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6 best vitamins for eyes

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The comparison of the most expensive with the apple of their eye, coined by our ancestors, is still relevant today. Moreover: the zenith itself has acquired a special value and began to require increased attention to its own health.

Prolonged use of a PC, watching TV, sedentary activity, and infrequent and scarce portions of fresh air — All of this has led to decreased visual acuity and ophthalmic diseases seriously «rejuvenated». It is possible to help maintain healthy eyes with the help of the best modern vitamin complexes for exactly this purpose.

Complivit Ophthalmo

A pack of 60 pills costs about 400 dollars.

3 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Fast at Home

Benefits. The distinctive feature of this vitamin and mineral complex — The fact that it affects all functions responsible for visual acuity and eye health. The product contains 9 vitamins, 3 minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin. In combination, these substances help not only to compensate the lack of nutrients necessary for our vision organs, but also strengthen the walls of eye vessels, protect against the negative effects of UV rays and radiation from electronic gadgets, activate the regeneration processes in tissues of the eye, etc.

Perhaps the most precise way to describe the benefits of Complivit Oftalmo is as follows: the drug is designed for people exposed to constant and excessive visual strain. It will help both to prevent complications of this way of life and restore the vision in the complex treatment of.

Disadvantages. The drug should not be taken by anyone under 18 years of age, so for the most vulnerable category «Computer fatigue» — children — It is not suitable.

Conclusions. Complivit Ophthalmo is definitely worthy of the crown place in the medicine cabinet if your eyes — main «working tool», bearers of major strains. Practically the best eye vitamins for people working at the computer. 10 points out of ten!

Reviews. «I have been taking them for three years (once a year as a course) and I can say that these are some of the best vitamins for the eyes. Helps well, no dry eyes, no redness, no fatigue, “sand” and other – also».

Vitrum Vision

The cost of a package containing 60 pills is about 1000 dollars.

Advantages. The composition of the preparation is not overloaded with vitamins and trace elements, but includes all the most necessary for the health of the organs of vision. Such «minimalist» The formulation allows Vitrum Vision to be taken by children as young as 12 years of age. This is an important factor: the prepubertal period is one of the stages at which the most likely development of visual impairment. The body of a child growing very intensively is unable to effectively supply the eyes with nutrients, leaving all the essentials to support vital organs. And the eyes of a teenager who does not take his eyes off the screen of a smartphone or tablet, suffer from a deficit of vitamins and minerals and gradually give up. Vitrum Vision, taken as a prophylactic, will help prevent complications on the vision, and as one of the components of the complex treatment, will accelerate the restoration of visual acuity to healthy values.

Disadvantages. Price might put you off. But only if you are not afraid of the prices of optical glasses and contact lenses. In addition, given the content of Vitrum Vision vitamins that can accumulate in the tissues of the body, creating «Stocks», This complex is not recommended to take together with other multivitamins, without the approval of the doctor.

Conclusions. One of the best, reliable and proven remedies for the prevention of visual acuity disorders in adults and adolescents. 10 out of 10.

Reviews. «I take them when prescribed by my ophthalmologist. Expensive. But for the eyes (especially at an advanced age) vitamins are a must».

Blueberry Forte with lutein

The cost of a package containing 50 tablets is about 140 dollars.

Advantages of. People have known about the healing properties of blueberries for a long time. How our ancestors knew about the ability of this plant to restore eyesight — unknown. But the laboratory and clinical studies conducted in recent decades have confirmed: blueberries contain substances that activate the tissue repair processes in the eye, normalize the permeability of cell membranes, and even stimulate the regeneration of special pigment, which is responsible for the quality of vision in different light conditions. Additional Substances – Lutein, vitamins C and B and zinc have an additional, sight-strengthening effect.

Disadvantages. Except for a possible intolerance to the components of the complex, no disadvantages were discovered. Some of the best vitamins for preventing visual impairment in adults and children.

Conclusions. 10 points out of ten — A well-deserved rating for a product that is recommended for strengthening eye function in adults and children from the age of 3.

Reviews. «Excellent dietary supplements. I have a slight problem with my eyesight and I periodically take a course of blueberries. Eye fatigue disappears (I sometimes work 12 hours a day on the computer), of course I do not drink only Blueberries, but I also drop drops, and all in all it has a great effect».

Stellar eyebright

The cost of a package containing 30 capsules is about 120 dollars.

Advantages. Another phyto-vitamin complex for those who trust the healing powers of nature. And they are worth trusting: medicinal eyebright – a plant known for its ability to positively influence the regeneration of eye tissues. Just what is needed for people who have to spend a lot of time at the computer and the wheel — in conditions of frequent changes in light intensity or when the workplace is insufficiently illuminated.

The healing effects of eyebright are supplemented by a complex of vitamins, which helps to prevent the deficiency of nutrients involved in metabolic functions.

Disadvantages. The manufacturer indicates that no side effects have been identified, but given the herbal origin of the main component of the drug, it should be taken with caution by persons with pollinosis and other forms of allergies.

Conclusions. The best herbal vitamins for eyes — Effective product with a well-thought-out composition and no «Aggravated» The excess of components of synthetic origin. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «Almost a week after I started taking Eyebright, I felt an improvement in my vision in the dark. I work as a driver, and after the night shift I felt a strong thread in my eyes, which gradually disappeared when I took a course of this dietary supplement».

Biorhythm Vision 24 day/night

The cost of a package containing 32 pills is about 230 dollars.

Benefits. Our vision organs, working tirelessly during the day, want a full rest at night. But when straining and «inaction» They require a different complex of substances. If during the daytime your eyes need antioxidants to prevent the negative effects of environmental factors and vitamins to maintain visual acuity, at night they need vitamins and trace elements to help repair damage.

This peculiarity was taken into account when developing the Biorhythm Vision 24 complex. В «daily» The tablets contain vitamins that prevent the formation of free radicals under the influence of radiation from electronic gadgets, cell damage from ultraviolet light and help replenish light-sensitive pigments. «Night» The tablets include vitamins and minerals necessary for complete repair processes in the tissues of the eye, blood vessels, and optic nerve.

The distribution of tablets into day and night, reduced the dosage of some vitamins (in particular, A and E — that can cause negative side effects in case of overdose) and still be effective.

Disadvantages. As such, there are no disadvantages. Observing the requirements for taking the drug, no complications are expected.

visual acuity

Conclusions. A balanced formula based on our body’s biorhythms, worthy of the highest rating. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «After the stress I underwent, my vision went down drastically. I didn’t go to the doctor, t.к. I understood that the problem was not with my eyes. Following the pharmacist’s advice I took a month’s course «Biorhythm» – Vision and Anti-stress. I could say that it worked fast and in combination with the moderate cost of these drugs «Conquered the heart». Now I regularly take these pills 2-3 months at a time».


The cost of a pack containing 30 capsules costs from 380 dollars and more, depending on the manufacturer.

Advantages. Traditionally, Omega-3 refers to «cardiac» drugs, but this is a misconception about the potency of the polyunsaturated fatty acid. Eyes need protection and support, not only in conditions of increased strain, but also with age-related changes. And the greatest danger in this case is the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on them. This means that whatever nutrients you take, they simply will not reach (or will reach in very small quantities) their destination. Omega-3 helps to prevent atherosclerotic processes in blood vessels, and creates conditions for their purification. Accordingly, clean vessels — Unimpeded access of oxygen and nutrients to the eye tissues, and timely excretion of metabolic products.

Disadvantages. Exceeding the dosage indicated by the manufacturer can have a negative impact on health — The fact that it is a drug of natural origin does not negate the fact that it – medicinal product.

Conclusions. An excellent solution for everyone whose age hints at possible problems with vision in the near future. But even if such unpleasant prospects look remote, Omega-3 will distance them even more. 10 out of 10.

Reviews. «My vision went down drastically after the surgery under general anesthesia. The ophthalmologist prescribed a whole list of medications, but I was afraid to take them all — and so my body.. «chemistry « I had enough of omega-3. I chose Omega-3 and I have no regrets. First the tinnitus went away and the «flies» in front of my eyes, and after a while I noticed that my visual acuity was almost back to normal as well. Good product, I recommend it to everyone».

6 foods to keep Eyes healthy and Glasses free (चश्मा नहीं लगाना तो रोज खाएं ये 6 चीजें) | Boldsky

What you need to know?

Our eyes, although part of the body, have several important features:

  • Only a small part of the oxygen enters the eye organs through the bloodstream, while the rest comes directly from the air. So Try to get outdoors regularly Or, at the very least, ventilate the room in which you work more often.
  • Static stress on the eye muscles — Another reason for decreased visual acuity. If you often and for a long time stare at the PC monitor or the TV screen, it means that you are in the risk group: the movement of the eyeball is limited and therefore the blood circulation in it is slow. Traditional advice — At least once an hour, take a 3-5 minute break from your work at the computer for eye exercises. As an option — Install an application that will run at set intervals on your monitor «hopping» A figure to follow with your eyes.
  • The areas of the brain responsible for processing visual information are supplied with nutrients and oxygen through an artery in the cervical spine. Therefore, pay timely attention to symptoms such as tinnitus and ringing in the ears, headaches after prolonged work at a PC, numbness and tingling in the hands — They can indicate cervical osteochondrosis and/or vertebral artery syndrome. Best of all — Take measures to prevent osteochondrosis (exercise, regular walks, good nutrition, etc.).

best vitamins

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Thank you for the review. You can’t go anywhere without eye vitamins these days. There is a great strain on the eyesight.

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