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8 best Lenovo tablets

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Lenovo’s review of the best tablets – according to expert and customer reviews

  1. Lenovo’s best 7-inch tablets
  2. Lenovo’s best tablets with screen diagonal 8″
  3. Lenovo’s best 10-inch tablets
  4. The best Lenovo Yoga tablets
  5. The best Lenovo tablets with keyboards

Lenovo is currently the only manufacturer that offers its solutions in almost all existing segments of the tablet market. Yes, the company does not have a really premium models, if by that term we mean a particularly powerful stuffing and super clear screens, but let’s answer ourselves honestly — How many of us buy exactly top tablets? In this sense, the products of the eminent Chinese are just that «The golden mean» – Tablets with good value for money. And the desire to bring the classic essence «tablets» new content, worthy of all respect. Here are the best Lenovo tablet models as of the first quarter of 2018.

Category place Name Rating Price
Lenovo’s best 7-inch tablets 1 Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X 9.4 / 10 8 242
The best Lenovo tablets with a screen diagonal of 8″ 1 Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 9.7 / 10 19 990
2 Lenovo Tab 4 TB-8504X 9.5 / 10 11 759
Lenovo’s best 10-inch tablets 1 Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X704L 9.7 / 10 21 500
2 Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X304L 9.4 / 10 14 560
Best Lenovo Yoga Tablets 1 Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91L 9.4 / 10 46 746
2 Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO (2016) 9.4 / 10 43 330
The best Lenovo tablets with keyboards 1 Lenovo Miix 520 9.3 / 10 64 040

Lenovo’s Best 7-inch Tablets

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X

Opens our ranking of the company’s best tablets Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X. The tablet is not impressive with the available stuffing, but against its direct competitors still looks preferable. The device has thin side frames and a slightly elongated screen (aspect ratio 16:9), t.е. more chances «fit» into an average inside pocket. And one-handed holding of the TB-7504X is not only easier for viewing information, but also for typing or voice communication. Note, some owners of the device complained about «drop» Regular apps for texting and calling. Corresponding software from third parties works without nagging. Like other products in the Tab 4 line, the tablet supports separate user profiles, including children’s, with a simplified interface and customizable access to network resources. True, for a device with a minimally comfortable amount of RAM the named benefit is very relative, because Android has learned to automatically «unload» long unused applications when it is not enough.

  • practical aspect ratio of the screen;
  • multiplayer mode support;
  • can be different «children’s» profiles;
  • full telephone module;
  • Works on all bands used in domestic 4G networks.
  • no fast charging;
  • single-band Wi-Fi;
  • single speaker;
  • «glitchiness» built-in applications for calls and SMS.

The best Lenovo tablets with a screen diagonal of 8″

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X

Very good tablet for universal use. The size is very comfortable. Plenty of memory. Performance is enough for everything «wants» without bigotry. The pixel density on the screen is very high. The sound is decent, that through built-in speakers that through headphones. Organize voice communication elementary allows you to. There is a multiplayer mode. What’s more, kids can customize the environment too «for yourself». In general, the device really is for all occasions and any reasonable use scenarios.

In fact, the tablet has only one major complaint — It is not possible to change the color profiles and adjust the white balance. Well, the glass back will not suit everyone, and hide in a case such a beauty does not want. Is only in the silicone protective bumper before you give a small child.

  • Powerful stuffing and a lot of memory;
  • good sound in both senses;
  • multiplayer mode with a full-fledged children’s profile;
  • can be used for voice communication and SMS;
  • All used LTE-bands are supported.

Lenovo Tab M7 Gen 3 (2021) – Unboxing and First Impressions!

  • slippery backside (glass);
  • color temperature does not change;
  • The battery takes a long time to charge.

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-8504X

The best budget version of the compact tablet from Lenovo. So to speak, a reasonable minimum, not designed to use resource-intensive applications. The single-chip system in it is simple, but quite efficient. Of the 16 Gb internal memory the user remains about seven. Well, at least the latest Android allows you to increase this capacity through the SD-card. At least the application data and cache are stored on it without problems, you only need to specify that the external drive will «work» as ROM. The screen is not striking with the extreme clarity of the picture, but the energy it consumes also moderately. Stereo speakers stand out, Dolby Atmos technology gives the sound a decent edge. By the way, the tablet has a built-in FM-receiver! Finally, the Tab 4 line’s support for multiple user profiles and full-featured children’s mode didn’t go anywhere.

Lenovo Tab M10 HD 2nd Gen (2020) – Unboxing and First Impressions!

  • relatively good sound;
  • individual profiles for multiple users;
  • a clever children’s mode;
  • full GSM module;
  • good battery life;
  • A full complement of supported 4G bands.
  • for demanding applications will not be suitable;
  • long charging time;
  • single-band Wi-Fi;
  • mediocre cameras.

Lenovo’s best 10-inch tablets

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X704L

The device is positioned by the company as a tablet for a friendly family, and this fully corresponds to reality. It’s not even about the available multiplayer support and high-performance hardware. Just the size of the device is not very conducive to the desire to carry it. And for home it is very good. And in «tanchiki» It will allow everyone to watch movies in the evening in a warm company, and the younger generation to occupy a fairy tale or a developing application. And in studies / work it is a skilful assistant. Especially if you buy to the tablet Productivity Pack with a wireless keyboard and specialized software. Still, the TB-X704L doesn’t come close to being perfect. The glass panel on the back is fine, but the lack of ability to change the color temperature of the picture on the screen — serious omission. Well, the GSM module is incomplete in the unit: does not support voice communication and messaging.

  • Decent stuffing;
  • Solid memory capacity;
  • decent battery life;
  • on all current LTE-bands can work.
  • It is not possible to change the color parameters of the screen;
  • The back side is made of glass;
  • simplified phone module.

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X304L

A solid workhorse with a price tag that’s pleasing to the eye. In the gaming accomplishments of the owner is not able to help, but in all other applications will serve faithfully. Or rather, it tries to do so. Problems can occur at times of streaming video playback. There is hope that the manufacturer named «bug» will fix, check its absence when buying.

Just like the older 10-inch tablet line, the device does not boast the presence of a full-fledged phone module. The latter is used only for internet connection. TB-X304L doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, so switching between user profiles isn’t as convenient. There is a business mode with small icons of open applications (like the Windows taskbar), children are not forgotten. By the way, the specialized KIDO'Z platform helps in every way to protect them from unwanted content.

  • Multiuser mode (normal, business and child profiles)
  • The competent location of the speakers (conditionally frontal);
  • Secure web content filtering «on the side»;
  • is able to work on all the bands used in our 4G networks.
  • the color parameters of the display are not adjustable;
  • problems with streaming video playback are possible;
  • Incomplete GSM module;
  • Mediocre cameras, especially the front-facing one;
  • Unreliable card tray flap.

The best Lenovo Yoga tablets

Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91L

Interesting device that is a tablet only in part. We get the device in our review because its other half is also a tablet, only it is a graphical one. Structurally, the recommended Yoga is a transformer, consisting of a display unit and a multifunction input unit. In one mode, this unit forms a backlit touch keyboard. Pressing a special virtual button instantly turns it into a panel for drawing or handwritten notes. Or you can simply disconnect the block and use it as a stand. When combining diverse functionality in one device you always have to make certain compromises, it’s clear to everyone. Nevertheless, the one under consideration «hybrid» is able to exclude a couple of narrow-profile gadgets at once. It’s also really handy.

  • multifunctionality;
  • reliable swivel mechanism (hinge);
  • Not a bad run time on a single charge;
  • premium design.
  • not «can hold» tasks, particularly demanding in terms of graphics;
  • there are complaints about the quality of wireless connection;
  • scaling problems at Full HD resolution on the 10-inch screen;
  • deterrent price tag.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO (2016)

The most «advanced» model among Lenovo transformers with an unusual design. The advantages of a strong cylindrical base at one of the long sides of the tablet are obvious. First, it is more convenient to carry and hold the device by its. Second, it made it easy to implement the idea of a reclining stand, whereby a yoga tablet can stand at one incline, lie at another, or hang elegantly from a suitable «clove». Third, it easily accommodates a high-capacity battery and four large speakers from JBL. It also hides a built-in rotary projector — and that’s the main «the chip» device, allowing you to use almost any light-colored surface as an additional screen. Just a mobile cinema in your hands. It remains to add that we recommend to look closely at the version of the tablet with 4 Gb of RAM.

Lenovo tablets

  • a really worthwhile built-in projector;
  • quality sound path;
  • very high autonomy;
  • handy form factor.
  • far from the best gaming performance;
  • high price.

The best Lenovo tablets with keyboard

Lenovo Miix 520

Despite the fact that in the niche of tablets with keyboards Lenovo products are widely enough represented, we decided to limit ourselves to one model and chose for this purpose a novelty of five hundred series. It practically has no fundamental differences from Miix 510 except for such a better quality camera part. At the same time, it has to be translated into USA «old» The company also has not promised a new hardware platform, so our choice of model for inclusion in the rating of the best tablets Lenovo is quite obvious. Moreover, look for bundles with eighth-generation Intel processors — They have a lower base frequency, t.е. the tablet’s battery life should be better. The relatively low score of the Miix 520 is precisely due to its noticeable lag in this part of the powerful «hybrids» of other manufacturers (for example, Surface Pro or Elite x2). But Lenovo didn’t get greedy with the package — It has both a keyboard and a stylus.

  • powerful hardware;
  • SSD drive;
  • big screen;
  • good equipment.
  • modest graphics capabilities;
  • mediocre battery life;
  • noticeable noise under load;
  • The LTE version has no slot for a memory card;
  • high price.

Despite the long-term trend of decline in the popularity of tablets in general, the share of Lenovo brand is growing. And in both quantitative and monetary terms. In fact, with such a range, it is not surprising. Good choice!

Total votes – 2, rating – 4.5

* Please note that the accuracy of the information and the results of the ratings is subjective and does not constitute advertising

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