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Chicco Teddy Bear Talking

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Chicco Teddy Talking Bear Specifications Yandex.Market

Main Features
Recommended age 6 months.
Interactive toy Yes
Interactive Features speaks, speaks English, sings
Effects sound, light
Material textile
Developmental functions Logic and thinking, motor skills and dexterity, counting and math, speech and reading, music and rhythm, foreign languages, communication skills
Powered by battery Yes
Battery type AA, 3 pcs.
Batteries included is

Reviews on Chicco Teddy Bear Talking All reviews on Yandex.Market

Comments: We went to the Children’s World one day and decided to ask our 6 month old what he would like for his first six months. We went to the teddy bear shelf where there were toys for 6 month plus and were waiting for my son to grab what he liked. It was a quick and easy choice – Tedy the talking teddy bear by Chicco.
I don’t know who was more excited. The parents, with exactly the same excitement, poked the buttons, touched, rubbed the bear and were very pleased. First of all – the quality! Good materials, no smell, no rash, and everything is well sewn and attached. Secondly, the teddy bear’s voice – not loud and pleasant, musical accompaniment.

So, let’s list all the active parts in the teddy bear:

1. Buttons on the tummy, there are three. Blinks and sounds small phrases when pressed.
2. One handle has an active area. When you press the bear also produces phrases.

3. Both feet and legs are active.

Talking Teddy Bear for iPhone, iPad & Google Play! NEW!!

4. Ears – one ear is filled with rustling material, the other is filled with balls.

The baby is happy and satisfied, after a month of constant use, has not lost interest.

Chicco Baby Bear

Generally recommended as a gift to the baby talking teddy bear, but I’ll take off a star for the age group. It seems to me that for 6 months old teddy bear is big and heavy in size. I think it’s a category 9+.

Comment: Some toys immediately come to court, some of the daughter gets used to for a long time, and there are those that are just lying around, waiting for their time. I usually buy toys so that my daughter would be interested in them right now, and not sometime in the future. But there are exceptions.
Talking Bear I bought almost in the first months after the birth of a child. The price was very attractive))) And I’m a simple man – I see a sale Chicko, something for sure I buy. So, the Bear has been waiting for several months. And he was waiting for a reason! It was with the Bear, not on the mother or cat, I taught my daughter to show where the eyes, where the nose and other body parts are.

Charming teddy bear made of nice soft material. One ear rustles, in the other as if the balls. On the tummy pictures and the numbers 1,2,3. The numbers light up! If you drop the teddy bear on its side, it will tell you that it is dizzy. When you press one paw, it offers to take it by the paw and pat it. In general, a lot of different interactive. My daughter likes the one paw that makes the bear laugh when you press it. The songs are very fun to listen to. The button to switch the language to English is on the side. The teddy bear is neatly sewn, no threads sticking out. The material is nice, durable, the buttons have not become worse over time, everything clicks fine.

Comments: Today I want you to meet our new and favorite toy – Teddy the talking teddy bear from Chicco. We were lucky and we and Platon were chosen from a large number of applicants. Tested on the official Chicco web site. By the way, it was a revelation to me that this brand regularly conducts test-drives of new products.

A few days after the request is approved, I received a call from the courier, the first time I encountered such a situation when they call 15 minutes before the delivery. Good thing we were home. Our Teddy Bear was packed in a big box and wrapped in several layers of thick film. Just at that time Platon was asleep and I overpowered my curiosity! The bear was unpacked alone! And by the time Platoshka woke up, he was already waiting for him on the table. And there he is, our beautiful friend!
Let me tell you about the functions of the toy. The bear turns on by long pressing on the side button, there are also buttons to change the language.
The main functions on the bear’s tummy are learning to count. Each of the buttons plays a few melodies and a few phrases in two languages.
Also the teddy bear can talk by pressing on the legs and the left foot. And if you turn him upside down, he complains of dizziness! The rustling ear also attracts the little ones’ attention.

The only disadvantage of our bear was a little hole on his leg.
The bear became very fond of Platon, together they ate their porridge faster, sang songs more merrily and went to bed easier. We certainly do not go for a walk without a bear)

Comment: Here we have a new educational musical toy Teddy bear from Chicco.
I want to tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of this toy.
The toy is sold in a bright colorful box.
The box says child’s age 6+, but you can use it even earlier, it will not bring any harm, only positive emotions.
At first I couldn’t turn on the toy, went into the battery compartment, flipped the switch a few times, the toy “did not come to life”, but then my eyes fell on the red arrow on the box of our bear.
Here it seems to be written in large letters on a red background, but for some reason our people do not like reading instructions))
In order to turn on the bear, you just need to press the “ON” button on the side for a few seconds.
The toy sings a welcoming song. There are also buttons to switch from USA to English. But after switching the language, I myself did not understand the words of the song the first time, the pronunciation is not clear.
A huge plus for the developers is the ability to adjust the volume of our teddy bear. Louder when your baby is awake, and softer when he goes to sleep.

Now I will tell you in detail about the features of the toy.
The teddy bear has six active points.
Three buttons are located on the belly. The first button plays an apple song, the second one says jolly bees, and the third one says bunnies. With these buttons you can easily teach your child to count to three, but we are inspired by these songs and can already count to five))
The fourth button is on the left leg. When you press it, the little bear laughs infectiously with a tickle.
The fifth button is on the right leg. By pressing it, Teddy yawns and says good night.
The sixth button is located on the bear’s arm, where the drawn note. Pressing it, the toy sings a song.
I want to note that all of these buttons play not only songs but also teach the child to count.

For us the Teddy Bear has become our best and favorite friend.

I recommend this toy to all loving moms and dads. All products of this company are distinguished by their quality and safety in use. The quality of the toy is high, there is nothing to complain about.

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