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Stationary irrigator B.Well WI-933 – full review of the family irrigator

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Technical progress is actively developing in absolutely every sphere of human existence. It concerns not only home appliances, gadgets or car industry, but also medical products. Largely thanks to the original research and development of engineers on the market of medical devices regularly appear units, designed to maintain the beauty and health. This also applies to oral care devices.

If you observe hygiene, you can keep your teeth healthy for many years, preventing bad breath, different diseases like caries, periodontitis, etc. Unfortunately, even using a toothbrush, conditioner, and floss is often not enough to keep plaque out and get rid of food debris. This is where an irrigator comes in to help people.

This is original equipment designed for quality oral care. If in many other countries such equipment is found almost in every home, but here, people have not yet been able to fully realize the usefulness of such a device. Some people think that the irrigator is strictly a professional product, and only dentists use it.

Myths about Irrigators?

Some people believe that there is no special benefit from this device. However, they are greatly mistaken. Irrigators can effectively remove plaque and food debris in hard-to-reach places, such as gum pockets. With it, the gums get extra care in the form of a massage, the tongue is completely cleaned of bacteria. The irrigator can be used to produce a very powerful jet of liquid that is under considerable pressure. It can be used to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth, interdental spaces – something a toothbrush cannot do.


Many people believe that irrigators are the same, but they can differ significantly in power, functionality and efficiency of use. Here much depends on the brand and equipment of the device. In general, there are several varieties of these devices – flow-through, portable, stationary. At the same time, portable and stationary are used much more often, but the flow-through are not too common.

Stationary units are usually characterized by a decent size, they are usually powered by electricity, so to use them you will need to install an outlet in the bathroom. If necessary, you can purchase additional attachments for the device, which will make it suitable for all family members. One of the key points is that stationary irrigators are characterized by considerable power – about 890 kPa. Portable devices operate on battery power, so they can easily be taken with them to distant travels, business trips, etc.
People often refuse to buy such equipment, believing that it is difficult and traumatic to use. But it does not require any special skills in its use. Included with each device is a detailed instruction – if necessary, it can be used even by a small child. At the same time the device is not too expensive, although you can find elite versions, which can quite sensitively hit the pocket.

Today we want to present you the newest irrigator of the highest quality – B.Well WI-933. It is manufactured on the basis of exclusively high quality components, which ensures its high efficiency and long service life.

A little about the manufacturer

B.Well is a rather large European company, which dates back to 2004. For only a few years of its existence the company has managed to win the trust of consumers in many countries. The products are not too expensive, but the quality of all devices is at a very high level. The company appeared on the USA market in 2007, and three years later the number of representative offices in the country amounted to several dozens.

Today the head office is located in Switzerland, which manages to provide the highest quality products and contribute to the development of the brand. Not only time-tested technology is at the forefront of product design and manufacturing, but also the latest unique developments. This allows the company’s engineers to develop devices that combine quality, reliability, and affordability.

What is a B irrigator?.Well WI-933?

Stationary type unit, which is designed for the whole family. It can operate not only from the network, but also from a built-in battery – no other device with similar functions on the market. It has everything you need for professional oral and dental cleaning.

The products work in pulse mode, which greatly increases the efficiency of the unit. With this irrigator you can easily select the desired pressure of the jet for each member of the family – there are 10 power modes, which vary from 206 to 862 kPa. This parameter can be regulated smoothly or in steps – the pressure can be adjusted according to the sensations of the user. It is worth noting that the device is equipped with an original children’s mode, which will gently take care of the teeth and gums of a small child.

The nozzle can rotate around its axis by 360 degrees, so you can use it to reach the most inaccessible places. This product comes with 8 nozzles. Of these, three are standard, as well as there are special designs used for cleaning the tongue, gums, braces, various artificial constructions. For their storage there is a special case located under the lid of the device. Also comes with a storage bag. The water tank has a capacity of 800 ml, which is quite enough for full use. An ergonomic pen holder is included in the design. The feet are made of special rubber – they do not slip regardless of the type of surface. The water hose is very long, so the device is very easy to use.

How to prepare the irrigator for use?

Initially, the unit should be plugged into an electrical outlet or the built-in battery should be charged. The water tank from the main unit must be held firmly by hand to prevent it from falling out of the holder. Fill it only with lukewarm water, preferably boiled or distilled, so that it contains a minimum of impurities. Warm water is needed in order to work with this device did not arise unpleasant or painful feelings.

Обзор на B. Well WI-933

The head is inserted into the handle, the force of the pressure is adjusted by a special rotary knob. The same element is responsible for turning on the construction: when it is in the leftmost position, the device is off, when you turn the regulator to the right you should hear a faint click.

Do not turn the device on until the nozzle is in your mouth. The direction of the spray can be changed if desired, but there is a basic rule – it is fed at right angles to the gum. Keep your lips closed when using the irrigator – this will help prevent water splashing. According to the manufacturer, it is desirable to begin with the far side teeth, gradually approaching the front teeth.

Distilled or boiled water should be poured into the tank in order to prevent the formation of lime deposits or plaque in the device, as eventually it will adversely affect the condition of the device itself. If the device has been idle for a long time, it should be rinsed thoroughly before use. To do this, proceed as follows: pour water into the reservoir, turn on the strongest pressure, the jet should be directed to the sink. It is not advised to use water that is too hot, and the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Testimonials, pros and cons

After using the device we are very satisfied with it. I would like to note the high quality of assembly and packaging, moreover, in its management was possible to understand literally in two seconds. You can change the pressure with one hand, and you feel the change in water pressure immediately. It is recommended to wash the device at least once a month.

We used to put boiled water heated to 25 degrees in the tank. It felt a little cool at first, but there was no pain or discomfort. We tested the device for a week – twice a day – and then we disassembled it: we didn’t find any limescale or sludge.

It is quite convenient that the device can work both from the mains and from the battery. For example, we didn’t have to run an extra line of cable in the bathroom. We charge the device in the kitchen and use it in the bathroom. The functions assigned to such a device are performed in full.

If your gums are weak, do not be alarmed if they bleed for a while. Of course, these feelings are not pleasant, but over time the gums will tone up, the gum pockets will shrink, and the amount of tartar will be reduced. Now we would like to briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this unit. Let’s start with the pros:

  • The ability to work both from the battery and from the network;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Safe for dentures, braces, crowns, various other dental systems;
  • The capacity of the water tank is quite enough for a full-fledged cleaning of an adult’s mouth;
  • Quite a large selection of nozzles;
  • Infinitely adjustable power;
  • There are anti-slip legs;
  • Acceptable dimensions – the device will not take too much space even in a very compact bathroom;
  • There is a storage compartment for nozzles;
  • Two full years of warranty service.

Of course, there are disadvantages, too. There are not many of them – only one seemed to us the most significant. The manufacturer advises not to keep the tank full of water all the time. After using the machine, it will need to be emptied every time. This is due to the fact that even when using distilled water, it will form a sediment, which is quite problematic to remove.

In the end, we can say the following about this irrigator: it is recommended to buy, but before direct purchase, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. The dentist should give his or her positive opinion on the use of such a device.

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