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Kitfort KT-1641

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The characteristics of Kitfort KT-1641 Yandex.The Marketplace

Overall performance
Type waffle maker
Power 460W
The control mechanical
The look of the panel waffles
Type of waffle plate mini waffles
Number of servings 4
Number of modes 1
Non-stick coating there is
Length of cord 0.69 м
Performance Indicator
Dimensions and weight 15.5x21x9 cm, 0.69 kg

Reviews of Kitfort KT-1641 All reviews on Yandex.Market

Comment: I have been dreaming about a waffle iron for a long time. Finally got it. I had a lot of requirements. I found a waffle maker that fully meets my preferences at Kitfort model KT-1641.

I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s very attractive and white. What matters to me is the style and sleek, streamlined shape that this model has.

The second advantage is the size. They are not big. The waffle maker does not take up much space in the cabinet and is easy to handle while cooking. I bake on the kitchen countertop, so the size was a criterion for me to choose. I had to put a waffle maker, a bowl of dough, a plate, all in a small space, and it worked.

Third, it is a waffle shape. They are Belgian, but not the usual square and not even in triangles, but in sticks. Belgian waffle sticks. At the time of purchase, that’s the only thing that confused me, the square shape of the finished product is more familiar. But all my doubts went away after I baked my first batch of waffles. This mold is much more convenient than the square ones. Great to hold in the hand, easy to dip in jam and condensed milk.

очень вкусные вафли в вафельнице Kitfort KT-1641

Fourth plus, the quality of the panels. How many reviews on the internet about all waffle makers, all manufacturers, that the dough sticks to the panels and finished waffles are difficult to remove. I greased the panels with sunflower oil, not copiously, just wiped them with an oiled napkin. The dough does not stick, the waffles are easy to remove. There is no need to butter the plates again after each batch. The non-stick coating does not burn or crack.

The fifth point is the safety. The plastic gets hot but does not burn. You can even run your hand over the waffle iron while cooking and you won’t get burnt. Especially if you happen to touch it. Work surface, the handles do not get hot.

The sixth advantage, not a high cost.

Бельгийские вафли приготовленные на kitfort kt-1641. Обзор, распаковка и супер вкусный рецепт.

does burn

I bought my Kitfort waffle iron with the idea that I would bake a couple of times a week, not more often. How could it not be. Now I bake in the morning and in the evening.

Comments: In my head for many years I have an image of hot potato waffles in a crispy crust.
I don’t know why, but I just got the waffle iron this Saturday.
I’ll tell you about the miracle thing. Inexpensive, lightweight, for one waffle. For us for two is perfect. Although, I’ll admit, for some reason I thought there would be four long waffles in long sections, not one square one.
I read in the reviews that the cord is short – yes the cord is fine. Longer than the kettle even. On the outside I like it very much, streamlined, nice and neat. By the way, the size allows you to take it with you if you want to visit and treat people who don’t have such a beautiful thing.
The manual says to let it burn for fifteen minutes before use in order to destroy all oils and grease. I wiped mine down first and then let it burn. The lid has a red light like an iron. Lights up – it heats up, goes out – gla. oops, baking!
Heats up pretty quick, about three minutes.
My first mistake was putting too much dough in and something came out, something spilled out and got stuck in the cracks. Of course, I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it’s a fact. I wish there was some kind of limiter for beginners especially. But okay. After a couple of bakes, I’ve got my eye on it.
My vegetable waffles bake for four to five minutes. They detach from the frying surface very easily. I scoop it up with a spatula and take it off. I don’t use any oil.
After cooking, the non-stick surface is practically clean. After cooling, wipe with a damp napkin and you can bake again.
By the way, it’s very convenient to cut these waffles into little rectangles. I like the rectangle better.
And one very unpleasant thing, during baking a lot of steam comes out of the waffle maker, who have small children, especially dangerous, and literally after a few minutes there is a puddle on the table (on the pre

waffle maker

last picture). And after cooking, if you turn it upside down from the two holes pours out.
And then there’s this minibonus – the waffle maker can be used as a toaster.

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