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Top 10 best dog repellers, how to choose a repeller

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The problem of stray animals has long been urgent in many large cities. If individually they are not too scary, and they can be managed quite easily, it is not uncommon for dogs (these animals are the biggest threat) to get into packs and start attacking people.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, you can use special equipment – a dog repellent. This device is a source of ultrasound of such a frequency that animals are uncomfortable, it can use gas or a weak electric current. Today there is a wide range of such devices on the market, so it is easy to get confused in the range presented. To avoid this happening to you, we decided to compile a rating of the best dog repellent 2022. In it we will detail the characteristics of the most popular devices among users, as well as give some useful tips for choosing this product. So that’s where we begin our review.

Choosing the right dog repellent

According to the principle of operation, these devices can be aerosol, electric and ultrasonic. In essence, the gas scarecrows are about the same as the cans used against people. Unfortunately, the range of damage when using such a device is small – for effective use you will have to let the animal up close, in other words, to wait for an active attack. Keep in mind that such devices do not work against the wind, and not every dog works.

Electric repulsors are analogous to tasers, but their range is even shorter. In addition, the electric shock is quite strong: not only will the dog feel a lot of pain, but it can also cause serious harm to his health. Do not use tasers if it rains or is wet. They can be effective even in so-called idle use – you can only fire a shot in the air. Generated by the passage of the electric charge through the atmosphere ozone is very unpleasant to animals.

Ultrasonic scarecrows are the most modern scarecrows. They can be used regardless of the weather conditions, they are very effective and are not only safe for the health of the person himself, but also for the attacking dogs. Ultrasonic repellents emit a high-frequency sound, which can be clearly heard by animals but not by people. The devices can work at a distance of several tens of meters. Such products can be handheld or stationary. Pocket operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries. The range is about 8-10 metres, but that is good enough to keep the animals away. Stationary products are mostly multifunctional – they help to cope not only with dogs but also with gophers, rodents, moles and other pests.

Long service life

When choosing this device, be sure to take into account the impact radius, sound pressure and frequency range. With the first point everything is clear – the more radius, the better, in terms of range, too, there is usually no question: if this indicator is wide, it will be possible to fight with a variety of animals. Sound pressure helps to determine how strong the ultrasonic wave can create the selected product.

When we chose products for inclusion in our current rating of the best dog repellent, all the factors considered here, we took into account first. In addition, we also took into account user reviews and the price/quality ratio of the products. We have tried to make an overview of not too expensive products, so that every reader will be able to choose the best device for themselves.

Handheld devices

5. Chiston-11 AntiDog

The design is quite convenient – the ergonomics of the body is carefully thought out, so you can not fear that the device will slip out of your hand at the most inappropriate moment. The construction of the device includes two ultrasonic radiators, which provides considerable range. Compact size, light weight – the product can easily be carried in a pants pocket or purse. Total radiator power is 135 dB, so the device will work the best on all breeds of dogs, regardless of their size. It’s easy to use: Just point it at the dog and press the trigger. The result is noticeable almost immediately – after only two-three seconds even the most aggressive animal will try to escape as quickly as possible.

The device works in the range from 18 to 22 kHz, the maximum range is 15 meters – do not have to let your pet closer. The product is powered by regular “Krone” type batteries. Ultrasound is completely safe for humans and animals, including the depressing effect on the mental state of the dog. The use of the repeller will be easy even to an elderly person or child.

  • Compact size;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Long service life;
  • The thoughtful shape of the body;
  • Excellent range of action;
  • Safe for animals and humans.
  • The body is fragile – you must use it with caution;
  • Not every person will find the location of the trigger convenient.

4. Dog Repeller.No

Budget, but very effective model of the repeller, which uses the stuffing from the flagship device “Dogs.No Flash+. Domestic production, with its help you can disperse dogs of all sizes and breeds, even at a considerable distance – up to 20 meters. Here is a high-powered ultrasonic radiator. Powered by the most common AA-size AA batteries, and the power consumption is insignificant – one set lasts for about six months of active use of the device. The device is placed in the original high-strength housing, which allows him to work even in low temperatures – it can withstand up to -40 degrees. Ultrasonic radiator power is 119 dB.

The products are manufactured using the latest technology and materials. The design does not use built-in LEDs, which are often additional bait for dogs, but there is a battery charge indicator – it is very convenient, the device will not let the user down at the most inopportune moment. Due to the built-in digital controller this device will stabilize the voltage during operation – efficiency does not depend on how much charge is left.

Long service life
  • Excellent workmanship and build quality;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Long service life;
  • Economical use of battery power;
  • Works with all dogs, regardless of size
  • There is a charge indicator.
  • Relatively large device – too convenient to carry all the time.

3. Dog Repeller Bios Cobra

Another model of domestic production – it was developed and manufactured by scientific-production association “Bios” located in Smolensk. Power is low, so the range is also not very big, but these parameters are enough to provide good protection from attacks of aggressive animals. The device comes in a rectangular box, made of durable plastic with a matte coating, all corners rounded. Ultrasonic effect is supplemented by a special high-brightness LED. The body also has a bracket for comfortable carrying on the belt – you can not take place device in a bag or pockets, in addition, it will always be on hand. The device is powered by a 9 V “Krona” battery.

Can be used not only to scare dogs but also any small warm-blooded animals. Often this device is used solely for educational purposes, for example, during training. The maximal power of the product is 120 dB at the distance of 2 meters. To cope with the real attack of the animal with this product is possible only if the dog is alone. If you have to deal with a pack, then its capabilities are clearly insufficient. The transmitter has a special diffuser, made in the form of a metal ring – it amplifies the ultrasonic signal and concentrates it in a certain area.

  • Small size and weight of the product;
  • With the right approach it will be possible to drive away the aggressive animal;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Often the device is used in the training process;
  • There is an amplifier of ultrasonic signal;
  • The device is equipped with an LED.
  • A weak emitter – the maximum power is observed at a distance of only two meters from the device.

2. Dog Repeller EYENIMAL

Designed by French engineers, who always put the safety of the animal at the forefront. The device works as softly as possible, but persistently, so that dogs immediately reduce the level of their aggression, try to leave the area of the ultrasonic beam. The product is designed to work with dogs of varying size and has an adjustable frequency range to be able to scare away wild animals, for example, when walking through the woods. Increases the effectiveness of the device also sound siren, which will additionally affect the hearing of the animal, as well as promptly notify surrounding people about the dangerous situation occurred.

Manufacturers recommend using such a device not only for self-protection, but also for animal training. With the help of the product it is possible within a few days to wean the pet from all kinds of unwanted actions, such as chewing shoes or upholstered furniture, climbing on the table, digging the ground and so on. The device is designed including for use at night – for this purpose, it is enough powerful LED flashlight. The maximum range of the ultrasonic beam is 15 meters. Powered by a standard alkaline battery, which voltage is 9 V. Comes with a clear instructions, fully translated into USA, so you can understand the principle of the device within a few minutes.

  • Adjustable range of ultrasonic waves;
  • The design includes a powerful flashlight;
  • Russified manual;
  • Ease of use;
  • Long service life;
  • There is a built-in sound siren.
  • The body is weak – you need to handle very carefully.


Very reliable and high-quality device, which has a higher power due to the installed two ultrasonic radiators. The impact is enhanced and complemented by bright LED flashes, if necessary, you can even turn on the siren. The effective distance is 10 meters, but the device begins to cause discomfort to dogs from about 20 meters away. The maximum power output is 250 dB. The device is notable for its low weight and compact overall dimensions. It can be put in a pocket or purse if necessary and carried with you all the time. It provides increased sound pressure that works even with fairly large dogs. The LED can be switched from strobe mode to flashlight mode if necessary, which will be very useful at night. The device is completely safe for the physical and mental health of the animal. Man does not perceive such vibrations at all.

Long service

The ergonomics of the housing have been carefully thought out. The product works on the basis of a lithium battery and requires no service. There are several control buttons on the body – their functions are explained in detail in the instructions for the device. The siren is loud, so the scarecrow can also be used to deal with hooligans.

  • Excellent effectiveness;
  • Made with high quality materials;
  • There are several additional and important functions;
  • You can use the LED as a regular flashlight;
  • There is an audible siren;
  • Excellent workmanship and build quality.
  • It is much more expensive than similar devices.

Stationary deterrents

5. Dog Repeller DC-035

This device is designed to protect the area from unwanted penetration of dogs, cats and other animals. The device can fight pests in the yard, on enclosed sites and other similar objects. It affects animals with a combination of flashes and sounds, the latter being inaudible to the human ear. The device can run on batteries, as well as from a standard electrical outlet – it is quite autonomous, there is a significant number of different settings, for people is absolutely invisible to his work. Acoustic ultrasonic signals are used in an extreme volume range – about 100 dB. No animal can endure such power. It will try to leave the discomfort zone and do it as quickly as possible.

Long service life

It also uses ordinary sounds, which helps to use it to alert you of approaching intruders. It has eight bright LEDs that will be very visible at night. The device is equipped with a motion sensor – its angle of coverage is 110 degrees, it works in an area of 70 square. The scarecrow therefore operates completely autonomously. It turns on strictly on demand without wasting battery power. There are a lot of different settings – this allows you to choose the most effective mode of the device.

  • Very easy to use;
  • A huge number of fine-tuning settings;
  • Copes not only with dogs and cats, but also with many other unwanted guests, including thieves;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Functions over a wide temperature range from -5 to +40 degrees;
  • Harmless to animal and human health;
  • Works both from battery and mains.
  • Housing is weak – can not withstand even light physical stress.

4. Grad Duos S

The unit is capable of operating from the central power grid or from a 5 V DC power supply. It has an inconspicuous appearance and compact dimensions, so it can be placed on the site so that it does not attract attention at all. The device can cope with cats, dogs, hares, foxes and other warm-blooded animals that are sensitive to ultrasound. There are no restrictions in the area of use of such a device – it can be installed absolutely anywhere where there is access to power – on the playground, the yard, in the vicinity of stores, checkpoints, entertainment centers and so on.

Two sources of ultrasound allow the acoustic pressure of up to 120 dB, which can be kept at the distance of up to 20 meters from the device. The frequency of the ultrasound changes over time so that animals cannot become accustomed to it – this approach greatly enhances the effectiveness of the device. Despite the fact that this product has been on the market for quite some time – about three years, many people still prefer it. The device has two speakers, which are placed at some distance from each other and at a slight angle. This makes it possible to form an ultrasonic field capable of evenly distributing itself throughout the space in front of the device. Motion sensor is original – it scans the available area all the time. If no movement is detected, the apparatus operates at 30% of its maximum power.

  • Compact and very handy device;
  • Maximum efficiency device;
  • Works with cats, dogs and many wildlife;
  • Easy to use.
  • high cost;
  • Can not affect the rodents.

3. Tornado-115

In third place in this section of our rating of the best dog repellent is another fairly powerful model, the maximum effective range of 15 meters. Ultrasonic radiation is powerful – the animal immediately begins to worry, escalating into panic. It tends to leave the discomfort zone. The device works exclusively from a household electrical outlet. It can effectively fight not only dogs, but also cats, foxes, martens and other small animals. The frequency of the speakers ranges from 18 to 70 kHz. When using the unit does not emit any noise at the same time the maximum power of sound waves is a minimum of 100 dB, so the scarecrow will not be able to approach even the most aggressive dog. The frequency of the generated ultrasound is not constant; the device changes it constantly.

The wide frequency range is also provided by the stereo effect due to the pair of powerful speakers installed. Thus the device is absolutely unpretentious in operation – it easily withstands both low and high temperatures: from -40 up to +80 degrees. Energy consumption is insignificant, for example, in round-the-clock use the device will spend about 7 kWh of electricity in a month. It is most effective to direct the source not into the open space, to some reflective surface, such as a concrete wall. It will provide superimposition of sound waves, so the intimidation effect will be even stronger.

  • Completely silent;
  • Effective against wild animals as well;
  • Withstands exposure to high and low temperatures;
  • The quality of the assembly;
  • Long service life.
  • The body is not moisture-resistant;
  • Works only from the network.

Anglink: Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller,

best repellent

2. EcoSniper LS-937CD

Characterized by a fairly wide range of application. In particular, the unit is often installed at checkpoints – this helps prevent the penetration of wild or stray animals in enclosed areas, such as food storage facility, production facilities for processing food. In a private sector and suburban areas the device helps to fully protect yourself and your loved ones from direct contact with aggressive stray animals, which in addition, are certainly vectors of various dangerous diseases, including rabies. The device is installed in the schoolyard, where there is an urgent need to protect children from stray animals. The device is fixed to the wall or any other vertical surface – pole, fence, gate and so on. The device is placed in a quality case, fully protected from the negative effects of moisture.

Ultrasonic waves propagate a dense directional beam with a 90 degree angle to the side from where most likely to stray animals. The ultrasound is easily reflected from any hard obstacles and the apparatus is effective within a radius of about 20 meters. Total power of the product is about one and a half kilowatts – not much at all. In one month of continuous operation, it consumes approximately 2.5 kW.

  • Fully waterproof housing;
  • Effective against dogs, cats and other small animals
  • Safe for children;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Influences a large area.
  • Always requires a nearby power outlet.

1. Weitech WK0053

Quite an original device in many respects due to the fact that it can operate without using batteries, batteries or plugging into an electrical outlet. Everything is simple enough – the product operates by solar panels, which is quite convenient: no need to spend money on batteries, charging batteries, install the device in the vicinity of a socket. The efficiency is also very high: even big predators, such as wolves, can be scared away by this product. It has a motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity, which optimizes the use of energy. You can set the device only for certain animals: there are three special modes. Despite so many functions, the product is not too expensive, but it can be used almost everywhere.

Long service life

The design has the ability to configure the settings for animals of certain sizes – for this you need to set the sensitivity of the device: how to do this correctly, described in detail in the instruction manual for the product. The angle of ultrasonic waves is 120 degrees, and the effective range reaches 20 meters. This is quite good for a compact size device, which is 10.5×11.5×5 cm. The body is reliably protected against moisture penetration.

  • Equipped with several modes of repelling;
  • The intensity of the motion sensor is adjustable;
  • Fully autonomous device – uses solar energy;
  • Ruggedly built, high-strength housing with protection against moisture;
  • Excellent efficiency;
  • Quite a reasonable price.
  • Attaches only to vertical surfaces.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best dog repellent products is now complete. We have tried to collect the most effective devices that will help you cope with stray animals without harm to themselves, as well as for you and your loved ones. If you already have experience with similar products – tell us about it in the comments to this article. Other readers will be interested to get first-hand information.

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