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Silanga BL550 full review of the smoothie maker

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Every year, manufacturers of household appliances release a lot of blender models on the market, which differ from each other not only in size, but also in performance characteristics. With this device you can replace a whole range of household appliances – chopper, food processor, mixer and so on. Today we want to present you one of the latest models – Silanga BL550.

With such a device you can enjoy the most delicate fruit purees, smoothies and so on every day. The set includes a shaker, a lid for drinking and storing your drinks, a motor base, a knife block and a detailed manual in USA.

Main performance characteristics and features of the device

First of all, I would like to note that we liked the compact size of this blender: the size of the motor base is only 16 cm in height and 12 cm in diameter. Shaker volume is 550 ml: it is 23 cm high and 8 cm in diameter. The mass of the product is 1 kg, the engine power is not too great – 300 watts, but this parameter is quite enough for the blender to be able to develop a large number of revolutions: from 22,000 to 24,000 per minute. The knife block is a complex of cutting elements consisting of four blades. They are made of quality food grade stainless steel. The blades are self-sharpening, so you do not need to think about how to sharpen them if necessary.

The body of the motor unit is made of quality plastic. No dirt or dust sticks to the shaker. The shaker is made of environmentally friendly plastic, it is transparent and lightweight, so it is easy to take it with you even when traveling. The device is absolutely safe to use, as it has a special protection system against unintentional start-up. Reliable motor is installed, with high quality protection from possible overheating, which significantly prolongs the life of the device.

Blender functionality

The shaker is characterized by a considerable volume, which allows you to work with almost any product, regardless of its hardness. The working vessel can shred even quite tough vegetables. High motor power ensures quality shredding that takes minimal time. The shaker also has a special drinking lid with a tight valve that prevents the smoothie from spilling.

The shaker is securely attached to the motor unit so it won’t slip off, even under considerable physical strain. We have already said earlier that it is plastic, and is made of environmentally friendly material that does not release bisphenol during operation and does not form toxins in contact with food. They do not absorb extraneous colors and smells, either. Thanks to its special shape, the shaker does not slip and is comfortable to hold in the hand.

does slip

Test impressions

The product is very handy in use, besides, it is quite easy to work with it – you just need to put the food in the container, fix it in the appropriate grooves and lightly press the bottom of the bottle. No buttons on the surface of the body is not provided – a small child will not hurt himself/herself with it when starting, the main thing is to handle the knife block carefully, but the older children will be able to prepare themselves a desired smoothie or fruit puree. The caps are equipped with high-quality seals: we even tried to shake them vigorously, but nothing leaked.

According to recipes for preparing milkshakes, you need to add a little less ingredients and milk (there is a special marking on the shaker), as it foams and whips. It is not necessary to do the same thing with other products. We made smoothies from a mixture of pears and apples, water and honey, tangerines with the addition of apples and kiwi. All kinds of drinks involve the addition of liquid, if you add more, you get a smoothie or cocktail, if less, you can make a puree from the pulp of fruits and vegetables.

I liked the power of the engine – it grinds products almost instantly, but to the level of puree for babies is not pulled, it turns out a little more coarse. The number of revolutions allows you to make one smoothie in 20-30 seconds. The motor is able to work for about one minute, after which it should be allowed to rest for about 10-15 minutes. The design is simple enough, all elements are easy to clean. The only disliked feature of this model is the price that is a little bit more expensive in comparison with similar models.

made environmentally

Advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about the pros and cons of this model, then the positive aspects want to include a number of factors:

knife block

  • The assembly is characterized by excellent quality;
  • Materials safe for human health are used in the manufacture;
  • Long life of the motor;
  • The device is very reliable;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The motor can develop a high speed of rotation, due to which the time of work with products is significantly reduced;
  • Shaker lids have reliable seals that do not allow food to spill;
  • The device is stable, during operation it does not slip even on a completely smooth surface due to the suction cups.

Now let’s turn to the negative sides of the device:

  • The power cord is somewhat short;
  • It is more expensive in comparison with analogues.

In this review we have tried to look in detail at all the qualities of this machine. We hope that after studying the characteristics you will decide to give preference to this particular model. If you still have any questions, ask us in the comments of this review. We will try in the shortest possible time to collect all the necessary information and tell you.

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