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Top 10 best massage mattresses, how to choose a mattress for massage

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Often after a hard day’s work people feel a strong pain in the back and lower back. It can be fought in a variety of ways, but in recent years, so-called massage mattresses are gaining in popularity. This is quite a functional tool, because with its help you can achieve a variety of goals. It restores blood circulation in the muscles, during sleep the spine will occupy the correct position. It is often used for active prophylaxis of the majority of musculoskeletal system diseases. The mattress allows to get rid of back pains very quickly.

Such products appeared in specialized stores not too long ago, but they immediately became quite popular with consumers. Unfortunately, not all people are well versed in the specifics of these products, so they are not able to choose the best device for themselves. We decided to help our readers in solving this problem and have developed the rating of the best massage mattresses of the year. In this article we will tell in detail as possible about the most common models, and give some very useful tips that will certainly be useful when buying these products.

How to choose the right massage mattress?

As a rule, people start thinking about buying such a device at about the age of thirty. The body is already more difficult to cope with different kinds of loads, fatigue is accumulated, which, combined with lack of sleep, can cause stress, and in severe cases, even depression.

Top 10 Best Massage Device | Best Body Massager Machine

Today it is possible to meet massage mattresses, which are equipped with wired remote control for easy use. The device is connected to the household electrical outlet, is able to operate in several modes, which significantly improves not only the muscular frame of the spine and lumbar spine, but also increases immunity. Massage action is characterized by a high level of effectiveness. Depending on the type of design, the device is often equipped with interchangeable modules that can extend the functionality of the device. In particular, the most common is the magnetic emitter.

If you are going to buy a massage mattress is not so much for the relaxing as for therapeutic effects on the back, it is better to give preference to models of narrow focus. They will affect the human body with unique techniques. Ideally, if the device will be located tourmaline plates – they have a positive effect on the joints. Many devices are equipped with electric heating system: such devices not only knead the muscles, but also warm them up, removing or significantly relieving the pain syndrome. Ceramic plates are useful for users with hypo- and hypertension.

When we selected the products for inclusion in our rating of the best massage mattresses, we were mainly guided by all of the characteristics listed above. However, a number of additional points, such as value for money, as well as user feedback, were also taken into account. We have tried to compile a review of not too expensive models, so that the readers of the presented products were affordable.

The 10 best massage mattresses


The products have a rather soft and elastic exterior coating – you can spend as much time as you like on it. All the functions of the device are controlled by a compact remote control. It has not only buttons, but also appropriate indicators in the form of LEDs. The device is used for short-term or continuous massage using the heating function.

The mattress is ideal for use at home, designed to work with any part of the body. It is equipped with four independent zones of massage, which is carried out with the help of vibration. In addition to the massage itself, the device has eight original special programs. Their intensity can be changed depending on your own feeling. The mattress is connected to the power grid through a long cable, it consumes minimal power, because its power is only 35V, the overall dimensions are 166×58 cm and weighs 1.7 kg.

  • Reasonable cost;
  • A large number of different modes of operation;
  • There is a function of muscle heating;
  • Can be adjusted for specific areas;
  • The remote control is wired and very handy.
  • Some users feel that the power of the device is insignificant.

9. Good Comfort Microcomputer Massage Matress

Consumers note that if necessary, the mattress can be folded, in which case it takes a minimum amount of space, and it is very convenient for storing products. This product is made in China, but it has an excellent workmanship and a long lifespan. Generally, the developers offer users a comprehensive effect on the entire body, there are four main areas: the neck, shoulders, spine and lower back, hips and lower legs.

A total of eight operation modes, the intensity of which can be adjusted according to the sensation. The mattress can be used even when it is rolled up, for example, by placing it under the neck or shoulders. Power is supplied from a wall outlet, an adapter is included. Inside the product has seven motors and heating elements. Tension of muscles and tissues disappears almost instantly.

  • Can be folded when needed;
  • Provides a complex effect, affecting several areas simultaneously;
  • The remote control is simple and very handy;
  • Quick relief from pain and discomfort.
  • The upholstery is made from a rather non-marking material.

8. Zenet Zet-778

Has a classic shape, the appearance is quite stylish: the mattress is made in an interesting black color. There are several massage motors, but it is impossible to use them separately, because the manufacturer has not provided such a function. The remote control is made of non-marking plastic, it does not accumulate dust and does not leave fingerprints. In addition, the package includes a special case for it, which is made in the same spirit as the mattress itself.

The device has a massage effect on the whole body by activating the vibrating motors. If necessary you can activate the heating function. It is worth noting that the device is equipped with a convenient and accurate timer that allows you to track the time of the selected procedure. The mass of the mattress is not great – together with the remote control it weighs about 1.9 kg.

  • Pretty compact size and light weight;
  • From the muscles fatigue goes away quite quickly;
  • The exterior coating is resistant to abrasion and hardly ever gets dirty;
  • Very easy to operate this device.
  • Not too many modes of operation;
  • One cannot use separate motors for certain zones.

7. Medisana MM-825

Provides very high precision of influence on problematic muscles, which many devices in this review do not achieve. Works pretty intense with the muscles, but this parameter can be adjusted if desired. Heating element is present, but unfortunately its power is often not enough for a good and deep muscle heating. The mattress has dimensions of 180x62x10 cm, which makes it suitable even for tall people.

The remote control is very handy and reliable. The mattress is made of high quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about something being broken in it. Connected to the network via an adapter, the product has five modes of operation, it weighs also a little, only 1.8 kg, consumes 14 watts of electricity, and this is less than the most economical LED bulb.

  • It produces treatment and prevention of muscle and joint diseases;
  • It is very comfortable to work with;
  • A decent number of settings greatly increase the effect of the procedures performed;
  • Makes it possible to ensure good well-being and vigor;
  • Comes with a pillow.
  • The upholstery is too light. It is made of a fabric that does not resist abrasion and other physical stress very successfully.

6. Planta MM-3000B

This product is unique in that it has ten vibration motors and one heating element, located precisely in the center. The mattress can also be folded when needed, and when folded does not require any space at all. The control panel is large enough, so discern all the icons will be able even a person with impaired vision. Most often this product is preferred by sports-lovers, and often by professional athletes.

All vibration motors are evenly distributed over the mattress area to provide an even effect on the entire body. Really indispensable in case of muscle fatigue. Generally, it is recommended to use it every day for the quality prevention of cellulite, improving blood circulation and, consequently, metabolism at the cellular level.

  • Very handy remote control;
  • Significant amount of vibrating elements;
  • Muscles relax very quickly;
  • It also acts as a prophylactic device;
  • A decent number of operation modes;
  • With automatic shut-off system.
  • Difficult to find in stores.

5. Dykemann Benefit U15

Great quality and quite functional. This massage mattress is designed and manufactured by the well-known German company, which indicates the excellent quality of the model assembly. The design provides as many as six heating zones, which can heat up to 50 degrees, providing relaxing and gentle heat.

In addition, the device has four massage zones, and each of them can be adjusted independently from the others. This allows you to work on the most problematic areas of the body. The intensity is also adjustable – in total there are five modes. The mattress can be used in both lying and sitting position. For its attachment to the chair, the kit comes with fixation straps. The settings on the remote control are convenient, clear and simple.

  • Many different modes of operation;
  • Can be placed in an armchair;
  • There is a heating zone to work with the cervical vertebrae;
  • It has a switch-off function.
  • Expensive device.

4. Casada Medimat Jade

It has an original external shape and a very attractive appearance: its design combines red and dark gray shades. Comes with a head pillow, which makes using the mattress as comfortable as possible. The manufacturers’ device is quite thick, so there is no feeling that the floor vibrates along with the back. The upholstery is fabric, but this does not prevent it from withstanding even serious physical shock and resisting abrasion.

The cost is quite reasonable, and the heating element is of infrared type. Its power is less compared to the same parts of the analogues discussed above. However, it’s infrared, so it’s more comfortable and effective, as the infrared rays are able to penetrate deep into your muscular structure and literally warm you from the inside. Here is installed not a vibrating motor, but mobile rollers. They move along the spine, providing an excellent massage.

Neck and Back Massage Mat By Rolli Fit

  • Infrared rays perfectly warm the muscles right from the inside;
  • The remote control here is not wired, but remote – there is no attachment to the wire;
  • The timer has two modes.
  • The massage rollers move only along the back, so you’ll forget about massaging other body parts altogether.

3. US MEDICA Ocean Pro

This mattress is approved for wellness treatments for children three years of age and older. All sessions are performed only in a horizontal position and the work is adjusted through a wired control panel. After the first use, you can minimize discomfort and relieve muscle and joint pain. If you massage in the evening the quality of sleep will improve significantly, you can fall asleep in a matter of minutes. Regular use of the mattress will reduce anxiety and depression.

The device is much more powerful than other models in this review – this figure is as much as 72 W with the overall dimensions of 200x70x3 cm. Also it is very heavy – about 12 kg.

  • This device has four massage modes at the same time;
  • There are three automatic programs, and four more can be adjusted according to your own needs;
  • Russified diplay;
  • There is a timer for 15, 30 and 45 minutes.
  • The weight of the device is very heavy;
  • High price.

2. Fitstudio

The control system of the device is automated. The unit is equipped with eight vibrating motors that can affect different areas of the body. It has three power levels and five speeds, with automatic shutoff system.

massage mattress

The outer side is covered with a low pile that prevents the person from slipping. The mattress is sectional, so it can be folded and put away if necessary. Provides infrared type heating, all the settings are set on the wired remote control.

  • Inexpensive, but quite effective device;
  • Infrared heating relaxes the muscles well;
  • Automatic shutdown timer.
  • Works pretty noisy.

1. Dykemann Benefit U45

At the top of our review of the best massage mattresses was another model of the German firm. It is equipped with 10 vibration motors, which are placed in the device as evenly and symmetrically as possible, but taking into account anatomic features of an adult. They work using the unique VibroEv technology to provide a very pleasant and truly unforgettable experience. Heating by the StrongET method, the maximum temperature of heating is 50 degrees.

There is a function of selective massage, designed to work separately with the most problematic areas, the intensity of vibration is adjustable. The mattress is made exclusively from the highest quality materials, which are environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless.

Buy a good massage mattress Dykemann Benefit U45 from the official representative of the manufacturer!

  • Excellent workmanship;
  • The design takes into account all the features of human anatomy;
  • Good ergonomic control panel.
  • Not detected.

We finish with a helpful video

The review of the best massage mattresses, unfortunately, has already ended. If you still have certain questions, or if you want to share with other readers your experience with the purchase and operation of such equipment, then the comments to this article are at your full disposal.

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