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Top 10 best laxatives, how to choose a remedy for constipation?

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Health problems can be quite delicate. Hardly anyone can admit that he suffers from constipation. However, this illness can not be avoided and it must be treated, good thing that today in pharmacies there is a wide choice of drugs for this problem. Choose them carefully, paying attention to the indications, contraindications and side effects, and do it necessarily on the advice of your doctor.

To help you navigate well in this matter, we decided to make a rating of the best remedies for constipation. We decided to include in it the preparations that are popular among patients and which are most often recommended by specialists. However, before we proceed to the analysis of the composition of drugs and the principle of their action, let’s understand the main points that you should pay attention to when buying such medicines.

How to choose the right remedy for constipation?

Despite the fact that most drugs are characterized by a large number of positive reviews, each of them may have some negative effects, and may also be contraindicated in some body conditions. This applies even to fairly mild remedies. It is necessary to have at least a general understanding of how these drugs work. Laxatives do not cope with the cause of constipation, and do not provide therapeutic action. They only empty the bowels, in other words, provide temporary relief.

The first point related to the treatment of constipation is the consultation of a specialist. It will clarify the causes of this condition, provide a selection of remedies to combat it, help get rid of symptoms and consequences. As a rule, constipation, especially chronic, begins to form due to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system as a whole. In this regard, experts before prescribing a laxative, recommend a full examination of this system of organs, to improve their condition.

There are situations in which constipation can be treated exclusively with laxatives. In general, all such preparations can be divided into four main groups – irritants, osmotic, prebiotics and fillers. The first type is the strongest medication – it acts as quickly and effectively as possible. Similar drugs can be found in pharmacies in large quantities, in most cases they are not addictive and take effect within minutes, helping to alleviate the condition of the person. Unfortunately, they have many contraindications and side effects, in addition, their regular use is undesirable.

The safest drugs are prebiotics – they can be used even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The basis of this remedy are carbohydrates, which are digested in the large intestine, due to which there is the formation of beneficial intestinal flora. Further, it provides an easy and painless way to get rid of constipation. The action is quite slow, but the effectiveness lasts for a long time. These drugs do not irritate the intestinal walls, do not disrupt their tone. Mostly composed of natural ingredients that are not addictive and do not usually provoke various side effects, except, for example, mild flatulence.

When we chose remedies to be included in our review of the best remedies for constipation, we tried to select drugs that would fit the composition of most of our readers. We took into account the ratio of price to quality of the drug, user reviews. However, you should still remember that before taking any medication, you need to consult a specialist.

10+ best laxatives for constipation

10 +. Dufalac syrup

Have in their composition only one active substance – lactulose, which is diluted with specially purified water. Available as a syrup in 200 ml, 500 ml or 1000 ml bottles with a special screw cap that has a childproof cover. The package also includes a measuring cup. Single-use and ration packs are also available. These pouches are made of aluminum foil. This drug actively stimulates the activation of intestinal peristalsis, accelerates the absorption of calcium salts and phosphates into the body. In addition, the action of the drug has a positive effect on the metabolism of nitrogen compounds in the body. Ammonia passes from the blood to the intestines, has a relaxing effect and reduces the amount of nitrogen metabolism products that are toxic to humans there. Lactuose, in turn, stimulates the active multiplication of lactobacilli in the intestinal environment. They reduce the acidity in the lumen of the intestinal tube.

In combination, it is possible to achieve a decrease in osmotic pressure and increase the volume of intestinal contents, which can be clearly seen in the change in the nature of stools. Taken orally. All active compounds are not broken down by gastric juice and go directly into the intestines. There are not too many contraindications, mainly they relate to individual intolerance to the active substance of the drug, it is also forbidden to take the syrup in case of suspected acute attack of appendicitis and in case of diabetes mellitus. There are also side effects, including electrolyte imbalance, which can lead to seizures, arrhythmia, and increased fatigue.

  • A very effective remedy of prolonged action;
  • It is safe for pregnant and nursing women, as well as for small children – can be used literally from birth;
  • Available in a variety of formats;
  • It contains only one active substance that cannot be broken down in the stomach.

Top 3 Favorite Laxative | Getting rid of Constipation

  • It is quite expensive;
  • At one time it is necessary to drink a decent amount of.

10. Slabilen tablets

It is a medicinal product of synthetic nature, belonging to the group of laxative medicines. It is used in gastroenterology and proctology to cope with difficult, delayed or insufficient defecation of various nature in the shortest possible time. Available as tablets or drops. Taking the drug can significantly improve motility of the large intestine, due to which the laxative effect occurs. The key ingredient here is sodium picosulfate, and there are a number of additional components – hydrochloric acid, the sodium salt of methylparaben, sorbitol and distilled water (if the drops are to be used).

The tablets are coated with a film and have a rounded shape for easy swallowing. The pack may contain 10 or 20 pieces. The process of decomposition of the drug begins directly in the intestinal microflora. We cannot say that the action of the drug is very rapid – the effect occurs after about 10-12 hours. The product speeds up the contraction of the walls of the large intestine, which also contributes to the rapid elimination of waste from the body. Contraindications are few, but they exist – cystitis, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, peritonitis and so on. Children can take the drops from 4 years of age; the tablets are given to them from 10 years of age. During pregnancy, the drug is allowed for the early term – up to 12 weeks, while breastfeeding should not be taken. Side effects are minor – slight decrease in blood pressure, weakness and nausea.

  • Has a neutral taste;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The laxative effect lasts a long time.
  • Must not be taken by pregnant women in the late term and young children;
  • With pain in the abdomen, take with caution and under medical supervision.

9. Fitolax tablets

By and large, this is not so much a drug as a dietary supplement, through which you can quickly normalize bowel function. The drug quickly normalizes the intestinal microflora, which usually causes constipation. Specialists recommend it in order to get rid of even chronic problems with defecation – to take such a remedy is allowed for a long time. Comes in the form of chewable tablets with different flavors. It is made exclusively from natural raw materials, so there are not too many side effects, but before taking it, you will still need to consult with a specialist.

The active ingredients here are the following: hay leaf extract. With their help it is possible to initiate peristaltic contraction of the intestines, which contributes to the fastest cleansing of the body of waste. There is also an extract of plantain, which has analgesic properties. Prunes softens the walls of the intestine, restores microflora. Dill stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. Apricot extract contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which also has a positive effect on digestion. Takes effect after 8-10 hours.

  • Includes only natural substances;
  • Not only normalizes the bowel and alleviates the condition of the patient, but also cleanses the body as a whole;
  • It is mild enough to have no painful effect at all.
  • It costs more than other laxatives;
  • Not everyone likes the taste of these pills.

8. Bisacodyl tablets

The drug can even cope with constipation, which has already reached its most acute stage. In addition, it will be a good assistant in the fight against bowel weakness, if the person violated his bed rest or began to eat improperly. It is often used in medicine for emptying the bowels, if this is required before surgery. Available on sale not only as pills, but also as suppositories and pills. The optimal form is chosen depending on the age of the patient, the presence of additional diseases and the required time of onset of beneficial effect. The function of the main active ingredient here is performed by bisacodyl. A positive result is achieved by increasing the amount of mucus produced by the intestinal walls, as well as increasing its peristalsis.

The substance stimulates nerve endings, by and large, is a prodrug, because the therapeutic effect does not begin after absorption, but as a result of hydrolysis of the active substance during metabolism. It should not be used with certain foods and medications. This group includes dairy products, fixatives, antacids and so on. Some discomfort may still occur – this includes colic, diarrhea or stomach pain (appears in case of overdose), addiction is possible. Do not use the product in case of intestinal obstruction, hypersensitivity, various abdominal diseases and hemorrhoids.

  • If the dosage is respected, excellent results are ensured;
  • The long shelf life of the drug;
  • Acts very quickly;
  • Acceptable cost.
  • There are plenty of contraindications and side effects.

7. Fortrans powder

It is designed exclusively for adult patients. The laxative effect is pronounced and appears very quickly, so it should be used only on the recommendation of the doctor with strict adherence to the requirements specified in the literature leaflet for the drug. If it is taken incorrectly or the dosage is violated, problems with constipation may only worsen. The powder is dissolved in water – the exact dosage is also given in the annotation, after dissolving it should be drunk whole. It is worth noting that the drug is not able to cope with the cause of constipation, but to alleviate the condition of a sick person is quite capable. The mechanism of action of the drug is relatively simple – it enters the digestive tract, where it attracts liquid and begins to hold it. While in the stomach the product swells up, absorbing more and more moisture.

Once in the intestines, the composition begins to saturate the waste with the collected moisture, loosens the excrement, covers the intestinal walls with a layer of moisture and stimulates them to further contraction. The process of getting rid of the waste is quite fast and does not cause pain. It is worth noting that the remedy is quite aggressive, so it is not suitable for regular use, so prescribe it only for one-time use. If you use the powder frequently, then the so-called lazy bowel syndrome can occur, due to the fact that the composition inhibits fluid, its regular use can lead to dehydration.

  • Cleanses the intestines quickly and very effectively;
  • It can be used on the eve of endoscopy or other surgical interventions;
  • The original way to treat constipation.
  • Very unpleasant tasting product;
  • It is categorically forbidden to use regularly;
  • May cause vomiting.

6. Fitomucil norm powder

Another dietary supplement that can be used not only to treat constipation, but also for general stool normalization. The composition is considered one of the safest on the market – it can be used not only by adults, but also by children from the age of three. The composition here is exceptionally natural, the body does not get addicted to it. Moreover, such a laxative can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is also suitable for the elderly. The additive is produced in powder form, which must be diluted in liquid. The basis here is the husk of plantain seeds, as well as the extract from dried plum fruits.

The first substance contains lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. There is also soluble fiber, which can absorb a large amount of moisture while increasing in volume. Plum includes pectins, a set of organic acids that contribute to the normalization of metabolism, removal of toxins from the body, excess fluid. Due to the use of this preparation, it is possible to increase the motility of the intestine, ensuring its natural emptying, and it occurs without bloating. When using the powder properly, there are no side effects, no contraindications, too. The only requirement of the manufacturer is not to take the drug together with other drugs – it is better to wait one and a half to two hours.

  • Excellent quality of the drug, providing a fast and long-lasting effect;
  • Allowed for use in children, pregnant and lactating women;
  • There are modifications for patients with lipid metabolism disorders.
  • High cost.

5. Exportal powder

This is quite a laxative of the latest generation, developed by domestic pharmacologists and distinguished by the high efficiency of action. It is absolutely safe to use. The main ingredient used here is lactitol, a compound derived from milk sugar. Manufactured as a powder that can be diluted in almost any liquid – milk, water, tea, juice. Several forms of release – there are sachets of 10 g (for adults) and 5 g (for children), more laxative packed in plastic jars of 200 or 500 grams. The latter options will be very convenient for people who have long suffered from chronic constipation. It is easy to use – two sachets dissolved in liquid and taken with food.

The drug, as mentioned earlier, is absolutely safe, does not cause addiction, so it can be used for a long time – for up to 5 months. It is also used in cases where it is necessary to completely cleanse the intestines before surgery or radiographic examination. Lactitol affects the acid-alkaline environment of the intestine, which may adversely affect the use of other drugs, so it is desirable to separate the reception of laxative and other drugs at intervals of at least two hours.

  • Good efficiency;
  • There is no habituation;
  • Promotes the active development of beneficial microflora;
  • Does not increase the level of glucose in the blood;
  • Does not cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Mild flatulence may occur during the first few days.

4. Guttalax tablets

Another newest remedy, but it was already developed by German pharmacologists. It can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, besides it belongs to the medium price range. Guttalax belongs to the group of stimulant laxatives. The active compound here is sodium picosulfate, which actively affects the mucous membranes and the walls of the large intestine. On sale you can find not only tablets, but also drops for oral administration. The latter are also allowed for children from the age of four years. It is more convenient for adult patients to take tablets, but the drops are quite suitable for them as well – 20 drops for a mature person will be quite enough. The drug is well suited for people who suffer from chronic constipation.

Time of onset of positive effect is from 6 to 12 hours depending on the metabolic rate of the body. During pregnancy it is quite acceptable to use such a remedy, but it should be done under the close supervision of a specialist. During feeding, the drug is absolutely safe for the child, since it does not get into the breast milk. The drug can cope with situational constipation, which is associated with a violation of the diet, a small amount of water consumed or the use of other drugs, where constipation acts as a side effect. It is allowed to use this composition even for diseases of the gallbladder. The drug itself has almost no side effects – there may be increased gas, mild cramps and nausea.

  • It has a fairly mild action;
  • It interacts well with other medications;
  • The drops are placed in an easy-to-use plastic bottle.
  • Price is a little high.

3. Lavacol powder

Here is one of the leaders of our review of the best remedies for constipation – it is also a drug made in Russia, characterized by a mild and very pleasant taste. The action is not too strong, but it lasts long enough. It is worth noting that you can buy this laxative only by prescription of a specialist, so you can not do without his advice. Take it only on an empty stomach, dissolving it in a glass of clean water at room temperature. The effect should be expected after about 10-12 hours of use. In principle, it is allowed to add sweet syrups or jams to the suspension, making its taste even more pleasant.

The active substances here are the following compositions: macrogol, polyethylene glycol, sodium hydrogen carbonate, dehydrated sodium sulfate, potassium and sodium chlorides. The function of the most active component is performed by macrogoal – it is with its help that a pronounced laxative effect can be achieved. In addition, this substance does not allow the absorption of water that is in the intestine, which facilitates its cleaning of all its contents. Without some contraindications – impaired intestinal permeability, impaired renal function, various inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Sufficiently acceptable cost;
  • No unpleasant taste;
  • Good and long-lasting effect;
  • No unpleasant or painful sensations.
  • Could not do without contraindications;
  • Does not take effect immediately.

2. Microlax microclysis

A product that has a very fast action, from 5 minutes to half an hour. No other medicine in our review has a stronger effect on the intestines. Another undeniable positive aspect associated with this microclysis is the possibility of using it even for newborns. Packaged in small enemas made of soft silicone. They are disposable, which ensures hygiene, increases the speed of action, it is quite convenient to use. Each of them contains the required dosage of a laxative. Microclysters do not require prior antiseptic treatment and are ready to be administered immediately after taking it out of the package. It quickly softens the waste and facilitates its elimination, so there is no unpleasant and even painful sensations during bowel emptying.

It is allowed to use this medicine even during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The drug does not pass into the gastrointestinal tract beyond the formed congestion. It contains sodium citrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and aqueous sorbitol solution. Their active action is aimed at providing a good laxative effect and a gentle fight against constipation.

  • High effectiveness and good speed of action on constipation;
  • There is no discomfort during application;
  • The remedy does not require preconditioning;
  • Can be used by pregnant and nursing women, as well as children from birth.
  • Very high cost;
  • Not desirable to use on a permanent basis.

1. Colofort

The drug has a gentle effect on the problem of complex, helps to cope with all diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, while not negatively affecting the other organs and systems. Recommended for flatulence, bloating, pain in the gastrointestinal tract and other disorders of various etiologies.

  • Can be combined with various preparations.
  • Available in convenient form. Tablets for sucking up.
  • Comprehensive Effects.
  • Contraindicated for minors.
  • Price.

In conclusion, a useful video

For each product we have tried to collect all the information available, so that you can objectively assess which is best suited to your body. Do not hesitate to write us in the comments if there are any points you do not understand – we will try to clarify them as soon as possible.

First of all, I would like to say that you should always pay attention to the ingredients of laxatives. From time to time I take it and it works very well

Because Slabicap is analogous to Guttalax.

A very serious problem, which the drug helped me to cope with. The doctor advised me at the appointment. I also have diabetes! And not all laxatives can be taken . Thanks to the doctor who knows all the benefits of this drug. It’s very mild without the cramps and bloating.

Alenushka, what drug are you talking about?? I really need it!

Have tried all the above. Most of it makes my intestines twist so badly that I’m not happy. Some of them are nothing at all. I like it very much. it not only relieves constipation but fights gas and has flora in it. So it’s a great product that the doctor prescribed

High efficiency and good speed of action on constipation

I’m not impressed with Duphalac at all. Terribly sweet taste and revolution in the stomach after use.
Found an alternative. Powder dissolved in water , mild sweet taste, mild results the next day and does not cause bloating!!

I had to use a lot of laxatives because of bowel problems!! And thanks to the semethicone in the composition, there are no sharp cramps or bloating. It also contains lactobacilli and vitamins. It corrects intoxication and compensates for bowel obstruction. I recommend!

I treated laryngitis and tracheitis in the middle of an epidemic and my family doctor recommended Lactophorus to cover the antibiotic, so I did not need to order other supplements (prebiotics, anti-nausea products). As he explained in one sachet has a prebiotic and probiotic and in case of bloating and dysbiosis there is a component that would remove it, as well as for fixing the result of all the vitamins necessary.

Nice roundup. There are many of these products in the pharmacy, so all you need to do is to choose the most effective one for you. I used to take senna, but it is addictive, and even a double dose does not save me. Now phytomucil is the norm of drinking, by the way it is also a herbal remedy. It can be taken as a single dose or a course, it all depends on the situation.

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