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8 best tubing

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Winter – It’s not just a time of cold weather, but also a time of fun. Especially in winter snowy. Such a great fun, as rolling down the slide, is no stranger to either children or adults. In recent years, a special inflatable tubing for riding has been gaining popularity – tubing. Unlike traditional sleds and ice skates, they have the following advantages:

  • safety, because the tubes are absolutely soft;
  • convenience: they have special handles and mountings;
  • due to sliding, they can develop a decent speed even on a poorly rolled slide;
  • it is possible to go for a ride in two;
  • take up little space for storage.

Parks often equip large tubing tracks for winter, where you can take «tubing » for hire, or you can ride on your. For those who do not want to pay money for rent, stores provide a wide range of inflatable sleds. But how do you know which one is best when they all look like just huge bagels?? Review of the best tubes — in our rating.

Rating of the best tubes in 2018

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best Children’s Tubing 1 Igloo Snow Oxford 80 cm 9.3 / 10 1 420
2 Tubing Nika TB1K-85 9.2 / 10 1 349
The best tubing for the whole family 1 Tubing Small Rider Snow Cars 3 BM 10 / 10 2 490
2 USA Tubing Elite 9.9 / 10 3 190
3 Mitek Ladybird Winch 9.6 / 10 4 230
4 Tyubing Tiani-Tolkai Machine 9.6 / 10 2 512
5 R-Toys Tubing 9.3 / 10 2 000
6 Hubster Tube HIP 90 cm 9.3 / 10 1 890

The best children’s tubes

Igloo Snow Oxford 80 cm

Safe for children to ride on the roller coaster will be a favorite pastime in the winter time! Durable waterproof material (bottom – PVC Unisol, top – Oxford) ensures perfect gliding even on uneven terrain. The kapron grips sewn into the sides allow you to hold firmly during the descent. A kapron rope tow rope provides a comfortable ride. it is very easy to pull the tubing, because it weighs only 2 kg! Diameter 80 cm, holds up to 110 kg. The best tubing for school-age children, but can be used from as early as 3 years old.

  • slides even on a thin layer of snow, effectively dampens the shaking;
  • included camera;
  • has good speed.

Best Tubing Wipeouts

  • the child sits on the cold one;
  • no zipper.

Tubing Nika TB1K-85

Inexpensive inflatable wadding sled designed for quick, but safe going downhill. Nika tubing is designed for children from 5 years old. It has a diameter of 90cm and will carry a child weighing up to 85kg. Made of bright durable material, slides easily in the snow. Top – tent fabric, resistant to frost. Quality seams, reinforced with kapron tape, the zipper is hidden behind the valve. With 2 handles to hold onto during lowering and a tow strap.

  • Sturdy construction;
  • camera included in the package;
  • reinforced seat.
  • the included cameras may be a smaller size (can be solved by purchasing an appropriate camera).

The best tubing for the whole family

Small Rider Snow Cars 3 BM

The original bright tube in the form of a car will please both daddy and the child! The size allows it: its minimum width is 86 cm, and it can carry a lot of weight, up to 180 kg. The shell provides good support for the feet of the child and the adult. Thanks to the elongated shape evenly slopes and does not rotate around the axis, as round ones. The bottom is molded. Cover resembles a tightly stretched oilcloth, water-resistant and able to withstand a wide temperature range (minus 40 to +35). Thick, heavy-duty zipper with large lock secures access to camera. And the lock is located so that if you jump in the tubing, it will not hurt (and the zipper will not unfasten accidentally). Two fabric handles are securely sewn into the case. In order for a child not to fall out of the bouncy tube when you lift it up the slope, a safety strap comes in handy. No need to wear seat belts while riding down.

  • There is a safety belt;
  • robust, comfortable design;
  • camera in the complete set;
  • hardly smells.

USA Tubing Elite

The best air tube for high daddy and baby riding together. Surprisingly comfortable, durable tubing for children and adults with fabric tops. It is comfortable to sit on thanks to the covering. There are 4 handles on the tube of frost-proof PVC – It’s easy to hold on to and you can think of several ways to position it when you’re downhill. The transport rope is equipped with a ring, which makes it especially easy to move the inflatable sled. The 102 cm diameter diameter makes it especially stable on the slope and allows it to bear an adult’s weight (total) – up to 140 kg). The tubing is equipped with a standard car camera that can be easily replaced if necessary.

  • 4 PVC handles;
  • a reinforced seat;
  • large diameter;
  • Camera, manual and original bag included.

Mitek Ladybird Scooter

The original handy tubing. The upper part is made of durable synthetic Oxford 600D PU 2000 fabric, density 250 g/m², bottom – made of durable reinforced tent fabric with glossy PVC gliding, density 630 g/m². The seat has a sturdy zipper closure and 2 ergonomic plastic handles on the sides. The image is applied on the fabric by a special method – The bag has a dye-sublimation printing, thanks to which the print won’t fade and won’t lose its color saturation with time. The diameter of the tube is 110 cm. Includes bag with carrying handle.

  • large diameter;
  • high-quality fabrics;
  • zipper on the seat.
  • high cost.

Tyubing Tyani-pusher Cars

We continue our rating of bright, original and very comfortable tubing for children and adults. The upper part is made of a durable tent with a bright print, can withstand frosts up to minus 25. Reinforced tent fabric bottom with glossy PVC coating for perfect slip. On the seat – concealed zipper. Strong lavsan stitching on the sides. There are 2 sturdy sling handles on the sides. The image is printed on the fabric by a special method – The picture will not fade and will not lose richness of color over time thanks to the dye-sublimation printing. The tube measures 120×89 cm.

  • The original design;
  • camera and cover included;
  • detailed user-friendly instructions.
  • The smell is noticeable at first.

R-Toys Scooter

Sturdy and comfortable tubing with a beautiful design. The top and bottom are made of reinforced PVC, connected by a durable braid and PVC strip insert. Thanks to this coating, this inflatable sled glides perfectly in the snow. Thoughtful rigid seat with zipper. It has securely sewn fabric handles on the sides. There is a tow rope made of fabric. The diameter of the tube is 93 kg, it can carry up to 100 kg of weight – The best option for the whole family.

  • good value for money;
  • striking design;
  • Load up to 100 kg.
  • rubber smell.

Tubing Hubster Pipe 90 cm

Comfortable tubing with beautiful design. The bottom is made of reinforced PVC, the top – made of thick cloth Oxford with impregnation. Thanks to this coating, this inflatable sled slides perfectly in the snow. Thoughtful rigid seat with a hidden zipper. On the sides there are securely sewn in-seam fabric handles. There is a tow rope with a reinforced attachment (external loop). The tubing diameter is 90 cm, it can carry up to 100 kg of weight – a good option for children and adults.

  • good value for money
  • bright design.
  • the nozzle stoppers are weak.

What is the best tubing to buy??

Choosing a tubing, many people try to buy a tube for children with a small diameter, so it will be easier to sit. The small size might be suitable for teaching little kids to slide down small slides, but for children from three years old we recommend to buy the tubing of standard diameter, not less than one meter. These inflatable sleds are more stable and allow an adult to accompany the child if necessary.

Since the tubes have a higher speed on the way down, but at the same time it is hard enough to control them, adults should choose the safest ways for their children to go down. It is also worth remembering that the fabric coating will help hold in the tubing due to greater traction. However, it is easier to ice.

In addition, there are some points to consider before purchasing:

  • think over a place for storage (garage, balcony), since the tubing gives a strong smell of rubber and has rather big dimensions;
  • It is necessary to store the snowcocks in a half deflated state, to exclude sticking of the chamber;
  • car tubing is easier to replace than a branded one;
  • inflate to a condition that makes it comfortable to ride without the risk of rupturing the tube, somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 atmospheres.

Tubing is safer than a regular sled, but you should not leave children unattended if you decide to ride from the slide. It is best to visit specially equipped tubing trails – they are fenced and have no obstacles along the way like trees.

Cheerful and safe you ride!

Total votes – 4, rating – 5

* please note that the accuracy of the information and the results of the ratings are subjective and do not constitute advertising

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