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The child is 1 year old: choosing a gift for the first birthday!

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Of course, the child doesn’t know much about his birthday yet, but the adults are excited and are going to celebrate this important event properly. Well, it’s clear that a holiday means gifts.

This point is the most interesting. It is not difficult to gift the parents, who are involved in this anniversary. They will be happy with all kinds of «Useful», Making life easier, or even just an envelope with a certain amount of money. Flowers for Mama, after all, she did her best a year ago. And here’s what to give a 1 year old baby to really please a 1 year old baby – This is not an easy question.

About these amazing «year olds»

What psychologists say about them? They say the following: of course, every baby already has individual characteristics, passions and interests. However, by this time all of them have achieved similar skills in communicating with the outside world: they are able to maintain attention, remember things, and with pleasure «going, going, going …» ♪ on their knees, playin’ the baby’s lap ♪, «the magpie-crow», and happily raise their hands at the words «on the head …», show great interest to bright pictures, look at them, try to name them.

At this age, imagination and memory are already in full swing.

What’s the best gift for a 1 year old child?

A 1 year old baby may not fully realize it, but he or she will understand that something joyful is happening, because there are familiar smiling faces, a lot of attention, an unusual object with a burning candle, which (please be careful) is not the most important thing in the world!) baby will certainly want to touch. What will please him the most?

The general rule when choosing gifts for the first birthday, both for boys and for girls who are actively learning the world – it Big, bright objects. Remember that such kids try everything «on the tooth», And not to worry about their health, it is worth looking more closely at the quality of plastics and paints.


Today’s parents want to teach their kids from scratch – It will be just right developmental tables, mats (from 500 dollars.), Toys with shoelaces and puzzle houses, construction sets with large details (from 900 dollars.) that improve memory, logic, motor skills, perseverance, and give the first concepts of colors, sizes, and shapes.

At this age, not only boys but girls love to toy cars. It would be just great if a big, bright dump truck will allow kids not only to load animals or dice and seriously transport it «wealth» from one room to another, but also give you a chance to climb into the back of the car and let your daddy pull the rope.


Both one-year-old girls-beautiful and baby-hooligans love splashing in the water. To supplement this pleasure can bath toys, For example, a water orchestra or a penguin who, when submerged in water, stretches his neck and starts waving, or a baby whale with a little fish-friend whom he tosses above himself on a fountain (from 400 dollars).).

And, of course, all one-year-old toddlers – novice athletes. For them just right standing on the floor play sets, which are necessarily equipped with a soft mat (this is in case of unplanned landings). The sports complex invented by famous educator Lena Danilova will be very useful «Early Start» (You can choose a different set, as well as colorful covers).

All children are talented

Probably, you have dreamed to update wallpaper in your apartment for a long time. To accelerate the process will help gift a child for 1 year finger paints. The world around you will be transformed, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow. Of course, not only paper, but also clothes, walls, and even your faces can be affected. But believe me, it’s worth it – the birthday child will be happy.

All children are attracted to music. Do not give drums or loud whistles. This is an unfortunate gift, «headache» for the parents. It is better to opt for a children’s Piano or Music CaseAnd the sounds are nice, and good. By inserting the items into the slots, a musical note will play if the attempt is successful. Great fun for your little one, plus the development of your eyesight and ear for music.

It will certainly entertain (and it will also develop a sense of rhythm) a whole set of musical instruments on a stand (from 1300 rub.). The arsenal of such a gift, consisting of a number of noise instruments, huge opportunities: tapping rhythms, singing with instrumental accompaniment, voicing of fairy tales (with the special sound can be selected and the characters, and events).

A great gift for a 1 year old child will be interactive center with lots of buttons, pyramids of all kinds of shapes, telephone, numbers, letters, flashing lights, mooing cows, meow cats, bells and a folding table for drawing and whiteboard are provided for the development of all talents and will occupy the baby for a long time (it is possible that even until the next birthday).

Let’s begin to learn … dress up

Traditionally, one of the best gifts for a 1 year old child is a stuffed toy. And it is better to choose not only interesting, but also useful. For example, a toy that teaches you how to dress. Of course, young princesses and princes at one year old still do not know how to dress themselves, but you can start to learn. Funny Cheburashka – The hero of a famous cartoon is ready to help: a jacket with zippers, pockets with Velcro and buttons, shoes with lacing and buckles. The baby, having mastered how it all works and sorted out where right and left are, will be happy to try to dress without any help, and such an addition as the 10 phrases Cheburashka is able to speak, will allow your child to make friends with him quickly.

We hope that we were able to help you choose the best gift for your baby for a wonderful and extremely joyful event – For the first birthday!

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