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Top 10 best antibacterial gels, how to choose a hand sanitizer?

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Not only in winter, but at any time of the year a huge number of pathogenic bacteria and viruses surround us. For example, in the summer the greatest danger are intestinal infections, and in the cold – various colds. According to experts, many diseases can be prevented by following some elementary rules of personal hygiene. Water and soap are not always at hand, but you can do without them – on the shelves of stores and pharmacies there is a large variety of anti-bacterial agents, such as wipes, gels, liquids, etc.

With their help, you can make a thorough disinfection of hands after visiting public places – transport, office and so on. The range of such products is quite large: compositions may differ greatly from each other in the active ingredient, consistency, smell, and so on. To help you with this question, we have decided to compile a rating of the most effective antibacterial hand gels.

How to choose an antibacterial gel?

First of all, you should pay attention to the composition of the product. The vast majority of antiseptic agents use triclosan as the active compound. This artificially synthesized substance copes well with all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, but it gradually accumulates in the epidermis, which can eventually lead to dermatitis. Alcohol-based and oil-based products are also found. Such compounds are not absorbed into the skin and do not accumulate in the body, having only a local effect, but they strongly dry the skin.

Before you buy, you should carefully study the instructions. With caution, antiseptic gels should be used by people suffering from psoriasis, dermatitis and a number of other skin diseases. Some manufacturers add antibiotics to the gel composition. At first, such substances help to cope with bacteria, but over time the resistance of the skin to pathogens is greatly reduced, so the effect of using such a gel is the opposite.

When choosing, make sure that the alcohol concentration in the product does not exceed 62%, as well as various soothing and moisturizing skin components – aloe extract, geranium oil, pomelo. With their help, a protective layer can be formed on the skin surface, which prevents the evaporation of moisture after the alcohol has dried. Various natural components such as extracts of calendula or chamomile are not excessive. They have excellent healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

It is preferable to give preference to transparent gels with a weak neutral smell. The fact that strong perfume fragrances, as well as various dyes can cause an allergic reaction. If the gel is chosen for a child, then the requirements will be even more stringent, as children’s skin is much more sensitive to alcohol compared to adults.

When we chose the products to include in our review of the best antibacterial gels, we paid attention to all the factors we analyzed above. However, a number of other points were also taken into account – the price/quality ratio of the products, as well as user reviews. We have tried to gather in the article the most effective products that will help rid the hand skin of pathogenic bacteria, while not causing the slightest harm.

The 10 best hand sanitizers

10. Irisk Professional

Products specifically designed to treat the skin on your hands to protect them from pathogenic and harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Produced on the basis of aloe vera extract – a strong natural antiseptic agent, which also has a soothing effect on the epidermis, additionally moisturizes the skin. After the gel is absorbed there is no feeling of dryness, tightness and unpleasant stickiness. Often this composition is used by professional masters of manicure and pedicure, thanks to him, these cosmetic procedures are absolutely safe. Spreads instantly over the skin surface. Kills some 99.9% of the bacteria without water or detergents. It also contains moisturizing aids, such as lanolin, pro-vitamin B5, and glycerin. A small amount of triclosan is present here, but its content is negligible.

The gel is delivered in a convenient dispenser bottle that ensures low consumption of the product. Shelf life is 3 years and the product has a pleasant, but not overpungent fragrance. The gel is transparent – no artificial colors were found. Can be applied even to children as young as 10 years old.

  • Reliably protects the surface of the skin from all known pathogenic bacteria;
  • It is allowed to use this product during manicure and pedicure;
  • Long shelf-life;
  • Low consumption – one bottle is enough for a long time;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Light, subtle flavor.
  • Not available in every store.

9. SEVERINA Hand Gel

Another fairly effective product – clinical studies confirm that the composition is able to cope with virtually all bacteria that can cause various infections. At the same time, this composition compares favorably with analogues due to its original antifungal qualities. Produced in the form of a gel or spray – in either case, the consumption is low, only the method of application differs. Antiseptic characteristics are also very high, in addition the product has moisturizing properties. Contains a number of active ingredients that provide additional care for the skin of the hands. Many masters use the product to disinfect hands, feet and even the whole body before procedures such as paraffin therapy, shugaring and so on. The product can be used for disinfecting tools, UV lamps and solariums.

The active ingredient here is a triclosan isomer, which is not inferior to the usual triclosan in its antibacterial properties, but can actively fight fungus and yeast. With its help, you can get a long-lasting antibacterial effect. The products can be used regardless of the conditions. Glycerin and propylene glycol. Both compounds soften and moisturize the skin, and normalize the vital process of the epidermis cells. Peppermint and sage extracts have excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Acts very quickly – in just 20 seconds after application it eliminates all bacteria.

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active ingredient
  • Versatile product – can be used for a variety of purposes;
  • Economical consumption;
  • It additionally nourishes the skin;
  • Kills almost all known bacteria.
  • Not the most unpleasant of smells.

8. Bielita PRO Manicure hand lotion

It is mild enough to be used on any skin, including sensitive and damaged skin. The bottle has a compact size, which allows you to take it absolutely everywhere. Particularly useful on long trips and in nature. The gel perfectly cleanses the skin on the hands and makes it fresh. Kills all pathogenic bacteria, no sticky feeling after application. Recommended by experts for regular use. The main active ingredient here is ethyl alcohol, which has a concentration of about 46%. Fights well against harmful microorganisms. Has a sufficient concentration of aloe vera leaf juice. Such a solution prevents dryness and the natural composition penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and moisturizes them.

The gel is of high quality and reasonable price. It is transparent, with a slight pink tint. Almost no extraneous odor – it evaporates within seconds after application to the skin. The gel is easily spread on the surface of the epidermis due to its fairly light texture.

  • The alcohol contained in the composition does not accumulate in the tissues;
  • Allowed for people of all skin types;
  • Does not have any extraneous odor;
  • The composition has a sufficient amount of nutrients;
  • It has a long shelf life of 3 years;
  • Absorbs almost immediately.
  • It must be applied to the skin very quickly because of the high speed of absorption.

7. Talaris All des “Antiseptic” hand sanitizer

Provides excellent antibacterial skin care. Can be applied not only to the palms or hands but also to the feet. In the latter case, it helps to combat unpleasant foot odor, and also acts as a preventive agent against the emergence of not only it, but also various fungal growths. The active ingredient here is a triclosan isomer, which is not only characterized by the highest antibacterial and antiseptic activity, but also does not accumulate in the skin. This makes the use of such a gel absolutely safe, so it is allowed to apply for a long time. In the gel composition you can find a number of active compounds of natural type – tea tree oil, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, juniper oil. All these substances make the skin softer, deodorize it and provide additional antiseptic effect.

The gel has a small amount of allantoin, the main effect of this compound is aimed at accelerating the regeneration of cells of the epidermis. Yeast extract strengthens the local immune system at the cellular level. It also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, restores damaged skin. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, with its help sufficient oxygen penetrates into the tissue, it also stimulates the production of collagen protein responsible for improving skin elasticity. The gel consistency is soft and light; it leaves no greasy residue after application, absorbs quickly and has a light pine scent.

  • Rich in nutrients to nourish the skin;
  • With the help of such a composition it is possible to overcome the unpleasant smell from the feet;
  • Quickly copes with bacteria;
  • No residue on the skin surface.
  • Significant amount of artificially synthesized substances.

Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer 2020

6. Swiss Hand Guard Antiseptic Handwash Gel

Disinfecting gel, developed by the highly qualified experts of the American company OPI especially for thorough hygienic care of the skin of hands. The product performs its duties well – it thoroughly cleanses, disinfects and refreshes the skin. The gel belongs to the group of professional skin care products. It almost instantly eliminates 99% of potentially pathogenic microflora that may settle on your hands. The product prevents the occurrence and development of inflammatory processes and minimizes the possibility of infection by various diseases in personal contacts, during manicures and other cosmetic hand manipulations. The formula contains no irritants. No discomfort is felt during application. Once absorbed, the gel does not feel dry.

The skin looks well cared for. The composition has a neutral and very faint odor, it does not need to be washed off. The formula contains both artificial and natural compounds and their complex action is aimed not only at fighting bacteria, but also at skin care. Aloe vera extract contained in the gel nourishes the epidermis, saturates it with enough moisture and vitamins. Rosehip extract soothes, relieves irritation and prevents the development of inflammation.

  • A professional product to combat microorganisms;
  • Long-lasting effect;
  • No pungent odor;
  • Does not require washing off;
  • Provides quality skin care;
  • Does not thin nails and does not cause irritation of soft tissues.
  • Too high price.

5. Art Life Naturasept hand balm

Produced on the basis of cranberry oil, which contributes significantly accelerate regenerative processes, and has excellent restorative qualities. The composition has a high vitamin F content. Such a moment allows to successfully fight against dermatosis, makes the walls of blood vessels stronger, increases the amount of subcutaneous fat – this helps to withstand low temperatures well. Cetraria extract is characterized by its high antibacterial properties. D-panthenol makes the collagen fibers of the epidermis stronger. The substance makes the skin regenerate much faster and has mild anti-inflammatory properties. Yarrow extract is also available – it actively heals wounds, improves blood circulation, helps to cope with inflammation, reduces pain. This natural compound also helps to prevent allergic reactions.

Cedar oleoresin also heals wounds, speeds up the metabolic rate literally at the cellular level. Allantoin makes the skin softer, saturates it with moisture, makes the process of cell regeneration significantly faster. Leaves no greasy residue behind. Shelf life is a year and a half.

  • Produced on the basis of only natural substances;
  • Nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin in every way, killing most of the pathogenic bacteria;
  • Absolutely hypoallergenic.
  • Short shelf life;
  • Doesn’t show up right away if the skin is too dry.

4. Hand gel Svoboda Elegia

It is one of the cheapest formulations in our review of the best antibacterial hand gels. The product has a very light consistency and optimal texture, making it ideal for all skin types. It contains natural glycerin and chamomile extract and has a neutral acid-alkaline balance. The composition is able not only to rid the skin of accumulated pathogens, but also features an effective anti-inflammatory effect, helps quickly heal small cracks on the skin. It saturates the skin with useful vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is absorbed quickly. If you use the gel regularly, the skin of your hands becomes much softer and gentler. The scent is very pleasant, not pungent at all, it has fruity and floral notes. The tube is made of soft plastic, there is no dispenser, but the consumption is still insignificant.

The gel is clear and has a bluish tint. Absorbed into the skin within seconds. However, if you put too much gel on your hands, you may get a sticky feeling. Many girls use the formula in the summertime. The perfectly coordinated formula protects against the damaging effects of free radicals and gives a feeling of freshness. The formula contains both artificially synthesized and natural ingredients. No aggressive substances cause irritation or allergic reactions. The gel fights bacteria effectively and can even cope with fungal growths.

  • It has a light texture and quite thick consistency;
  • Low enough cost;
  • Has a cooling effect;
  • A very pleasant fragrance;
  • Additionally softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • Too much cream on the skin and you get a sticky feeling.

3. MI Hand lotion&KO Orange

In the third place of the rating is absolutely safe product, which can be used even to protect young children from various pathogenic bacteria. The composition contains a large amount of natural antiseptics, so that the gel acts as a natural sanitizer. Absolutely all the ingredients of this product are safe and beneficial to human health, so you can not be afraid if a small amount of gel gets on, say, the face. The formula is also designed to keep the skin on your hands, so that it stays soft and well-groomed for a long time. Some of the active ingredients can significantly slow down the aging process. The gel has healing qualities – it can quickly cope with small wounds, scratches, gets rid of peeling. The scent of the gel is slightly sweet, with hints of orange and basil.

The orange essential oil it contains tones the skin, smoothes out tiny wrinkles and saturates it with vitamins and other beneficial substances. It also acts as an antiseptic – it gets rid of bacteria, eliminates dermatitis and irritation. Tea tree essential oil is widely known to pharmacologists and cosmetologists for its bactericidal characteristics. It also disinfects the skin, eliminates micro-injuries, and evens out skin tone. Honeysuckle extract as a natural preservative and lactic acid, combined with artesian water, restore the water-salt balance of the skin.

  • All-natural product;
  • Suitable also for small children;
  • Quickly heals wounds;
  • You can use the gel instead of a nourishing hand cream;
  • Acceptable price.
  • The strong smell may not be to everyone’s taste.

2. Pure Cleanse Antiseptic Hand Gel

Quality products developed by Thai researchers who pay special attention to hand hygiene. The products keep your hands 99,9% clean and protect them from bacteria. Can be used anywhere and anytime, especially if you don’t have access to water and soap. The antiseptic gel comes in a bottle of soft, clear plastic; the cap is green and the gel itself is clear. It is very easy to use the package – a small amount of the product is squeezed out through the dispenser and spread on your hands. The composition begins to act immediately – the death of pathogenic bacteria is observed within seconds after application. More of a liquid gel consistency, medium density. Spreads quickly over the skin surface, under the influence of body temperature it melts into a watery mass. Completely absorbed by skin within one to two minutes. No discomfort was noticed, but it may feel a little dry. It appears due to the presence of a large amount of alcohol.

The smell is alcoholic, fairly pronounced, but not repulsive. Completely wears off in the shortest possible time. The gel bottle is small in size, so it is easy to carry with you all the time.

  • Gets rid of not only germs, but also ordinary physical impurities;
  • Controls all known bacteria;
  • Low consumption;
  • Can be used always and everywhere;
  • Small package size allows you to carry the gel with you all the time.
  • Slightly dries the skin on the hands, so you will also need to use moisturizer.

1. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

This product has incorporated all the positive points associated with similar products. The gel is able to effectively fight all kinds of bacteria, germs, even fungi. It is often used by masters of manicure and pedicure for thorough cleaning of tools and working surfaces. No alcohol, so it won’t dry out your skin. The gel has no color, but is characterized by a specific flavor, and the predominant notes are citrus. It is allowed to apply the product immediately before the nail extensions procedure, it perfectly copes with any bacteria, not allowing the formation of inflamed areas. The composition is absorbed quickly enough, the skin remains clean, and it will not need to be rinsed with water. It contains sage and peppermint extracts, which have a soothing effect.

After using, you get a feeling of absolute comfort, which will last a long time. The bottle is not too large, compact – it is easy to carry all the time. The formula is very mild, making it suitable for everyone. Soothing agents help to heal small wounds, smooth out wrinkles, do not allow violation of skin pigmentation.

  • It absorbs almost immediately and leaves no residue;
  • Consumption is negligible – one small bottle lasts several months;
  • Pleasant, but somewhat pungent smell of this product;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Minimizes the risk of fungal growths;
  • Additionally nourishes the skin, even capable of smoothing out small wrinkles.
  • Not detected.

And now here’s a helpful video

Our review of the best antibacterial hand gels has come to an end. We have tried to collect as much information as possible about each product so that our readers can choose the best one for them. If you still have any questions or would like to share your experiences with similar formulations, please feel free to comment on this article.

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