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9 best grease removers

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Gleaming clean kitchen, perfectly cleaned pans, stove, oven, hood, microwave. Any housewife knows what it takes to make a beautiful picture. And of course, achieving it without modern grease removers would be very difficult. The best kitchen grease removers — According to expert and hostess reviews — Our top 9 grease remedies. Let’s find out how to choose and use the right remedies against grease and soot, and at the same time find out which of them will really help to keep your kitchen in good order.

How to choose a good grease remover?

Composition and application. The composition of grease removers is based on alkali – this is the best choice for breaking up not very old grease stains. Pay attention to the composition: it is good if the manufacturer specifies the concentration of alkali in it. The strongest products (10-15%) are designed for alkaline-resistant surfaces (stoves, ovens, grills). Products with medium strength (5-10%) are suitable for stainless steel, glass ceramics, kitchen aprons, hoods. Weak products (<5%) are considered universal and are suitable for safe cleaning of most kitchen surfaces.

What about old soot and carbon deposits?? They don’t respond to lye. This is where organic solvents come in handy. They are great at removing pyrolysis products, but they smell, to put it mildly, unpleasant. Also important is the presence of surfactants in the grease remover, which help the main component work better. If there is a choice between cationic (soap), anionic and non-inogenic surfactants, choose the third ones, they are the most effective.

grease removers

Odour. As a rule, alkaline grease removers have a strong odor, but its intensity directly depends on the concentration of active ingredients. If you are prone to allergies, it is better to choose the least caustic products, even if they are less effective.

How To Remove Stubborn, Nasty Stains from Fabric! – Chemical Guys

Availability of the trigger. Obviously, having a sprayer makes cleaning the kitchen a lot easier, and if it’s supplemented with a foaming net, it reduces the release of droplets into the air and reduces product consumption.

Volume. Too little product runs out quickly (and usually costs more), and not everyone needs large canisters. A bottle with a trigger should be easy to hold, tilt, and your hand should not get tired. A volume of 350 ml to 600 ml typically meets this criterion. But with high consumption and frequent use, pay attention to the grease remover in canisters – the price for the volume of 3, 5 or 10 liters is much more attractive.

Form: liquid or gel. Specialists believe that the addition of a gel agent reduces the effectiveness of the grease remover. From ourselves, we note that on large and flat surfaces, the liquid works better, but for complex configurations, cracks and other places where the liquid product will easily drip down, you can use gel.

Tip #1: Grease removers can be dangerous if used incorrectly! Even milder remedies can cause coughing and discomfort if inhaled, while stronger ones cause headaches and symptoms of poisoning. On the skin, they cause itching and irritation. The solution is simple – always use gloves and a respirator, work only with open windows and running vents, keep children and pets away from the kitchen.

Tip #2: Never apply grease removers to aluminum surfaces – the alkali literally «melts» aluminum. And be careful with delicate plastics: PET, polylactide or polycarbonate, as well as Bakelite, Carbolite and Melamine. Always read the instructions before using alkaline products!

And now we present you the ranking of the best fat removers. We’ve studied the ingredients, evaluated hostess reviews, compared prices and features of different stove and oven products and picked 8 great products for your kitchen.

Rating of the best grease removers

Category Place Name Rating Price
The best inexpensive products for removing grease in the kitchen 1 Mr. Cleaner for cleaning ovens and microwaves 9.6 / 10 160
2 Sanita Anti-Grease Gel Multisil 9.3 / 10 120
The strongest grease removers 1 Unicum Gold 9.9 / 10 320
2 Bagi Shumanit grease remover 9.8 / 10 540
3 Grease remover (anti-fat) XAAX 9.7 / 10 1 090
The best universal grease removers 1 Azelit Anti Grease Grass 10 / 10 180
2 Frosch Grease Remover Grapefruit 9.7 / 10 300
3 Meine Liebe Antifat 9.5 / 10 250
4 Synergetic for stoves 9.4 / 10 240

The best inexpensive kitchen grease removers

Mr. Cleaner for cleaning ovens and microwave ovens

Product for removing grease from «Nevskaya Cosmetics» Combines good quality with a low price. Suitable for metal surfaces, glass ceramic, enamel, microwave, stoves, ovens, grills. In addition to the alkali in the composition is a solvent, which means that it can not only remove fresh dirt, but also clean burnt grease and stale stains. Percentage of active ingredients is not listed, so determine the power of the product «at a glance» will not work. To work, the product is sprayed on the surface for 3-10 minutes. Hostesses evaluate this tool as a fairly strong and effective, but corrosive (PPE is mandatory).

  • Above average efficiency;
  • affordable price;
  • copes with years of sooting.

concentration active

  • pungent smell;
  • the concentration of active ingredients is not indicated on the package;
  • not suitable for glass ceramics.

Sanita gel Antifat Multisila

Popular grease remedy that combines low price, cost-effectiveness and acceptable effectiveness. The gel form is great for cleaning hard to reach places and joints. Contains alkali (5-15%) and anionic surfactants (<5%), no solvents added. The product copes very well with fresh greasy dirt, to remove stale grease you need to apply several times and hold the time (the manufacturer recommends 7 minutes, but it can be a little longer). Smells, but is not aggressive (due to the lack of solvents). Suitable for cleaning floors, including laminate.

  • economical;
  • inexpensive;
  • tolerable odor.
  • The efficiency is lower than the competition;
  • Not suitable for stainless steel.

The strongest grease removers

Unicum Gold

Continues our review of the best Gold grease removers from Unicum. The product contains a high percentage of alkali (5-15%), solvents (5-15%) and nonagenic surfactants (<5%), which are considered the most effective for capturing grease molecules. Removes long-standing grease, soot and tar very quickly. It is recommended to apply it for 15-20 seconds and immediately rinse with water, and in severe cases leave it on surfaces no longer than 1 minute. According to reviews, Unicum sprays well, removes fresh grease instantly, and also copes with old stains completely, but in two steps. With such a strong composition, it is obvious that the product has a very pungent smell, so do not neglect precautions and protective equipment.

  • high efficiency
  • fast-acting;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • 4 available capacities: 380, 500, 750 and 3000 ml
  • pungent smell.

Bagi Shumanit grease remover

A good strong concentrated grease remover from an Israeli brand that, judging by the reviews of housewives, «cleans the unwashable». Frying pans, ovens, grills, hoods – Schumanit magically makes them like new without a hint of grease and soot. Often used in restaurants and cafes. The instruction warns that the product must be used with care – always wear PPE, ventilate the kitchen, and do not use Schumanit on plastic, aluminum, Teflon, painted surfaces. Due to the caustic nature, we cannot recommend this product for everyone: asthmatics, allergic people, families with small children and pets are better off choosing a less «nuclear» version.

  • high efficiency;
  • fast action;
  • Quality packaging, handy trigger;
  • three volume options: 270, 400 and 3000 ml.
  • relatively expensive;
  • very caustic, work strictly with gloves and a mask;
  • there are fakes.

The liquid grease remover (antifat) XAAX

Liquid grease remover from the USA manufacturer is a worthy competitor to other popular products for the kitchen. The composition states potassium hydroxide (strong alkali), alkyl glucosides (non-ionogenic pav) and activator complex, but the manufacturer does not specify the concentration. Most hostesses note that the tool is strong, caustic, effective, copes with the most neglected cases within 10-15 minutes. Not suitable for cleaning Teflon, painted surfaces and, of course, aluminum. The product comes in a single 750 ml.

  • high efficiency;
  • large volume;
  • handy trigger.
  • The packaging does not indicate the concentration of the active ingredients;
  • liquid, drains quickly;
  • Better price than analogues.

Best all-purpose grease removers

Azelit Anti-Grease Grass

Strong household remedy against grease. According to reviews, Azelit easily removes even stale soot and grease. The product is liquid, with a fine foam atomizer and a convenient trigger. Suitable for all types of cooking equipment, including professional ones: stoves, ovens, smokers, fryers, microwaves, grills, etc.д. Approved for use on enamel, glass ceramic, metal. The product is remarkable in that it works almost instantly: it is recommended to wash it off after 30 seconds, and in severe cases leave it on for a couple of minutes (you can keep it on a little longer). Important: make sure that the composition does not get on plastic surfaces – this can cause stains! The smell is strong, weaker than that of some analogues, but it is better to work with gloves and a mask.

  • Inexpensive;
  • fast action;
  • high effectiveness;
  • Suitable for different surfaces;
  • Large capacity – 600 ml, 5L jerry cans are also available.
  • odor;
  • Need hand and respiratory protection.

Frosch Grease Remover Grapefruit

The safest kitchen cleaner in our rating, without a pungent smell and risk of skin burns. The composition of natural soap, a mixture of anionic and nonionic surfactants, natural grapefruit extract. Suitable for cleaning all kitchen surfaces, from ovens and grills to aprons, fronts, dining tables. It is recommended to use with caution on wooden, acrylic, lacquered surfaces. According to reviews, it is the only grease cleaner that does not cause any negative emotions when used; it smells pleasant, works quickly, and does not require the use of gloves. Of course, it won’t wash away years of grease, but it’s perfect for everyday cleanup, washing pans, and wiping down stoves.

  • pleasant aroma;
  • Gentle composition;
  • You can wash the entire kitchen with a single cleaner;
  • You can work without gloves;
  • transparent packaging (you can see the rest of the product);
  • biodegradable.
  • «complicated» grease does not wash out.

Meine Liebe Antifat

The product is popular due to its affordable price and gentle treatment of surfaces. Unlike most analogues, has a quite bearable smell with hints of lime. But everything is not so simple with the efficiency: the one minute stated in the instructions is obviously not enough to dissolve serious grease stains, and in order to get the ideal result the user will have to rub it very well. Optimal for non-cold grease, universally suitable for most kitchen surfaces.

  • tolerable odor;
  • inexpensive;
  • Hard to damage surfaces.
  • Non-foaming, fast draining;
  • Efficiency is lower than the leaders.

Synergetic for stoves

A gentle cleaner for regular cleaning in the kitchen. It is suitable for metal, glass ceramic and enamel stoves, grills, skewers, frying pans, microwave ovens, ceramic tiles and natural stone countertops. Not recommended for non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic surfaces. Synergetic uses baking soda (5-15%) as an alkaline component, there are vegetable surfactants, no solvents in the composition. Synergetic works well for keeping your stove clean on a daily basis, but it cannot cope with neglected grease and soot. Odor is present, but not significant.

  • Gentle composition;
  • A product that is comfortable to use;
  • comparatively weak odor;
  • is easily rinsed away with water;
  • Claims to be biodegradable, so it won’t harm the septic tank in a private home.
  • Doesn’t handle stubborn grease and carbon deposits.

What is the best product for stoves, ovens, microwaves?

It depends on your request. Need a product for everyday cleaning of stove and other kitchen surfaces? Buy a good all-purpose grease cleaner with less than 5% alkali concentration and no solvents. It does not have an overly pungent odor and «perfectly» Handles fresh stains. You need a stronger formula? Choose a product with a higher concentration of active ingredient, but remember that you need to wear gloves and a mask. Long-term dirt, soot and smut wash well only products with organic solvents and a percentage of alkali more than 5-10%. They require the utmost care in operation. We hope our rating will help you choose the best grease remover for your kitchen. Good Buying!

Total votes – 3, rating – 5

* please note that the accuracy of the information and the results of the ratings are subjective and do not constitute advertising

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