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Top 10 best built-in washers with dryer

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Built-in appliances have been quite popular among users for quite a long time. Such devices take up considerably less space than freestanding designs. In addition, the appearance of the product will not spoil the interior of the room at all, as the device will be almost invisible to prying eyes.

Washing machines are no exception. Many users have the impression that the machines, which in addition have the function of drying the laundry, must necessarily have a decent overall dimensions. Fortunately, this is not entirely true – you can also find on the market quite compact equipment, which will easily cope with the tasks assigned to it. That’s just not all users know how to choose correctly such equipment. Our review of the best built-in washing machines with dryer is designed precisely for such readers, but even more experienced people will be able to learn a decent amount of useful information from it. Before proceeding to a direct analysis of the performance characteristics of specific models, let us first look at what are the most important parameters when buying this technique.

How to choose a built-in washing machine with dryer?

The main function of such units is, above all, the direct washing of laundry. The process itself is carried out in the drum, which can be made of stainless steel or plastic. It is necessary to check the quality of the drum itself: it must be free from all kinds of burrs, roughness and other defects. Otherwise, the laundry may tear during washing. Modern machines are equipped with a significant number of functions and options – the more of them the better, but this point directly affects the total cost of the product.

Washing machines with drying function have several additional structural elements. The main one is the heater or the heater, which will evenly heat the air under the body of the product, so that the laundry will quickly dry. It is also complemented by a fan – it directs a stream of heated air into the drum with fully wrung out laundry in it. There is necessarily a special humidity sensor. With its help the automatics will automatically determine how wet the laundry is and will shorten or prolong the drying process.

In addition, these products are equipped with a special reservoir, which will accumulate condensate formed in the process of evaporation of moisture from the clothes. The dryer can be activated either manually or by selecting the drying program. It is worth noting that virtually all the washing machines with dryer have a pretty decent weight, but this is due to a large number of additional parts, located under the body of the product.

When selecting models for inclusion in our rating, we took into account all of the above points, as well as paying attention to user feedback and value for money. We tried to choose devices with a reasonable price, so that most of our readers such equipment was within their means. We hope that after a careful study of the review, you will be able to choose the best products for your home. Now it is time to analyze the useful qualities of the selected products.

Top 10 Best Built-In Washing Machines with Dryer

10. GRAUDE EWTA 80.0

Our rating is opened by quite high quality products made in Germany. It has not too big dimensions – 82,5х59,5х54, which allows you to build it as a kitchen unit, and place it in the bathroom. The housing is made of sufficiently thick galvanized steel. The front panel is painted white, which gives the product additional style and attractiveness. This equipment has a decent-sized liquid crystal display, which displays time, water temperature, as well as drum rotation speed during spinning or drying the laundry. Both washing and drying can be used separately. Reaches a maximum drum speed of 1400 rpm. The machine is capable of washing laundry in water of different temperatures: in particular, water heating can be avoided altogether, which saves a lot of energy.

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In total there are 16 programs of laundry, among which there are everyday washing, gentle washing and washing of children’s clothes. The drum is made of the highest quality stainless steel – even after several years of intensive use it will retain both its original appearance and all its performance characteristics. The maximum capacity of the drum is 8 kg for washing and up to 4 kg for drying. The body is carefully protected against leaks, a special system is provided, which does not allow children to use such equipment. After completion of the cycle the machine beeps, it is not too loud, so you can wash even at night, there is a delayed start function, with which the start of the cycle can be delayed for up to 24 hours.

  • Fully built-in model;
  • High quality of assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • No problems with installation;
  • A large number of various programs and functions.
  • Rather expensive;
  • Many users are not aware of the existence of this brand.

9. TEKA LSI5 1480 EXP

Has a pretty decent capacity – with the standard wash in the drum can accommodate about 8 kg of laundry, if you call for drying function, then stacked no more than 5 kg of things. This volume will be quite enough for a family of 3-4 people. The machine has a total of 13 washing programs, in addition, there are several slots in the memory, where you can save the user settings. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm, and this figure can be adjusted depending on the delicacy of the laundry – 600; 800; 1000 and 1400 rpm. The control panel is fully electronic. For ease of use, the equipment is equipped with an LCD display that shows all the data you need to know.

The water flow is regulated by a special automatic system. The drum is made of high quality stainless steel. Its volume is 56 liters. The door locks automatically too. The maximum amount of water consumed by the machine during one washing cycle is 118 liters. The overall dimensions are 82×59.5×57 cm, which allows you to place this product even in a fairly compact room. It is worth noting that absolutely all modes of washing are adjustable, that is, the user can change the water temperature, cycle time, turn off the spin and drying mode, and so on.

  • Interesting appearance;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Large capacity of the drum;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Low consumption of electricity and detergent.
  • Spends quite a lot of water.


Has an excellent capacity – in the drum fits more than 8 kg of laundry. The drying function is not only stable, but also efficient: it can thoroughly dry clothes in the shortest possible time. The original feature is the fast washing program, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary stains almost instantly and make things fresh. When designing this model, a special ProSteam technology was used, which implies steam treatment of the clothes. This allows you to get rid of various pathogens to the fullest extent. Steam makes ironing easier, too. The overall dimensions are not too big, so you can install it practically in any room. The ProSense function has been used in the construction of the machine, which will automatically calculate the consumption of water and electricity for a given cycle.

The housing is made of galvanized steel, has a reliable leakage protection. The machine is equipped with a delayed start function, which is designed for a maximum of one day. Top speed of the drum is 1400 rpm, so even without the drying option the laundry comes out almost dry. Will be enough to dry for half an hour, after which you can begin ironing.

  • Absolutely all types of dirt are washed thoroughly;
  • Decent weight does not vibrate during spinning and washing;
  • Superb drying performance;
  • The appliance is equipped with an original steam treatment function;
  • Original Appearance.
  • Very expensive;
  • No USA language support in the menu.

7. NEFF V6540X0

A versatile product that can be placed in a special niche, closed by a door that opens both to the right and to the left side. The machine is equipped with a large number of various sensors which can automatically detect the degree of soiling of the laundry and select the most suitable washing time and water temperature. There are not many programs: the first one is designed for fabrics made of cotton or linen materials. The second program is used for very dirty clothes, it can also be used for children‘s clothes. A prewash stage is activated here, when the water is heated up to 60 degrees Celsius. There is another function called “mixed laundry. It is designed for fairly frequent use. It is not too long in duration.

The maximum load of the drum is 6 kg, but if you use the drying function, you can load about 4 kg of things. It can be steamed, it also has a gentle drying option. The machine stands out by its minimum power consumption. It has a built-in humidity sensor and reliable protection against children and leakage. The drum rotates at the highest speed of 1400 rpm.

  • Low consumption of electricity;
  • High quality craftsmanship;
  • The presence of a large variety of sensors;
  • Operates almost noiselessly.
  • The washing programs could be done in a bigger size;
  • Good value.


The maximum load of this washing machine is 7 kg of dry laundry, when using the drying function, you will lay about 4 kg of things. With 12 programs, this is quite sufficient for regular use. For laundry made of cotton or linen, the basic cycle is used, and the temperature mode can be selected by the user. If you fill the drum with synthetic fabrics, the water will heat up to 30-40 degrees. This appliance has a special drying program for woollens. It provides the softest impact on the items, which can be achieved due to the low drum rotation speed. The water will also heat up not too much – up to a maximum of 40 degrees. Thanks to these features, woolen items will not shrink and retain their original shape.

Like most of the washing machines included in our review, this model is characterized by high drum rotation speed – a maximum of 1400 revolutions. Control panel is conventional here – the programs are chosen with the most common rotary knobs, and one more knob is used to select the water temperature. There is a set of buttons for selecting additional options. Has a timer that allows you to postpone the start of the washing process. The front panel has a special digital display that shows the user all the necessary data. The hatch door is made of high-quality, tempered glass. Its diameter is 30 cm. The machine is equipped with a self-cleaning pump and filter, there is a function of automatic diagnostics, which detects potential problems in time.

  • Works very quietly;
  • Thoroughly dries the laundry;
  • Will be completely inconspicuous when properly positioned;
  • There are several modes of gentle washing.
  • No russification is provided.

5. Korting KWDI 1485 W

The model is characterized by front loading. If only the laundry option is used, then in one cycle the device can handle 8 kg of laundry. The drying function is very thorough: the heated air is blown into the drum at a temperature that directly depends on the type of laundry in the drum. A whole system of sensors can quickly determine how thoroughly the laundry has been dried. The moisture evaporates from the clothes almost instantly. This model is very easy to operate, thanks to the rotary knobs and buttons on the front panel. All information relating to the end of the washing cycle is shown on a special digital display. When the wash is finished, there is a special sound signal.

When developing this washing machine, a special technology was used, which provides control over the imbalance of the device. Thanks to this option, the clothes will not tangle. Items are distributed evenly across the drum, reducing vibrations to virtually zero. The motor is very quiet in operation. The machine has a variety of sensors, which keeps under complete control the state of the machine. If any fault is detected, then the display will show a special symbol. It has a system that reduces the foam level, which can greatly increase the washing quality.

  • Insignificant overall dimensions;
  • A large number of programs;
  • All programs are controlled by the user in manual mode;
  • Reel has a maximum capacity of 8kg;
  • Manufactured exclusively from high quality materials.
  • Often the powder and other detergents are not completely washed out of the box.

4. Siemens WK 14D541

Not too dimensional model came out at the German engineers – the overall dimensions of this product is 82×59,5×58,4 cm. If you select only washing mode, you can load about 7 kg of laundry into the drum. If the user plans to use the dryer, then no more than 4 kg of dry clothes can be put into the machine. Despite the fact that the maximum spin speed reaches 1400 rpm, there is virtually no vibration. Many modes of operation, and almost every user can make changes regarding the cycle time, water heating temperature and some other parameters. When developing this equipment, the original VarioPerfect function has been used, which allows you to optimize the consumption of electricity during the washing cycle, while its quality will remain at the original level.

This washing machine has a fairly large LCD display, which will display information concerning the indication of the program progress, time remaining to the end of the cycle, the maximum spin speed, and so on. The model is equipped with the most reliable to date system AquaStop, which provides maximum protection against leaks, so you can not fear of flooding the neighbors. Also provides for control over the amount of formed foam, there is a function of child protection. It is also possible to refill the laundry even when the washing cycle is running.

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  • Very quiet operation;
  • High quality build;
  • For thorough drying, a sensor of residual moisture is provided;
  • A large number of different programs.
  • High cost.

3. Bosch WKD 28541

Here we are, until we get to the top three in our review of the best inline dryers. It is opened by the products of the famous German manufacturer. Not only does it give you the best result, it also helps you significantly save resources like water and electricity. Developers managed to achieve this thanks to a special ActiveWater technology. It has the ability to adapt the water consumption to the load and the type of laundry, and the quality of washing will always be at the highest level. The appliance has an ingenious childproofing programme. Absolutely all microorganisms and allergens are completely removed from the laundry. Longer wash cycles and extra rinse times make this possible.

A maximum of 7 kg can be loaded into the drum; if using the dryer, then no more than 4 kg. Spin speed is slightly slower than average at 1,354 rpm. Not more than 1.27 kWh of electricity per wash cycle. The door is equipped with a special electromagnetic lock, which prevents it from opening until the process is complete. There is a system of delayed start, which allows you to delay the start of the washing machine for up to 24 days. The original water supply system provides evenly wetting of the laundry and supply of detergent, due to which the washing becomes more effective.

  • Thoroughly dries laundry regardless of its type;
  • There is a system that prevents crumpling of things, which facilitates the ironing process;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Interesting appearance;
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • Expensive.

2. Hotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129

This model can be conveniently placed in the kitchen, embedding it in the kitchen so that it will not be noticeable at all. It has a special recess under the plinth. This washing machine has three drying modes, which are designed for different types of fabrics. The maximum load when using this function can be up to 5 kg of things. The number of programs is not too great – a total of 10, but each of them the user can adjust depending on their needs. It has not only a delayed start function, but also a delayed spin function. This is done to ensure that people sleep well at night. The machine at the end of the washing cycle will not start the spinning procedure, and after the end of the rinse will wait for the required time.

The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm – quite enough for both heavy and delicate items. The control is electromechanical. All settings are selectable thanks to special three rotary knobs. The front panel provides an indication of all the stages of the work. The casing is made entirely of metal and has a leak-proof design. The door glass is hardened thoroughly and will not crack even under severe physical stress. The product does not need any special maintenance – it has an automatic diagnostic function that allows you to detect errors in the process of operation in a timely manner.

  • Optimal price-performance ratio;
  • There is a function of delayed start and delayed spin;
  • If necessary, the process can be stopped at any stage;
  • Vibration is minimal;
  • The dried laundry is practically not crumpled;
  • There are several features that ensure a quick wash.
  • There is no possibility of pre-washing;
  • Not a very large diameter of opening for loading the laundry.

1. Candy CBWD

We would like to present you the leader of our rating of the best built-in washing machines with dryer function. We decided to put this particular model in the first place for a number of reasons. First of all, this concerns the drum and its capacity. It can load up to 8 kg of laundry. It is made of high quality stainless steel with a special textured surface. Due to these protrusions, the detergent will optimally penetrate into the fabric structure, which allows to effectively deal with even the most stubborn dirt. The cloths themselves will not be subjected to considerable physical strain. Quite a lot of programs here. They are selected by means of a special rotary switch.

Several drying modes, too. They are designed for a wide variety of fabrics, including wool. As with all models that we have decided to include in our review, there is a system of delayed start – the start time will be set by a special timer. The machine is equipped with a special filter that prevents lint from entering and clogging the drain pump. The control panel is completely lockable if necessary, which excludes access of small children to this device. In addition, a special technology is involved in the manufacture, which provides careful control of imbalance, thanks to which the noise and vibration during the operation of this washing machine is significantly reduced.

  • Low enough design, so it will easily fit under any kitchen unit;
  • The drying process works perfectly regardless of the selected mode;
  • Virtually no vibration during operation;
  • Thorough protection against children due to the lockable panel;
  • The front panel is very interesting to look at.
  • Not detected.

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best built-in washers equipped with a dryer function is nearing its conclusion. If you have any questions about a particular model, then ask them in the comments of this article. We will do our best to explain all the unclear points and provide additional information, presenting it in the most accessible form.

My washing machine Indexit without drying, of course, but washes all stains. If I go too far with the powder, I can put it on a complementary rinse.

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