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The best vitamins for children – TOP 6

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The importance of good vitamins for intellectual, psycho-emotional and physical development of children cannot be overestimated. These substances are involved in metabolic processes, help regulate the functions of all systems and organs and, as a result, we see a healthy and active child who has all the tasks «on the shoulder».

Therefore, it is not surprising that parents are interested in the best vitamin and mineral complexes for children, which manufacturers position almost as a panacea. Let’s try to figure out how true this is, and what are the most popular children’s vitamins.

But first of all, let us remember the directed action of vitamins, each of which is responsible for certain functions in the body:

  • The best vitamins for appetite Will be the ones that contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid);
  • If a child has increased eye strain, He needs vitamin and mineral complexes containing vitamin A, zinc, copper;
  • During the period of active growth of the child vitamins containing calcium, phosphorus, potassium and selenium would be the best;
  • stressful situations (start of school, change of residence, and other situations) require intake of B vitamins.

The best vitamins for children from 1 year and older

Multivitamin complex for children of different age groups. The cost of a pack of pills (30 pcs.) is about 155 dollars, a bottle of syrup with a volume of 150 ml – 250 dollars.

The complex includes 9 vitamins necessary for the formation and development of children from 1 year old.

Advantages. Avitaminosis in children is most common in the second year of life. This is due to the increased needs of the body in nutrients and their deficiency in the diet – the child is not yet able to assimilate many of them from the food. Pikovit presents the most essential vitamins that are required by a growing baby’s body: A, D, E, B1,B2, B6, B12, PP, C. The syrup is designed for children from 1 to 14 years of age – all that need to change as the child grows – dosage of the drug.

Disadvantages. The only significant disadvantage of Pikovit — Lack of minerals that are essential for the proper formation of the skeleton, dentition, nervous system, hematopoiesis.

Conclusions. The dosage form provides the option of changing the dosage while maintaining «Fidelity» Pikovit, which makes these vitamins very convenient for families with several children of different ages. But taking into account the need for additional intake of minerals, in the rating of the best vitamins for children Pikovit gives 8 points out of 10.

Reviews. «The vitamins do not have an immediate effect, somewhere in the third week of taking them, I noticed that the child finally has a healthy complexion. The syrup tastes very sweet, but the capsules suited us better, the taste is mild and unobtrusive. We have been taking it for 8 months, no acute respiratory infections during this time».

Vitrum Baby
The best children’s vitamins from 2 to 5 years

Vitamin-mineral complex containing 13 vitamins and 11 microelements. The cost of a pack of pills (30 pcs.) — about 420 dollars.

Vitrum Baby is designed taking into account the needs of children aged from 2 to 5 years old and includes all the necessary substances for the physical and mental development of the child.

Advantages. 13 vitamins and 11 micronutrients – is in itself sufficient reason to put these vitamins for children on the list of the best. But what’s even more interesting – The tablets are represented by animal figures, which makes it much easier to promote the health of the baby: the mother will not have to persuade the child to take «the drug». The taste of the tablets resembles something between fruit and vanilla, and is liked by almost all children.

Disadvantages . The delight that comes to children at the sight of «treats» Vitrum Baby – The disadvantage of this tool. The daily amount of vitamins A and D in a single dose and the child’s desire to eat as many tasty and funny tablets as possible is a risk of overdose of these vitamins, the excess of which is poorly excreted from the body. Therefore, parents should either carefully monitor the intake of Vitrum Baby and hide the package away from the baby, or give preference to less attractive from the child’s point of view preparations.

Conclusions. This is one of the best vitamins for children from 2 to 5 years to prevent avitaminosis, improve your baby’s defenses and speed recovery after illness. Attentive to the dosage (as, however, with any mineral complexes) – All that is required from parents. Vitrum Baby deservedly gets a score of 10 on a ten-point scale.

Reviews. «My daughter happily eats a vitamin, because it is shaped like an animal, and every time she asks: what will I get next time??! Animals: tiger, monkey, hippo».

Complivit Oftalmo

Alphabet Kindergarten
The best vitamins for preschool children from 3 to 7 years

Vitamin-mineral complex of 11 vitamins and 8 minerals. The cost of a pack of tablets (30 pcs.) is about 250 dollars.

The composition includes the most essential substances that a child needs from 3 to 7 years old. Except «conventional» Vitamins, the complex includes valuable micro- and macronutrients such as copper, iron, iodine, etc. This allows you to take a serious approach to improving the health of your baby and take care of the prevention of avitaminosis.

Top 5 Best Multivitamins For Kids

Advantages. Perfectly thought-out and selected balance of vitamins, micro and macronutrients helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product in a short period of time. At the correct and regular intake of Alphabet Kindergarten a normalization of digestive processes (appetite improves), increases the child’s activity and reduces his fatigue. Children’s academic performance also improves – It activates memory and analytical thinking ability.

Disadvantages. Conventional disadvantages include not very convenient dosage: you must take one tablet of each color every day – Three pieces total. This can be a problem for parents who are always in a hurry and forget everything, but no one forbids the use of remedies – organizer or a simple note.

Conclusions. Alphabet Kindergarten — Some of the best vitamins for improving children’s health: balanced composition, narrow age range «Specialty», Taking into account the needs of children of this age and a high safety profile. Rated 10 out of 10 in our rating is well deserved.

Reviews. «Like all the children I know, my Sonya, when she started going to kindergarten to adapt, immediately became covered in snot and began to get sick. We decided to strengthen the immune system itself, but many vitamins are not designed for children. So we looked at children’s. «Alphabet» I myself drank a couple of years ago (for adults, of course) and I liked it. Not very big in size and my daughter swallows easily. I stopped being sick, and we will repeat the course next year».

Supradin Kids
The best vitamins for children from 3 years and older

Vitamin and mineral complex for children Supradin Kids presented gel, which costs about 380 dollars for a package of 175 ml, and chewable lozenges and tablets (cost of package of 30 pieces), as well as vitamins and minerals. is about 360 dollars).

Advantages. In Supradin Kids takes into account the needs of children not only in vitamins, but also in minerals and lecithin – The most important component, without which it is impossible to perform many chemical reactions in cells. Lecithin content – a strong advantage, which provides support for the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and other body systems. In addition, the composition of this vitamin and mineral complex includes calcium – An indispensable building material for the musculoskeletal and dental system. Chewable lozenges and tablets contain choline and Omega-3 – substances that are directly involved in the intellectual and psycho-emotional development of a child.

Disadvantages. Disadvantages, as such, were not found: adding the gel to the diet of a child over 3 years, and chewable forms of the drug – From the age of 11, you provide children with the most important vitamins and bioactive substances.

Conclusions. 10 points out of 10 – In the ranking of the best vitamins for children Supradin Kids deserves the highest rating.

Reviews. «For three years I have been regularly giving my children Supradin Kids (stars and fish) one piece a day during winter (although it was prescribed twice a day). Obvious result: kids don’t get sick, cheerful. I do not give them all the time, but two every two weeks. If it’s obvious that the baby needs support, I prolong the intake. I have never met a better vitamin for children (we have tried different ones before)».

Complivit Oftalmo for children (from 3 to 14 years)
The best eye vitamins

Vitamin and mineral complex designed to improve the functions of the organs of vision. The cost of a pack of powder for the preparation of suspension (44 g.) – about 200 dollars.

Composition of Complivit Oftalmo is selected in such a way as to have a direct effect on strengthening the child’s vision and increasing the stamina of the body as a whole.

Benefits. This vitamin and mineral complex contains unique components such as lutein and zeaxanthin – vegetable carotenoids, which are directly involved in the regulation of the functions of the organs of vision. This means that with increased eye strain, the child’s need for these substances also increases, and with their deficiency, disorders such as «night blindness», Reduced visual acuity, etc. Among others, Complivit Oftalmo contains 9 vitamins and 3 micro- and macroelements which support the function of the optic nerve and reduce the negative impact on the child’s eyes of such factors as radiation from monitors and UV rays.

Disadvantages. The only downside to Complivit Oftalmo – Is not enough minerals. But on the other hand, this remedy was developed precisely as The best vitamins for the eyes, And it fits that status quite well.

Conclusions. An excellent tool for a child over 3 years, which, with a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle, will avoid problems with his eyesight. Rated – 10 out of 10.

Reviews. «My daughter takes Complivit Oftalmo twice a year – In the spring and fall, since we have a family problem, myopia. So far she has managed to avoid wearing glasses, unlike her older son, who at her age had constant «renewed» points to stronger».

Solgar Omega-3
The best vitamins for schoolchildren from 7 years and older

Capsules containing fat of salmon fish, which includes Omega-3 fatty acids. The cost of a pack (120 capsules) is about 1300 dollars.

It is familiar to everyone from childhood, but «formulated» In a more digestible form: modern children will not have to wrinkle their nose at the unpleasant taste of fish oil, as a gelatin capsule allows you to take this product without any negative feelings.

Advantages. The benefits of Omega-3 can be talked about endlessly – This component of fish oil allows you to strengthen the immune system, support the heart and protect blood vessels, speed up metabolism, stimulate memory and, as a result, improve overall health. But it is in Solgar Omega-3 that the most unwanted companion of fish oil is eliminated – Traces of mercury in fish tissue. Thanks to fish oil, the effects of Omega-3 in Solgar preparations can be considered truly healing: only health effects without any risks.

Disadvantages. No risks – a conditional concept that refers only to the chemical purity of the product. In fact, according to recent studies, there are more important indications for taking Omega-3 than just the parents’ desire to strengthen the child’s immune system. Conditions such as increased body weight baby, disorders of absorption in the intestine, the tendency to diarrhea, intestinal dysbacteriosis are contraindications: in their presence, taking fish oil and Omega-3 products in children is prohibited. Also, this product should not be used on children under 7 years of age.

Conclusions. If you follow all the requirements for taking Omega-3, and even better – In consultation with your doctor, these vitamins can be your best ally for your child’s health. For those who are ready to responsibly treat the process of recovery of their son or daughter, Solgar Omega-3 can, with good conscience, give a score of 10 out of 10.

Reviews. «I have been an active customer of this brand for a long time. Omega 3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids that we do not get in sufficient quantities with food, but we get with this supplement. The list of beneficial effects of OMEGA-3 is broad. Recommended for those who care about their health. I buy for my whole family».

What you need to know?

No matter how effective and useful vitamin and mineral complexes may look, you must remember: they will be useless on their own. The human body is a highly complex chemical laboratory, in which hundreds of reactions involving a huge number of substances take place every second «reagents». Many are synthesized by the body itself, but just as many come from food. It is natural to assume that even the best complexes, consisting of hundreds of vitamins and minerals, will not be able to cover all the needs of this «labs».

So do not rely on even the best vitamins for children as a panacea. Let the child take them, but you should also monitor the balance of his diet, to provide a systematic training, regular walks in the fresh air and healthy physical activity. With this approach, vitamins can really help your baby cope with the stresses of «jumps» growth, improve his ability to learn and memorize, make his sleep stronger, his appetite more stable, and become an additional «brick and mortar» in the wall that shields a child from colds and infections.

Total votes – 155, rating – 4.2

* Please note that the reliability of the information and the results of the ratings is subjective and does not constitute advertising

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