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Top 10 best remedies for teething

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Not every child goes through the teething process easily and painlessly, most children need help. There are many teething aids available, some parents get lost in the abundance of choices and often buy the wrong one. This article we decided to devote to the best products for teething, to understand the key points, to talk about the pros and cons of each product.

The most popular remedies are teething gels. Their advantage is that they work almost immediately, have a local effect, and are easy to use. When choosing a gel, it is necessary to study the composition, it is much better if it is as natural as possible.

1. Dentinale

A good representative of the natural ingredient gels is Dentinale Natura gel. It does not contain analgesics and anesthetics, which are undesirable for children in their first year of life. The reason is that anaesthetics can cause numbness in the mouth if swallowed and this results in a momentary loss of sensitivity and impaired sucking.

It contains: chamomile, aloe and Boswellia.

The gel provides relief from inflammation, itching, and pain. To use, squeeze a small amount of gel onto the tip of your finger and rub into the baby’s gums. The frequency of application is from three to five times, as needed.

  • no anesthetics or analgesics
  • natural ingredients
  • quick effect
  • Kids like the taste
  • Can be used from birth
  • Made in Italy
  • Not available everywhere

2. Lident Baby

This teething gel is indicated for children over three months of age, and contains two ingredients: lidocaine hydrochloride and cetylpyridinium chloride. The remedy has a place-anesthetic effect, almost instantly relieves pain by numbing the gums. It is inexpensive and not hard to find. The disadvantage of this product is the anesthetic in its composition, and before using it, you must consult a doctor.

allergic reactions

  • Eliminates pain quickly
  • low price
  • contains an anesthetic

The drops

The drops are not as topical as the gels, but they have a place. It is worth remembering that the drops have no direct effect on the gums.

1. Dantinorm Baby

This product is a homeopathic medicine in drops and treats the following symptoms: sore and inflamed gums, sleep disturbances, irritability of the child.

The formula contains three ingredients: chamomile, Indian ivy and Chinese rhubarb. This teething medicine can be used for children 0+. Recommended to be used in a single dose 2-3 times a day. The product is available in 10 or 30 doses. The product is very simple to use: the contents of the container should be put into the child’s mouth.

  • Can be used for children 0+
  • Relieves pain
  • drug free
  • high price

2. Boiron Camilia

Also a homeopathic remedy in the form of teething drops. The formula includes German chamomile, burdock and Chinese rhubarb. The drug has the following effects: relief of pain and toothache, elimination of swelling and redness of the gums, relief of minor digestive disorders that can occur during teething. The principle of application is identical to the previous teething remedy.

  • fast effect
  • Does not contain any medicines
  • Mostly available only on order

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Antipyretics for children in the first six months of life, in most cases, are presented in the form of suppositories. The suppositories have a general effect, reduce fever, have a calming effect, and relieve other common teething symptoms. Means are not able to relieve gum pain, but their use is not excluded for the normalization of the general well-being of the child.

1. Viburkol

Homeopathic suppositories have an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. They are not aimed at relieving teething, but they help with general discomfort that can provoke teething. Composition contains herbal ingredients, no medications. Side effects occur very rarely. It is advisable to use suppositories to relieve clinical symptoms of teething.

  • calming effect
  • Lowering of the temperature
  • Does not relieve pain and gum disease
  • The effect is not immediate

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2. Cefecon

The main active ingredient of the drug is paracetamol. The main effect is antipyretic, so the suppositories are indicated for use only with a persistent fever. Cefecon is a medication, you should consult with your pediatrician before going to the pharmacy to get it.

  • lowers the temperature
  • shown only when there is a significant increase in temperature
  • Not suitable for the local relief of teething symptoms


Chewers are aids designed to help with teething. Everyone knows that during teething children’s gums itch, so they are constantly trying to chew on something. There are different nails, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which they are made. The materials should be environmentally friendly and as natural as possible. Do not use teethers with small parts or wooden parts.

1. Chicco

Chewers from this company are quite popular and in high demand. The chewers are made of hygienic silicone and have a grooved surface, which has the effect of “massage” for the gums. The chews have a rubber handle which can also be bitten and are comfortable for babies to hold. Teethers can be cooled in the refrigerator, the cold relieves the pain. Care is quite simple: wash under hot water with soap and rinse well.

  • hygienic material
  • comfortable handle
  • relief
  • can be cooled
  • easy to care for

2. Kurnosiki (Eight)

A more budget-friendly version of teethers are “figure of eight. They are also embossed and comfortably shaped, they can be cooled and easy to wash. The material is thermoplastic rubber, which is not “ideal.

anti-inflammatory effect
  • relief
  • can be refrigerated
  • easy care
  • easy to hold
  • material

Folk remedies

There is no way to get rid of folk remedies, but you should use them with extreme caution, because allergic reactions are not uncommon. The most popular remedies – chamomile and soda solution.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile flowers have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why this plant is included in many teething remedies. You need to make a decoction of chamomile extract, then moisten a cotton disk with it and apply to the gum.

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • Tastes unpleasant for children
  • Allergic reactions are possible
  • short-term effect
  • ineffective in severe pain

allergic reactions

2. Soda solution

Of course, this remedy is not the option of choice, but previously the solution was used frequently. It is necessary to dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda in boiled water, moisten a cotton disk with the solution and wipe the gums. Soda solution relieves pain and disinfects the surface.

  • relieves pain
  • disinfecting effect
  • No proven effectiveness
  • Can be allergic reactions

The best teething remedy for each child is different, but when choosing one should pay attention to the main characteristics, in order not to harm your baby.

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