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Top 10 best nebulizers, how to choose a good inhaler for home?

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During the cold season, the human body is most susceptible to various colds. Many take them lightly, do not start treatment, but do not take into account the fact that any disease is fraught with complications that can spread to any organs. So you still need to be treated, but you do not have to use medication. In particular, respiratory diseases can be cured by inhalation. In order to get the maximum effect from them, doctors recommend resorting to special equipment – nebulizers.

They do not boil or heat, so all available medications will be fully preserved and delivered to the areas affected by the disease. Although such devices went on sale about 15 years ago, many people are still not aware what to look for when buying them. We decided to fill this gap and compiled a rating of the best nebulizers. In this review, we will detail the key performance characteristics of the most popular devices among users, as well as give some useful tips to use when buying a device.

How to choose the right nebulizer?

There are several varieties of these products (classification is based on the principle of the equipment) – ultrasonic, compressor or rod, membrane. The first type allows you to finely atomize a liquid drug, the particle size does not exceed 5 microns. This size will be quite enough for the medicine to penetrate deep into the bronchi. The liquid is crushed into dust by vibrating plates made of metal. They form a high frequency ultrasonic flow in this way. These devices are able to work in a continuous format for 5-10 ml, the rate of substance delivery is about 2 ml per minute, they work quietly. They are plugged in to the ordinary circuit, but you can also find on sale cordless models.

Compressor units are capable of turning a liquid into a mist with a particle size of no more than 5 microns due to a powerful stream of compressed air. They can be filled with any medication. These devices have a serious overall size, but compared to other varieties, they are much more durable, they are convenient to use. The drug container holds about 100-150 ml, so you don’t have to refill it too often. These nebulizers are used to treat serious illnesses such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc., they cope with a common cold in a couple of days.

Membrane machines (another name for mash nebulizers) are the latest in medical technology. Steam is created by passing a liquid through a vibrating membrane. The fluid particles are very fine, allowing them to penetrate even to the lung alveoli. These devices are the most compact – their mass does not exceed 120 g, the capacity of built-in tank is also small – no more than 15 ml, but the expense of the drug is very economical, so one refill will be enough for several sessions at once. This nebulizer is suitable even for infants, you can carry it with you all the time and take it with you on trips and business trips.

When we chose models for inclusion in the rating of the best nebulizers, we took into account all the points discussed above. In addition, user feedback was taken into account, thanks to which the review is the most high-quality and durable devices, which are very convenient to use.

Compressor units

3. Little Doctor LD-212C

A fairly compact device, characterized by a modern device. It is used for the prevention of all respiratory tract diseases. All family members, including children, regardless of age, are equipped with everything they need to use it. During the procedure, you can affect only certain parts of the respiratory tract, such as the upper, lower or middle sections of the lungs – there are sprayers of different colors for this. The consumption of medicines is insignificant largely due to the special chamber installed here. It triggers the aerosol only when you inhale; when you exhale, its concentration drops to almost zero.

The device works almost noiselessly, so children will not be afraid of the procedure associated with it. It is able to work with any medication designed for inhalation. The only exception to this rule are products made on an oil basis, you cannot fill it with herbal decoctions and suspensions or solutions that contain suspended particles.

  • Low consumption of drugs;
  • Multiple atomizers for different parts of the lungs;
  • Long warranty service period of 3 years;
  • Operates virtually silently.

particle size

  • Powered only by the network, there is no battery version.

2. Microlife NEB-50

Such a device helps to ensure the most effective inhalation therapy and prophylaxis even at home. Design features a very powerful compressor that is able to work without interruption for 30 minutes. If the motor overheats, the unit shuts off automatically. The duration of continuous operation is important if a person suffers from severe forms of respiratory disease. The design provides for two options for therapy – standard and expedited. In the first case, the valve system is not used, in the second they are activated, the aerosol comes only in the phase of inhalation.

All necessary accessories and nozzles are included, there are two masks, air filters, mouthpiece, there is a fabric storage bag. In this nebulizer you can fill almost all decoctions of plants and medicines.

  • Very easy to use;
  • Decent equipment;
  • Significant chamber volume with inspiratory activation.
  • The atomization rate is not very fast.

1. B.Well MED-120

Mobile device that can operate from the battery or connect to the network, other equipment through a cable format microUSB. The model is effective and very reliable, besides, it works quietly enough. The device allows you to quickly cure or reduce the manifestation of such ailments as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, and so on. The average particle size is 2.9 microns. They pass well into the depths of the respiratory tract, reaching even the alveoli.

The nebulizer is distinguished by its modern design: it has a low medication consumption and a decent atomization rate of 0.3 liter per minute. The inhaler is ideal for both adults and children: it comes with two masks, a mouthpiece and a nasal nozzle. The latter allows you to cure even a strong runny nose in the shortest possible time. The device is compact – it can even fit in the palm of your hand. Fully complies with European and USA quality standards.

  • It has compact dimensions;
  • Can work from the mains or the built-in battery;
  • Provides a dense and powerful steam;
  • Uses medication sparingly;
  • Decent equipment;
  • Can quickly treat a runny nose.
  • Not detected.

Ultrasonic models

4. Little Doctor LD-250U

Users in their reviews note the optimal price-quality ratio of the product. The model is very easy to operate, the tank holds up to 12 ml of liquid, the external design is also attractive. The device itself is supplemented with a large number of accessories – it comes with several varieties of masks for adults and children, two mouthpieces, tubes connecting the nebulizer with the masks, spare fuses.

Nothing fancy is required to operate the nebulizer at home. The device is placed on a flat surface, dilute the medication to the desired concentration, pour it into the reservoir, connect the mask or mouthpiece. After treatment it is sufficient to wipe all elements with hydrogen peroxide solution.

  • High efficiency of the device;
  • There are individual accessories for the whole family;
  • High quality manufacturing.
  • The instructions do not tell you how to change the fuses if they fail.

3. Omron U17

This device is very expensive, so users rarely buy it for home use. It was originally developed for use exclusively in medical institutions, with the procedure to be performed strictly under the supervision of a specialist. The capacity of the reservoir for the preparation is 150 ml, the productivity of the device ranges from 0 to 3 ml per minute, the air mass flow rate is decent – 17 l per minute.

Can run for 72 hours without interruption. Convenient liquid crystal monochrome display. It displays data regarding the speed of spraying, the amount of supplied air, error messages or incorrect installation of the various parts. Model is equipped with a timer that gives you an audible signal when the required time expires. Particle sizes from 1 to 8 microns. Oxygen therapy is often used for oxygen therapy.

able work

  • High-performance level;
  • Is completely silent;
  • Versatile unit.
  • Rather expensive;
  • It has a significant mass;
  • No handle for transportation.

2. Beurer IH 30

Compact, non-volatile product that can be used not only for treating and preventing respiratory diseases, but also to relieve asthma spasms. Battery capacity of 600 mAh, which allows you to use the device without interruption for 45-50 minutes, so you can work with it even while on the road. For home use, the product must be connected to a household power supply.

Overall dimensions are compact – 14×6.5×5 cm. The liquid is effectively converted into vapor with particle size of not more than 5 microns, the atomization rate does not exceed 0.7 l per minute, so 5 ml of medication is enough for a session lasting up to 15 minutes. The set comes with 5 interchangeable reservoirs for medication – so ensures the maintenance of drug purity. There are also masks for adults and children, a fabric case, an extension cord and an adapter to connect to the mains.

  • Works from the mains and battery;
  • Has LED indicator for charging and operating time;
  • Turns off automatically at the end of the session.
  • It is difficult to find replacement drug chambers on the market.

1. AND UN-231

Another portable model, which works very quietly – the noise it emits is no more than 34dB. Thanks in large part to this feature, children are not afraid of inhalation. The inhaler unit can be plugged into a household outlet or powered via an adapter to the vehicle’s onboard power system. This allows you to use the device at any time and in any place.

The warranty service period is as much as 5 years. The model itself is easy to use and versatile. Device turns itself off after ten minutes of inactivity.

  • Flow of steam dispensed is adjustable;
  • It is controlled with just one button;
  • It has an automatic shutoff system.
  • Small volume of reservoir for medication.

Mesh nebulizers

3. Little Doctor LD-207U

Loss of medication when using this product will be reduced to virtually zero. Producer claims you’ll have less than 0.5 ml left in the vial after treatment, which is a perfect waste measure. Users confirm it in their reviews, saying that after the end of the inhalation session, the container is almost empty.

Nebulizer can operate from batteries (included), there is an adapter to connect to the mains. It comes with two masks and two mouthpieces – enough for the whole family. On trips the device will be practically indispensable. It works silently, so no discomfort is caused to others. The stream of steam is formed within seconds, the particle size does not exceed 10 microns, after the procedure, the overall well-being becomes much better.

  • High efficiency;
  • The medication is almost completely consumed during the procedure;
  • Everything you need for comfortable use is included.
  • It is allowed to tilt such a model to a maximum of 45 degrees;
  • Diaphragm clogs quickly, so it will require careful maintenance.
adults children

Top 5 Best Nebulizer Inhalers Kit For Kids And Adults

2. AND UN-233AC

A compact and convenient version of nebulizer, which is designed for use not only at home but also outside. The device can be powered by batteries or plugged in. The weight of the construction is only 103 grams, it comes with a handy fabric case, so the nebulizer can be taken with you at all times – for a walk, a trip, a business trip, etc.

The average size of the vapor particles does not exceed 2.1 microns, which makes the device very effective in the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the respiratory system, relieves their symptoms. The control is manual, so the user will keep the process of atomizing particles under complete control, ensuring maximum efficiency while minimizing the consumption of medication. Nebulizer is suitable for both adults and children.

  • Dispenses medication almost completely;
  • Powered and battery operated;
  • Provides a system of automatic shutdown;
  • Can function regardless of angle.
  • No infant mask included.

1. Omron Micro Air NE-U22

Despite the rather high cost of such a device, consumers often give preference to it largely due to its compact size and long duration of continuous operation. In particular, on one set of standard finger batteries nebulizer is able to work for about 4 hours, and it does it almost silently – the sound is not louder than 5 dB. Device is encased in a robust shockproof case that can withstand even a fall from a height of up to 3 meters.

The model works steadily regardless of the angle of inclination, so you can inhale even a sleeping person. There is no AC adapter included, so it will need to be purchased separately. Nebulizer is controlled by a single button, it has two modes – continuous or automatic and manual (differs by the presence of pauses for synchronization with human breathing). The latter is the most economical.

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Capable of working at any angle;
  • The duration of battery life from a single set of batteries;
  • Two modes of operation;
  • Excellent quality of materials and workmanship.
  • For a machine designed for home use, it is very expensive;
  • In the kit there is no adapter to connect to the network.

In conclusion, a helpful video

That completes our review of the best nebulizers, which can only be found on the domestic market. We have tried to present all the key features of these devices in an understandable way, so that our readers could choose for themselves the optimal products, which for many years will benefit them and their loved ones. If some points seem unclear to you, then tell us about it in the comments to the article – we will promptly give the necessary explanations.

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