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Cybex Juno 2-Fix

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Features Cybex Juno 2-Fix

General Specifications
Type car seat
Group 1 (9-18 Kg)
Options Removable cover, side impact protection
Size (WxHxV) 55x40x66 cm
Weight 6.7 kg
The design
Included Anatomic cushion, safety table
Inner harness no
Adjustment Backrest tilt, headrest height
Number of headrest height positions 8
Number of positions for reclining the backrest 2
Mounting Isofix, car belts
Installation face forward
Outer straps Three-point

Reviews on Cybex Juno 2-Fix All reviews on Yandex.Marketplace

Comment: after reading the review here, long hesitated to take it or not. In the end, it turns out that this seat does have a removable baby pad. It’s just that it’s foam and it’s already inserted under the cover. Which made me very happy! As soon as the baby stops fitting in, you just have to take it out. It is written in the instruction, which is again under the cover behind the backrest. Also, the instructions are on the official.. Exactly as it comes with the seat. On the back of the seat on the bottom of the cover is even sewn with a tag indicating that here you have to look for instructions.

Juno 2-Fix

The main! Please note when purchasing that the kit must include two plastic adapters for isofix mounting and two side airbags. In the picture of the car seat these are the kind of “ears” that attach on the sides. They are in a separate package included with the seat. They need to be snapped on their own. But sometimes for some reason they sell it without them. If you can buy adapters at dealers and they are not obligatory, without these pads the seat is not safe.

Cybex Juno 2 fix | how to remove the cover | our instruction

Comment: Before buying this chair studied tons of pages of the Internet and the choice fell on it. When I bought it I had my doubts that the baby wouldn’t sit in it.к. Very active.
When I bought it, I tried to put the baby in it, as expected, my son did not accept it, then I took the chair home and left it for a week freely available to the baby, sometimes putting him in it, after a week my son was already asking for it and closed the table.
And now, my son is two years old, he sits in it with pleasure and points to the table to put it.
We do a lot of driving, including the baby. The child really likes to ride in it, on a long journey he lies down on the table with his head and sleeps on the pillow, or just puts his head on the headrest. When he is awake, he plays with toys on the table and is not squeezed by the harness like other seats.

On the subject of tightness. My son rode in it in the winter, summer and winter again, the table is adjustable to the flight, the belt is enough, put in 5 different cars, no problems where there was. If there is not enough room, you can increase the child’s seat by unbuckling the cushion under the ass, very convenient. For the second winter, and did so. By the summer to return. In our Siberia it is cold enough in the winter, we dress the baby well and it was never crowded in there.

In conclusion, I can say that I am satisfied with the purchase, it is a pity that it is up to three years old, but I am sure that I will take the chair of this brand again.

Comments: I was worried that my baby wouldn’t like the table, so I went to a children’s seat store and checked how he was sitting in it. It is believed that such a table provides greater safety of the child, which seems very logical.

The baby sits comfortably in the car seat and looks around, On a long journey can fall asleep on the table or resting his head on the side of the headrest.

I think the table is more convenient than the 5-point harness, and it is faster and easier to put a baby in this car seat.

Cybex Juno Fix Car Seat Kiddicare

No 5-point harness – makes the crotch area of the child looser and improves ventilation, which is important in the summer heat.

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