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Top 10 best nasal drops for runny nose and stuffiness

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Gone summer with its hot days and sunny weather, it was replaced by rainy autumn, and this means that the probability to catch respiratory infections and viruses significantly increased. Most of them are accompanied by such an unpleasant phenomenon, as a runny nose. Each person struggles with it, as he sees fit – some people just wait for it to pass, others resort to folk remedies, others go to the pharmacy and buy special preparations.

On the shelves of such stores today there is a wide range of such products, and different types differ greatly from each other by composition, duration of the effect, degree of habituation, possible contraindications. As you can see, it’s quite easy to get confused by the variety available. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to compile a rating of the best runny nose drops. Here we will analyze in detail the properties of each drug and give a few recommendations for the proper selection of the most suitable means.

How to choose the right drops from the runny nose?

Indeed, modern pharmaceutical companies have made excellent progress in the fight against rhinitis (so scientifically called inflammation of the nasal mucosa – commonly known as the runny nose). First of all, it is worth stating that all similar products are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, their cost is not very high, but their excellent effectiveness. With their help you can easily get rid of the most acute symptoms of rhinitis – nasal congestion, discharge, in some cases even a headache. Because of this, people do not always think about which remedy will be more suitable for their particular case.

active ingredient

First of all, it is imperative to see a specialist so he was able to make an accurate diagnosis and find out what is the cause of the runny nose. It can be very different, ranging from the common cold to serious illnesses such as maxillary sinusitis, otitis, sinusitis or phrontitis. In this case, drops designed for allergic rhinitis will be completely ineffective.

If pathogenic bacteria have begun to develop on the mucous membranes, then the medicine must necessarily contain an antibiotic. Otherwise, even the best and most expensive drugs can not have a suppressive effect on microorganisms and will be useless.

Today, there are many varieties of nasal drops – vasoconstrictor, anti-allergenic, antibiotic, to develop local immunity. The most common is the first type. They effectively cope with the typical symptoms of colds, help to cope even with more serious diseases, as they are included in a comprehensive therapeutic treatment. With the help of these products it is possible to relieve swelling and ease breathing. However, do not use the medication for too long, otherwise it can become addictive and even have the opposite effect.

Drops that stimulate local immunity, as a rule, contain the artificial protein interferon, which is used by the body to fight infections. Such drops effectively cope not only with the symptom – inflammation of the mucosa, but also with the cause – pathogenic microbes. Drugs are absolutely safe, so they are prescribed even for small children.

Choosing products for inclusion in our review of the best nasal drops, we took into account absolutely all the analyzed factors, so we divided the rating into three parts – vasoconstrictors, anti-allergenic drugs and means for treating the common runny nose. When choosing, we relied not only on our own preferences, but also on user feedback and took into account the price/quality ratio of the product.

For treating the common cold

4. Galazolin drops

Inexpensive, but very effective remedy that helps to promptly cope even with a severe runny nose and nasal breathing disorders. It is well suited for short-term symptomatic therapy. For example, if a person is ill at night and cannot see a doctor until the next day. When the drug gets on the nasal mucosa, it quickly gets rid of nasal swelling, causing the outflow of blood. Using the drug can be within minutes to eliminate inflammation of the eustachian tube, to expand the passageways for free passage of air. As a consequence, breathing improves and becomes calmer without too much snot production. The positive effect lasts for about six hours. If the drops are used once, there will be no irritating effect on the mucosa. Specialists do not recommend using this remedy for too long, as it can have the opposite effect.

The main active ingredient is xylometazoline hydrochloride, which is contained in a concentration of approximately 0.2-0.3%. It does not cause allergic reactions, so it is often prescribed to pregnant and lactating women. If used in the correct dosage, the active ingredient will hardly penetrate into the body.

  • Low cost;
  • A fast and long-lasting effect;
  • Available in almost every pharmacy;
  • Suitable as an active symptomatic therapy.
  • If used in excessive amounts, it will cause the opposite effect due to addiction.

3. Sialor Protargol drops

These drops can be used not only for acute but also for chronic runny nose. The main active ingredient is silver proteinate. With the help of this substance it is possible to achieve a drying and antibacterial effect. It also contains N-pyrrolidone and protargol, which used to be prescribed to patients as an independent medicine, but it has a short shelf life. The drops are good for fighting pathological processes in the nasal mucosa, rhinitis due to inflammation or allergic reactions. They will also prove quite useful in the presence of adenoids and polyps, if there are active pathologies in the sinuses. After various kinds of surgical interventions, the tool is often used to wash the surface of the mucosa.

The product can be used to treat quite young children, as well as for prevention during the cold season, when infectious diseases are very common. There are certain side effects, so you should only use this drug according to the instructions. In particular, such drops are not suitable for people suffering from atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, glaucoma. In addition, their use should be refrained from pregnant and lactating women.

  • Extended Functionality;
  • Several active substances that have a versatile effect;
  • Can be purchased without a prescription.
  • There are some side effects – burning in the nostrils, red eyes and so on;
  • People with certain diseases should not use this drug.

2. Nasivin drops

Produced in several versions – in regular dosage, for people prone to or suffering from allergic reactions, for children of different ages. The drug has an excellent vasoconstrictor effect, and the effect is achieved almost immediately after use. Normal breathing returns to the patient at once, well-being improves considerably, the amount of nasal discharge also decreases. Due to this medicine it is possible to restore ventilation between the ear sections and the sinuses of the nose, so that the effect of stuffy ears, so often encountered with colds, disappears. This prevents the development of diseases such as otitis media, maxillary sinusitis or eustachitis. The concentration of active substances here is optimal, in order to effectively cope with a runny nose and not to allow the body to quickly get used to this remedy.

The active ingredient used here is oxymetazoline hydrochloride – one package contains about 0.1 mg (this depends on who it is intended for). Does not irritate the nasal mucosa when used in the correct concentrations. Positive effect can be achieved for up to 12 hours. Some people have individual intolerance to some components of the drug. You should not allow an overdose of the substance, as this can lead to the opposite effect – an increased feeling of stuffiness, sometimes even increased blood pressure.

  • It is possible to achieve almost instantaneous effect;
  • There are options for small children, people with allergic diseases and so on;
  • A long shelf life;
  • Convenient to use the drug;
  • Sold without a prescription;
  • Acceptable cost.

How to suction an infant’s nose with Amy Seery, MD

  • There are some contraindications and side effects;
  • Incompatible with some modern medications.

1. Isofra

Allows you to actively fight against infections in the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses. This is a fairly effective product, which has in its composition an antibiotic that has a suppressive effect on pathogens. Available as a spray with a dispenser, due to which the drug is evenly distributed throughout the nasal cavity, penetrating even into the most inaccessible places. The active ingredient here is framicetin sulfate, which has a concentration of 12.5 ml per 800,000 IU. The volume of one bottle is 15 ml. Generally, the developer and sole manufacturer of this remedy is the French pharmaceutical company “Laboratories Bouchard-Recordati. The area of action of the drug is not too wide, so it can be used both as an independent means, and in combination with other medicines.

Isofra is effective in the treatment of maxillary sinusitis, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and other complications of runny nose, quite a good effect is obtained in the fight against sinusitis. However, to get rid of the latter pathology, it is necessary that the patient has no deformities in the nasal septum. The spray is often prescribed for the prevention and restoration of immunity, especially during postoperative recovery, when its resistance to disease is reduced.

  • Contains an active antibiotic that causes viruses and bacteria to die;
  • Can be used in children from the age of 1 year;
  • The bactericidal effect is well expressed;
  • Used for individual use or for complex therapy.
  • Use only on the recommendation of the doctor.

Vasoconstrictor drops

3. Snoop spray

With the help of this product it is possible to quickly cope with the symptoms of a runny nose, which has been caused by a variety of reasons – bacterial or viral infection, allergic reactions and so on. After use, the useful effect lasts for about 5 hours, after which it needs to be applied again. This product is German-made: it is developed and manufactured by pharmacologists of STADA Arzneimittel, it is a colorless transparent liquid containing the active component 0.05 (for children) or 0.1% (for adults). The substances used are xylometazoline hydrochloride, purified sea water and potassium dihydrophosphate.

This remedy is absolutely safe, but not everyone should use it. For example, it is not suitable for people with the following diseases: high degree of atherosclerosis; with rapid pulse, hypertension, closed glaucoma, pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you use the medicine too often, it can cause irritation and drying of the nasal mucosa, due to which there will be an unpleasant burning sensation, a person will begin to sneeze often and so on.

  • Quite affordable drug that everyone can afford;
  • Fast and fairly long-lasting action;
  • Convenient and compact packaging;
  • Contains seawater rich in minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the mucous membrane;
  • No preservatives;
  • The possibility of overdose is practically nil.
  • Maximum can be used for seven days;
  • There are certain contraindications;
  • Children can be used only from the age of 6 years;
  • Opened package can be stored for a maximum of three months;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use with a chronic runny nose.

2. Sanorin with eucalyptus oil

With the help of these drops can be relieved after the first use, and literally five to six days later the runny nose will recede completely. This product contains naphazoline nitrate, which has an original and complex mechanism of action on the human body. With its help, it is possible to achieve constriction of blood vessels, and it also contains additional substances that dry out the nasal cavity and the mucosa itself, reducing secretions. The product is produced in the form of drops, spray or emulsion, so each person can choose the most suitable option for themselves. As auxiliary elements it contains water, boric acid, ethylenediamine and methyl parahydroxybenzoate. It is available in pharmacies without prescription, good for acute or chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis and other nasopharyngeal diseases.

The composition also contains aloe extract, which can cope well with seasonal allergic reactions. Do not use the product in case of high blood pressure, tachycardia, various vascular diseases, eye diseases. The product can be put into the nose no more than four times during the day, at approximately the same time intervals. It should be used for a maximum of seven days (for children no more than three).

  • Inexpensive, but very effective product;
  • Contains many active substances that allow you to quickly cope with a runny nose;
  • Long shelf life;
  • Sold without a prescription.
  • A large number of contraindications.


Intended for adults, but there are products designed for children as well. In principle, these products differ from each other only in the content of the active substance. Its positive effect is long-lasting. Besides, it can be used for a wide range of nasopharyngeal disorders accompanied by rhinitis, as a supplementary treatment. When used topically, this product achieves a very pronounced vasoconstrictor effect. With its help the swelling disappears literally within seconds, which allows you to quickly cope with hyperemia and restore normal breathing. The active ingredient used here is naphazoline, which, in combination with distilled water and boric acid, allows for maximum effect and ensures its duration.

For children, this remedy is not used very often due to the large number of possible side effects, but sometimes still resort to it. In particular, there is a need to stop nasal bleeding, as well as in inflammation of the nasal sinuses. The drug is also used in some cases in the field of ophthalmology – here it is needed as an aid to combat chronic and bacterial conjunctivitis.

  • Low cost;
  • Widespread distribution;
  • Rapid and prolonged effect;
  • Good for otitis media;
  • There is a children’s version.
  • Rapid habituation to the drug;
  • Contraindicated for children under one year of age, pregnant and nursing women.

Nasal drops against allergies

3. Afrin Pure Sea Drops

The drops can be used for regular nasal mucus hygiene, can cope with the prevention and treatment of even serious infectious diseases, prevent allergic reactions. No burning or dry feeling after use. The products are made on the basis of sea water filtered according to a special technology and are suitable for both adults and children at the age of 2 weeks. The drops have several varieties, so everyone will find the best solution. Manufactured by the world-renowned German pharmaceutical company Bayer. The concentration of salts in the drops is 22 g/l. There are no preservatives, coloring or flavoring agents in the product, so it can be used even by people with hypersensitivity.

With the help of this drug you can quickly rid the nasal cavity of pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms, viruses and allergens, reduce the secretion and swelling of the mucous membrane. Moisturizing action contributes to the maintenance of normal cellular condition. The product has a high antiseptic hygienic effect, which reduces the viscosity of secretions and mechanically cleanses the cavity of mucus, bacteria and dust.

  • Gentle action;
  • Complete absence of contraindications and side effects;
  • Produced exclusively from natural materials that have undergone special purification;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Suitable for people of all ages, including children from 2 weeks of age.
  • Does not have the same rapid effect as other medications.

2. Tizin Alergy

This brand is well known to the domestic consumer of medicines for the treatment of rhinitis. Belgian pharmacologists have developed an innovative remedy for the treatment of pollinosis, rhinitis, including allergic type. This medicine uses levocabastine as its main active ingredient, which is much more effective than similar substances. The bottle with the composition is equipped with an atomizer, and the remedy itself is a suspension, which is sprayed on the nasal cavity in a fine suspension. It remains on the mucous membrane for a long time. Thanks to this effect, it combats irritation and allergy symptoms well. You can use this substance at home, directly in the workplace and even when traveling.

One application of the drug will be enough to relieve yourself from unpleasant symptoms for 12 hours. The content of the active substance is 0.5 mg per 1 ml. It is available in pharmacies without a special prescription. Works well with anti-allergenic, antiviral, and other medications, without side effects. The composition can be used by children from 6 years of age, and the course of treatment can last up to three weeks, as this remedy is not addictive.

  • Long-lasting beneficial effect;
  • It is very convenient to use;
  • Can be purchased without a prescription;
  • It is not addictive with prolonged use;
  • Helps to cope even with serious attacks of allergy.
  • More expensive than its analogues.

1. Vibrocil

In addition to its anti-allergic characteristics, it also has vasoconstrictor qualities. With the help of these drops it is possible in the shortest time to cope with the swelling of the sinuses, mucous membranes, restore normal breathing. The composition is such that children can drop the product literally from birth, and no side effects and contraindications were found. Two active ingredients are used here: phenylephrine and dimethinden. The first of the low is a sympathomimetic, which is designed to narrow blood vessels by stimulating the receptors of blood vessels located in the nasal mucosa. Dimethinden acts on histamine receptors without inhibiting the nasal epithelium layer. It also has sorbitol and lavender oil extract, which not only helps fight germs, but is also an effective natural antiseptic.

After one day of use, the effect of this medicine will be noticeable – there will be significantly less mucus in the sinuses, even serious allergic reactions will be reduced. It is allowed to use this remedy for any type of rhinitis, acute and chronic sinusitis. As an additional medicine, the drops are used to treat acute otitis media, they are buried in preparation for nasal surgery and to relieve postoperative swelling.

  • It is mild enough to affect the nasal mucosa;
  • There is no unpleasant feeling after use;
  • Suitable even for small children;
  • Pleasant smell;
  • High efficiency.
  • It copes poorly with very severe nasal congestion;
  • The cost is a little high.

In conclusion, a useful video

Here we are finished telling you about the best drops for rhinitis. We hope that we managed to remove all the questions in this article, and now you will be able to buy for yourself and your loved ones the most effective remedy. If you still have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article – we will try to answer them very quickly to dispel your doubts about a particular drug.

Recently natural drops without hormones and other horrors appeared … Naso. The cost is reasonable, it is used for strong nasal leakage, and it helps me a lot.

You can give the author of this article a diploma after he said that antibiotics kill viruses, the author shouldn’t meddle in places you do not know..

Most sprays are now recommended by doctors. Salt preparations are especially popular. They do not dry out the mucous membranes, the sense of smell is preserved. I use AquaMaster salt spray for myself and my children, it is approved from one year old. We wash our noses with them for prophylaxis. The vial with a removable nozzle, I simply make a solution (I buy more salt) and fill the vial with the solution. It is much more economical.

I try to choose those drops that do not contain adrenomimetics, antibiotics and hormones, and do not constrict blood vessels. I do not like them because they are addictive and you need to increase the dosage each time to get the desired effect. I prefer the natural Evamenol naso, which has a safe antiseptic phenyl salicylate to control infection and levomenthol to relieve breathing and swelling. Even with liquid snot, after three days the flow stops and my nose can breathe normally.

I recently bought Naso drops myself. So far they are my favorite)) The runny nose passed quickly, before it took about two weeks. The nice cool sensation in the nose from the menthol magically allows the nose to breathe. Another good thing is that there is an antiseptic in the composition, which saves from viruses.

In my opinion in this article not all drops are safe and have strong side effects.I chose the safest and most effective ones by trial and error

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