufficiency or if liver function is impaired.

  • Convenient to use – you can drink one tablet per day, sparing yourself the excessive diuretic effect;
  • Well combined with other drugs;
  • Successfully fights high blood pressure;
  • Removes excess salts and ions from the body;
  • Has a relaxing effect on the walls of blood vessels.
  • Individual intolerance of individual components;
  • Some users have noted that when taking the drug, minor cramps of the calf muscles occur.

7. Captopril

The drug can be used not only for high blood pressure or hypertension, but also to relieve various types of hypertensive crises. In most cases, the drug is prescribed to patients whose blood pressure starts from 130 to 90 mm Hg. st. or higher. With minor deviations from the norm, you should not use such a drug, because the body gets used to it very quickly. In general, many users advise to take it once to normalize the pressure in a few minutes, rather than drink a whole course of pills. With the help of the drug it is possible to get rid of vasospasm throughout the body, including the brain, which, in turn, relieves pre-stroke condition, normalizes the work of the circulatory system.

The drug has a positive effect on the kidneys, increasing hemodynamics inside the outgoing arterioles, prevents the development of diabetic nephropathy. About three-quarters of the drug is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and enters the bloodstream an average of 40 minutes after administration. Can be excreted with breast milk, so it is contraindicated for breastfeeding women. Metabolized in the liver, and the compounds bound are not active, therefore not harmful to humans.

  • Positive effects on blood pressure and some other human organs as well;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • The high quality of the constituents;
  • Sound dosage.
  • Extended list of side effects – dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, impaired appetite and so on can occur;
  • In particularly severe cases, dry cough and skin rash appear;
  • Not to be taken by nursing mothers.

6. Capoten

The main active ingredient in this medication is captopril. One tablet contains 25 mg of this compound, 40 mg of microcrystalline cellulose, 7 mg of corn starch, 3 mg of stearic acid and 25 mg of lactose monohydrate. The complex of these substances makes it possible to get rid of vasospasm, to dilate the blood vessels. Oxygenated blood moves more easily through the relaxed vessels, and a greater volume of blood passes through them per unit of time, which helps to reduce the pressure. The drug has a high speed of action, and it can be very aggressive. Such an effect can be very dangerous not only for health, but also for human life, so it is necessary to take such pills strictly on the advice of a doctor, do it in small doses.

The complex begins to dissolve and assimilate in the stomach and is absorbed completely in the intestines. The pill can save a person’s life in an acute myocardial infarction, but it can only be taken if the body is stable. It is recommended to take an hour and a half before a meal. Gradually, the dose can be increased in order to achieve an optimal effect. If taken strictly as directed by your doctor, it has few side effects, but some minor sleeping disturbances or mild depression may occur.

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  • Fast positive effect from the use of the drug;
  • Can help even with very dangerous illnesses like a heart attack.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take without a doctor’s recommendation;
  • It is necessary to strictly observe the dosage;
  • Some side effects.

5. Rerpin pills for hypertension

The drug reduces the activity of the muscles surrounding blood vessels, due to such an effect it is possible to increase their permeability, not to allow excessive narrowing or even blockage. The pills allow us not only to reduce the rate of blood pressure, but also have a sedative effect. With their help, it is possible to lower body temperature a little and slow down the metabolism. If the drug is taken together with sleeping pills or painkillers, the effect of their use will be expressed much stronger. At first take such a drug in small doses, after two or three days the amount of the drug is brought up to the optimal level. When the positive effect becomes stable, the amount of the substance is reduced again. Further treatment is performed for a long time, consumed in strictly maintenance doses, and the patient must be constantly monitored by a specialist.

There are cases when the person taking the pills has no positive effect from the substance. In this case, the drug should be discontinued, because it is not advisable. In general, experts advise alternating this remedy with other drugs – in this case there will be no addictive effect, and the positive effects will be more effective.

  • Can be used not only for high blood pressure, but also for neurosis or nervous excitability;
  • Reasonable cost of the remedy;
  • Acts effectively on muscle mass and vascular walls.
  • There are contraindications – gastric or intestinal ulcer, kidney disease and so on;
  • There are some side effects – red eyes, shortness of breath, some weakness, sleep problems.

4. Lozartan-Richter

Has in its composition a sufficient amount of potassium, a mineral that additionally nourishes all the heart muscles, stabilizes their work. The drug itself comes in the form of white tablets that can be dissolved in water, ethyl alcohol. Acts on the body as follows: blocks the receptors responsible for the production of angiotensin2 in most tissues of the human body. It lowers blood pressure, promotes reduction of pressure in the small circle of circulation, prevents blood clogging in the pulmonary vessels. In addition, with the help of such a drug, sodium and water retention can be prevented. If taken regularly, patients with severe heart failure begin to develop tolerance to exercise.

The maximum effect after taking the pill is seen after 6 hours, but the full effect of the drug stops after about a day. If the substance is taken for several weeks, stabilization of the blood pressure occurs around 3-6 weeks. No carcinogenic effects on the body have been found. The drug is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. During passage of the active ingredients through the liver, they are biotransformed into more active substances.

  • Low cost of the drug;
  • Prolonged effect;
  • Not only copes with high blood pressure, but also has a positive effect on some organs.
  • It is forbidden to take to pregnant and lactating women;
  • Some people are hypersensitive to certain substances;
  • Efficacy and safety when administered to children has not been determined.

Find out the minimum cost Lozartan-richter >>

3. Andipal

The third place in our rating of the best tablets for high blood pressure took quite a popular among users remedy. The wide distribution is due not only to the affordable cost of the drug, but also to the high effectiveness of its components. The tablets are available in round form, white in color, may have a slightly yellowish tint. Andipal is able not only to cope with high blood pressure, but is also characterized by a slight anti-inflammatory effect, can fight fever, pain. The drug contains antispasmodics, which are papaverine hydrochloride and bendazole, as well as sodium metamizole. Their concentration is chosen optimally, allowing them both to relax vessels and surrounding muscle tissue, which effect is directed to lowering blood pressure, and to cope even with severe forms of migraine.

side effects

Phenobarbital, which is present in the composition, enhances the effect of the active ingredients. The drug stabilizes and improves collateral circulation, delivering more oxygen to the heart. Side effects of the drug are minimal – minor allergic reactions, drowsiness, slow psychomotor reactions, constipation may be observed. In pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in serious liver failure, it is forbidden to take this drug. In addition, it is not suitable for children under the age of 8 years.

  • Low price;
  • Can be used not only for high blood pressure, but also for a variety of other diseases;
  • It has a fairly pronounced analgesic effect.
  • There are a number of contraindications and side effects;
  • When taking andipal it is undesirable to sit behind the wheel of vehicles or work at a machine.

2. Raunatin

It is produced in the form of tablets, which are coated with a film coating. The main active ingredient here are plant alkaloids of rauwolfia – one tablet contains 2 mg. There are also other substances – starch (usually corn or potato), petroleum jelly, sugar, glucose, silicon dioxide, beeswax, talcum powder. With the help of this drug it is possible to gradually block the transmission of nerve impulses of adrenergic type, which gradually reduces the blood pressure and brings it to values close to normal. It is worth noting that the effect of this drug is not too fast compared to other drugs, but the effect of its use lasts for a long time. Specialists recommend not a single, but therapeutic use of the product, as the optimal positive effect is achieved by about 10-14 days of regular use. The result lasts for two to three months.

The treatment begins with taking one tablet a day, but gradually increase the dosage, bringing it to 4-6 tablets. In such amounts the drug should be drunk for 2 weeks, after which the dosage is gradually reduced, and then it is canceled altogether. However, the doctor may prescribe the patient to take one tablet for an extended period of time.

blood pressure
  • Widespread medication – available in almost every pharmacy;
  • Acts on the body gently, can be used in combination with many other drugs;
  • Therapy is selected depending on the characteristics of the patient’s body and the severity of the disease.
  • It is forbidden in aortic malformations;
  • Cannot be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • In regular or seasonal exacerbations of intestinal and stomach ulcers should also be discouraged from taking this medicine.

1. Nebilet

Finally we got to the leader of the rating of the best pills for high blood pressure. It is a rather expensive remedy, which is manufactured by the German pharmaceutical industry. The main active substance used here is nebivolol, which has a high level of activity. Many users speak positively about this medicine, in addition, the body tolerates it with ease. The drug allows to stabilize blood pressure at the initial level, and then return it to an acceptable level. In addition, it is able to normalize the heartbeat, dilates the blood channels, gets rid of shortness of breath and other signs of illness.

The composition is designed and carefully balanced in such a way as to further increase not only physical but also mental performance. The drug is absolutely safe for men, as it does not affect the potency at all. Take the tablets once a day, as the positive effect lasts for 20 hours, but it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking them, as there are some contraindications and side effects.

  • It has a balanced pharmacological composition of broad action;
  • It is made in Germany;
  • Safe for male potency;
  • The effect of taking one tablet lasts for 20 hours;
  • No negative effects on human mental and physical health.
  • Contraindications and side effects do exist;
  • Rather expensive.

In conclusion, a useful video

We tried to tell you in detail about each drug to combat high blood pressure. If the information did not seem sufficient, tell us about it in the comments to the article – we will try to find more information on the product of interest. Also in the comments you can share with other readers your experience with this or that drug.

The article is professional and informative. But I have not found in the list of drugs such as Moxonidine-SZ, Physiotens find out the minimum cost . And they became very often used in case of emergency and for every day among chronic hypertensives.

At the end of the article it mentions just moxonidine – it is physiotensis!

The only drugs listed are concomitant in the complex therapy, and some of the active ingredients twice a day.

high blood

You can also add Consilar 24 to this list. It has an affordable price and convenient use I take 1 capsule in the morning and that’s it

Good day! Tell me about. I’m 42 years old and my blood pressure’s normal in the morning, but I don’t feel 160 in the evening. I would like to normalize it. Picked Nebilet. What is the right course of treatment to have an effect or it is too early to take it?? I started with a quarter, now on day 5 I take half a tablet a day. Pulse drops from 60-70 beats to 50-55 beats. I feel normal. It’s normal?

Vadim, a pulse of 50-55 beats is called bradycardia.е. Slow heart rhythm isn’t safe. to treat hypertension you need a kidney ultrasound, analysis, Echo ECG, thyroid ultrasound and to understand why 42 years old you have such high BP. It’s not normal. The main reason is hypodynamia, fatty foods, poor sleep, nervousness and so on.,and heredity. At night, try the innocuous motherwort pills, but not the alcoholic tincture. The doctor has to prescribe pills for pressure sometimes even a prescription depends on the underlying disease. I need to know my cholesterol and take cardiomagnesin to thin the blood so the heart can push the blood around more easily

How do you choose your own medicine?? especially a b1 blocker? This is a very serious drug! Especially for bradycardia!

When my blood pressure starts to skyrocket, it has to be very strong and prescribed by a doctor. As I get older, I need to strengthen my blood vessels and my heart muscle. I’m taking dihydroquercetin, which I order from phytomarkets. Plus cardio workout, quit smoking. Everything is normal.

I have a high blood pressure of 190/106. I measure it every day and it hasn’t been below 140/100 for about half a year. I can’t go to the doctor because I’m in another country and I don’t have insurance. I want to order blood pressure medication online . I used to take enapH10 .
Feeling unwell for the last week . Please advise which drug can be ordered over the Internet to reduce blood pressure.

You can’t work with your blood pressure. 10 mg is too low for you. you need to switch to 25mg you need to reduce the pressure to a figure of at least 135 the lower 100 is also a lot. Heart rate is normal between 60-90, depending on age. Capoten 25 mg under the tongue. Watch your pulse. High blood pressure can lead to stroke or heart attack. taking cardiomagnil permanently thins the blood and improves the heart muscle, if your cholesterol is high, take statins 10 mg for a severe headache, you can add antispastic medications I am a nurse and my name is also Anna I wish you to pick up the pill

Taking pills to normalize the blood pressure all the time, I broke my stomach. Now I take bio tea for heart and blood vessels. The effect is not immediate, I improve on the fifth or sixth day. I do four 20-day courses four times a year. In addition to normalizing your blood pressure, it improves your heart rate. On natural herbs included in the tea, no side effects.

What captopril that capoten one and the same, the component is the same, and you write different about the effect of the drug.

Very good drug Diba. Can be taken as tablets, injected intravenously, intravenously.

Hello. I am 64 years old and suffer from hypertension. Comorbidities: cerebral atherosclerosis and aortic valve stenosis and obliterating sclerosis of the lower extremities. I take blood pressure medication at night, amlodipine 10 mg., moxonidine 0.4mg., Cardiamognil and traicor. My blood pressure is normal during the day and rises to 160:90 or higher at night. please suggest a drug that will keep my blood pressure normal with my comorbidities? I was advised «lasap +» in the morning and «lasap» in the evening, but I have not tried it yet. Thank you.)

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