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Top 10 best companies for flower delivery

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Often each of us wants to please a loved one, and it does not matter – is there any reason for it or not?. The universal gift in this case will be a bouquet of flowers, the more so that they can be given not only to women, but also to the representatives of the stronger half of mankind. In the last few years in the capital the industry of delivery of bouquets began to develop widely – to date in this industry employs several hundred companies.

It is quite easy to get confused in their capabilities and quality of service. We decided to help our readers to solve this problem and have made a rating of the best companies for flowers delivery in NY in 2022. We have carefully studied the vast majority of them, so we have chosen for you a few, whose services are of the highest quality.

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Ten the best companies for flower delivery

1. USA bouquet

Objectively, in the capital, this company is the best in its field. It has been in the market for over 10 years. With its help each celebration will be special. Flowers delivery is made not only in NY, but all over the world. Unique bouquets will give positive emotions and give the most sincere feelings to your nearest and dearest. International network of cheap flowers delivery covers more than a hundred countries. Delivery is made around the clock, within the NY Ring Road is free of charge.

Managers and experienced florists will help you to choose the right floral arrangements depending on the event. Discount system starts with the first order, for each subsequent purchase bonus points are added. The company has launched its own convenient mobile app. Flowers are always the freshest and highest quality. The customer can order not only a bouquet, but also all sorts of nice gifts. In total, the catalog presents more than 200 unique compositions, and there is an opportunity to form it depending on your own preferences.

  • All products are of very high quality;
  • There is a handy application;
  • Ability to order a bouquet with individual design;
  • Many methods of payment;
  • Extensive discount and bonus system.
  • Not detected.

2. Garden Poetry

The company represents a unique project which has no analogues in our country. Only florists with a unique vision of their work work work in the company, so they can form original compositions of the rarest flowers. In particular, the most popular bouquets are bouquets of very rare hydrangeas in a beautiful glass vase. Often they order delicate compositions of white roses, eucalyptus branches, bavardias, and many other rare plants in our country, which are placed in a metal bucket painted black.

Such bouquets will certainly cause positive emotions, will give great aesthetic pleasure. You can place your order if you want in a mobile app, its interface is very easy to understand. Delivery is very fast – within the NY Ring Road it takes only 90 minutes. You can put a postcard in a bouquet on designer paper; a wish will be written by a professional calligrapher.

  • Many unique arrangements;
  • Rare flowers are used for bouquets;
  • Plants are of high quality and very fresh;
  • Beautiful packaging;
  • Delivery takes minimum time;
  • There is a mobile app for any platform.
  • The cost is not among the lowest.


In the third place of the best companies for flower delivery in the capital is a company that helps customers to choose the most appropriate flowers composition of a very large assortment. One of the key features of the company is that the bouquets are made of seasonal flowers, so their cost will not be too high. Classic variants are represented in the catalog, you can order bouquet in a hat box or in a basket. The florists of the company take into account all the latest trends and take them into account in their work.

Each product successfully combines beauty, aesthetics, unique style and excellent quality. There are purple hydrangeas, calla lilies, lotuses, peonies, roses in assortment; You can add greenery to bouquet. On sale are luxurious wedding bouquets, decorated with lace, gift boxes. The site of the company does not yet provides an order online, so you will necessarily contact the manager. Delivery within MKAD will cost 300 dollars. You can choose a bouquet from the existing ones or offer your own variant.

  • Florists can assemble absolutely any bouquet;
  • Optimal cost;
  • There are even rare flowers;
  • Unusual combinations are provided;
  • The latest fashion trends are taken into account.
  • Paid delivery;
  • No possibility to order a bouquet online.

4. Florentin

Characterized by excellent service and excellent quality of products. Bouquets look quite simple, but very aesthetically pleasing. The vast majority of represented in the catalog compositions are delivered in hat boxes, inside which there is a special water balloon. Flowers can stand in it for up to two days, only after that they need to be moved into a vase. The most popular with customers are bouquets of roses of the same color – their price starts from 4,500 dollars. Each arrangement is assembled with a unique French accent. In addition to flowers you can add a set of balloons, interior balloons or candles in a gift box.

The company’s website is made very convenient – access to any product is almost instant. All compositions are arranged according to their categories. Most part of the catalog consists of roses, but depending on season there can meet peonies, tulips and so on. Delivery should be ordered one or two days before the event, but the company is client-oriented, so the manager will certainly take into account the wishes of the user. Free delivery within NY Ring Road.

  • Excellent service;
  • Great choice;
  • Carefully thought-out aesthetics;
  • Company design of bouquets.
  • Pretty high prices;
  • The vast majority of the catalog roses occupy.


This delivery service has offices absolutely in all big USA cities. In the capital it enjoys great popularity due to the range of incredible bouquets, which are also characterized by a unique design. Flowers come in boxes with the company logo, at the request of the customer they can put his own brand. Florists are constantly monitoring the latest fashion trends, so they can always create some fresh solutions.

Bouquets from this company is easy to recognize: they look very elegant, in the compositions of rare flowers, a combination of which looks just beautiful. You will not find cheap bouquets in the catalog – the prices are higher than the market average, but this is due to their uniqueness. Additionally, the customer can buy a variety of small gifts: balloons, jewelry, soft toys, cosmetics, decorative items. The company has its own app for iOS and Android. Payment is made in one of three ways – by bank card, cash or robocash.

  • Decent choice of additional gifts;
  • Beautiful packaging;
  • Free shipping;
  • Wide range of rare colors.
  • Prices are quite high.


This shop works only with the most experienced florists who can create the most real masterpieces. One of the main features of this company is a very high quality of flowers and the unique vision of specialists in the formation of bouquets. On sale here you can find flowers from all over the world, the choice of packaging is very large. If you want you can pick up a composition for any event. Often the florists of this company are involved in the design of various facilities for festive events or other celebrations, here you can choose flowers even for the New Year holidays.

Online store is clear and convenient, it is logically divided into several categories. Each bouquet has a detailed description, is photographed from different angles, and has a list of flowers involved. A separate section presents bouquets for children, which come in colorful and bright packages, flowers for men are presented in strict colors. Delivery is made round the clock and orders are accepted from 9 to 22 hours. If the cost of the order is 5 000 and more, the delivery is free, otherwise it will cost 700 dollars.

  • The widest range of products;
  • Several categories of bouquets;
  • Round-the-clock delivery;
  • Popular brand.
  • Orders are not taken around the clock;
  • If the bouquet is cheaper than 5000 dollars, then you will have to pay extra for delivery.

flowers shop commercial

7. Grand Flora

The company has been on the NY market for over 8 years and has a well-thought-out pricing policy. Mainly offers flowers imported from Ecuador and Holland. There are more than 500 bouquets of various complexity in the catalog. It has a category of inexpensive arrangements priced from 1,000 dollars. You can also buy as a gift unique flowers, fruit in a basket, tea, sweets, candy and so on. Service is characterized by an interesting feature – there are regularly various promotions and special offers. The user can always pick up a bouquet with a decent discount for a loved one. On the main page of the portal you can see in what state your order is.

The main menu has several sections – shares, gifts, the occasion and to whom. Very interesting look so-called florariums, when flowers are brought in a special container of glass, where they will remain fresh all year round. The order is placed around the clock, delivery is free, and the user can pay in one of thirty possible ways. If the quality of the bouquet is not satisfactory, then you can return the money paid without unnecessary questions.

  • Constantly there are actions and discount programs;
  • A decent selection of even very complicated bouquets;
  • The prices are one of the lowest in the capital;
  • Many additional products;
  • Free delivery.
  • You will not find too rare flowers.

8. Florist.Ru

Very decent service in the capital, through which you can choose a variety of compositions, not only from popular flowers, but also quite rare flowers. On the website of the company there is an opportunity to put filters on a number of parameters: cost, filling, colors, and occasion. The choice of inexpensive bouquets, the cost of which does not exceed 2,500 dollars, is very large here. The premium composition includes a bouquet with 251 roses in the basket; 8. Such pleasure will cost 29,990 dollars – this price is considerably lower in comparison with competitors. In general, this delivery service is considered one of the first in the capital, since it opened as much as 22 years ago. During this time we have managed to organize the work process perfectly, which could not but affect the interest of customers – customers will be able to please their loved ones with minimal time and financial costs.

When ordering a free postcard is added to any wish – depending on the customer’s requirements. Even very beautiful bouquets are not too expensive. Compositions can include hydrangeas, irises, peonies, tulips, lilies and other kinds of flowers. Some bouquets are enriched with soft toys or decorated with wooden boxes, baskets. On the site you can find the section to pick up a bouquet for a child. On receipt of courier photographed the process of delivery and sends a picture to the customer. You can pay by any convenient way. Order status is tracked on the site. Orders are placed around the clock.

  • Delivery is absolutely free;
  • Orders are accepted 24 hours a day;
  • Very large selection of cheap flowers;
  • A photo is taken upon receipt;
  • Some bouquets have additional decorations.
  • No gifts can be attached to flowers; 9.

9. Moszvettorg

This flower base is widely known to residents and visitors to the capital. Our company offers its customers a huge selection of bouquets for absolutely every taste and wallet. In the catalog there is a decent amount of inexpensive arrangements, but along with them are the bouquets that belong to the premium class. Florists quickly assemble a bouquet not only from the most common and popular flowers, but also from the rarest. The site is informative: in the online store of the company you can find a detailed description of each bouquet. Some positions have special conditions – there is a system of discounts, the possibility of delivery in one hour. Delivery is registered instantly: a user will only need to specify his phone number and name. In addition, the site can always see at what stage of the order.

In the catalog you can find a wide range of roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, orchids and all kinds of seasonal flowers. Round-the-clock customer service. Delivery is made on time, bouquets are delivered in perfect condition. Delivery service is paid – it costs 300 dollars, and there are many payment methods – as many as 14. In addition to flowers, customers can buy gift certificates, stuffed animals, postcards and other small items.

  • It is very easy to place an order;
  • Reasonable prices even for fairly rare flowers;
  • A huge catalog;
  • A lot of variants of payment;
  • You can also order a gift.
  • Delivery service is paid.

10. AMF

Widely known international network engaged in flower delivery in several countries. In our country it is presented in several large cities. It rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in this segment of the market. Users mention the key benefit, which is prompt delivery – from the time of order to receipt of the bouquet usually not more than 4 hours. Individual approach to each client, all preferences are taken into account. The company has its own website, through which you can also arrange delivery. When forming bouquets florists use only the freshest flowers of very high quality, which are brought from different parts of the world.

In the assortment you can find bouquets of any complexity and size. Among them there are unique arrangements containing over a hundred flowers. On sale are bouquets belonging to the budget segment, the cost of which does not exceed 3,000 dollars. If desired, each customer can use an interesting additional service – costume delivery. To a bouquet of flowers can be added any gifts, such as designer accessories, boxes of chocolates, stuffed dolls and jewelry. On sale there are so-called WOW bouquets consisting of increased quantity of flowers, for example, from 101 roses, 45 orchids and so on. Flowers are in perfect condition, because delivery cars are equipped with refrigeration units. Free photo is taken upon delivery.

  • Fast delivery at any time of day and night;
  • Individual approach to the wishes of each client;
  • A wide choice of inexpensive bouquets;
  • If you want, you can add a gift to the flowers;
  • Even very rare flowers can be found on sale.
  • Slightly confusing system to order through the site.

In Conclusion

Our rating of the best companies for flower delivery in NY has come to its logical conclusion. In its development, we took into account feedback from users, as well as value for money and quality of services rendered. We hope that after a careful study you will find a company that fully meets your expectations.

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