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10 best cartoons for kids

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Usually parents offer their first cartoons to babies closer to their first birthday: from about 1 year (give or take a couple of months) children may begin to show interest in the characters and stories on the screen. Of course, when parents and fathers sit their child down at the monitor, they not only want to entertain and distract their child, but also to help his development. And this is promoted by a lot of high quality, easy to understand, kind and colorful cartoons for the little ones.

Criteria for choosing the best cartoon for kids

A good cartoon for the little ones has:

  • a kind, simple and straightforward plot;
  • real, recognizable in appearance characters;
  • small chronometry;
  • The highest quality animation;
  • Excellent quality of translation and dubbing (if the tape is foreign).

Leave full-length tapes for a later age: kids are not yet able to understand the intricacies of the plot, nor sit still for long in one place. Also «Expert prices» We would like to remind you that the best cartoons for kids under 3 years old – Those in which the main characters are not monsters (even cute) and superheroes, but «Humanized» animals: a cunning fox, a good-natured bear, a wicked wolf, a brave little mouse, or a curious cat. From 3-4 years in the list of cartoons you can add cartoons with people, as well as colorful full-length tape known animation studios.

Rating of the best cartoons for kids — TOP 10

There were so many good cartoons that «Expert prices» Had to work hard to choose for you the most quality and interesting. So…

1. The Lion King — Full-length animation classics

Why our ranking of the best children’s cartoons: great animation for kids from 5 years old.

Score: 9.9 out of 10

If we’re going to offer the little ones «feature film», …then only the best one! «The Lion King» – studio masterpiece «Disney», which has won huge popularity in the world, and the plot is understandable to children from about 5 years of age. The cartoon is both funny and scary (Simba’s father’s death), and instructive, and incomprehensible, so be sure to watch the tape together with your little cinephile.


  • High quality animation and USA voiceover;
  • An understandable and entertaining story;
  • The music (music and performance by Elton John) is sumptuous;
  • Colorful characters.


  • The movie is quite long;
  • there are moments that are not understandable for kids.

Typical reviews of the cartoon «The Lion King»:

«Kind, instructive, touching, funny, a little sad, but still with a happy ending – This cartoon really teaches us a lot, teaches us about life! It’s a family cartoon, bringing generations together».

«It teaches you to admire nature, to live in peace and harmony with it, it teaches kindness and loyalty, gives the first concepts of friendship and love, and evil is shown just enough to demonstrate the importance of goodness and not a bit more».

2. Mickey Mouse Club («Learned») — A great educational cartoon for children from 3 years of age

Why in our rating: entertaining and informative.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10.

Created by the studio «Disney», The cartoon series is characterized by excellent animation quality, fascinating «Interactive» with a storyline and lots of educational moments. Properly chosen tasks can hold the interest of kids for a long time and teach them a lot of useful things.


  • high-quality graphics;
  • Excellent USA voiceover;
  • Familiar characters that have become classics;
  • Interesting and manageable for three-year-olds tasks.

Cons: Not found.

Typical reviews of cartoons «Mickey Mouse Club»:

«The cartoon is not only entertaining but also educational. In the form of games, children learn numbers, colors, shapes, and during the adventures, they find unusual uses for the most common things, i.e.е. Teaches them to think outside the box and develop their wits».

«I personally really like this cartoon! Good, positive, instructive and educational!»

3. Mama for a Mammoth — one of the best Soviet cartoons for kids

Why in our rating: The best cartoon about loving your mom.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10.

An entire generation has grown up on this Soviet cartoon – But it has not ceased to be relevant, because the theme of mother’s love is inexhaustible. The film evokes wonderful feelings, and the positive characters, comprehensible plot and happy ending make it one of the best cartoons for kids.


  • A kind and understandable story;
  • Raises the theme of love for mom;
  • legendary song.


  • «Soviet» animation quality.

Typical m/f reviews «Mama for Mammoth Baby»

«There’s no such thing in the world as a lost child… Isn’t it modern, isn’t it exciting? I’d rather have my sensitive toddler cry over this story than watch soulless «Tom and Jerry»! Я – For «Mammoth Girl» and similarly light-hearted movies!»

«This is my childhood cartoon. Indeed, there are classics over which time has no power! And the song, even though it’s a children’s song, and the words are so simple, but it’s a real masterpiece!»

4. Musty — The best cartoon for kids from 1 year old

Why in our ranking: Safest cartoon ever.

Score: 9.7 out of 10.

When watching it with a toddler «Musty» parents can not worry, because it is the kindest, harmless and not overloaded with information cartoon. Main character – Kitten – Lives with her daddy and mommy, does the usual things, and interacts with other animals. This series teaches to take care of loved ones and to be friends.


  • Quality graphics;
  • Great musical accompaniment;
  • Quiet and realistic stories.


  • Not everyone likes that the characters don’t move their mouths;
  • short episodes (5-6 minutes).

little ones

Typical cartoon reviews “Musty”:

«Colorful and developmentally appropriate cartoon! It shows family habits, family activities, changing seasons. Heroes – cat, bird, hare, cockerel – kind and caring. We have been watching since 11 months – Both my daughter and I like it very much».

«After watching many episodes of the cartoon, I could safely leave my child to watch it alone, I am sure of «Musty».

5. Franklin and his friends — helpful «Psychological» cartoon series for kids

Why in our rating: Cartoon therapy for children.

Score: 9.6 out of 10.

The impression is that the script for this series was developed with the participation of child psychologists, so plots resemble stories from the lives of real kids. Each series reveals one of the common problems of childhood: the relationship of older and younger siblings, lies and truth, insecurity, etc.д., And by the example of the behavior of the characters is offered an understandable and realistic solution. A wonderful and very rewarding cartoon without a single gram of negativity.


  • Good quality;
  • Helps solve children’s problems.

Minus: The series is not too dynamic, so some children (and adults) may find it boring.

Typical reviews of m/f «Franklin and his friends»:

Teacher Bean | Mr Bean | Cartoons for Kids | WildBrain Bananas

«The cartoon is unique, the similar ones I have not met. Characters learn to cope with fears, insecurities, resentments, find their best qualities and achieve success».

«A kind and positive cartoon. It does a wonderful job of exposing the idea that we can all make mistakes, but everyone has a chance to ask forgiveness and make things right, which I think is very helpful for a modern child to know».

6. Luntik and His Friends — Understandable and colorful cartoon for toddlers

Why in our ranking: teaches good deeds.

Assessment: 9.6 out of 10.

One of USA’s most popular cartoons for kids has won the love of children and parents by the kindness and accessibility of the plots, and the main character – Luntik is cute and ingenuous – Teaches kids to be friends, forgive and help.


  • Instructive moments;
  • children really like the main character;
  • A host of colorful characters;
  • understandable stories.

Minus: Some parents see it as the main character’s – A completely fictional character who looks nothing like any real creature.

Typical cartoon reviews «Moonshine and his friends»:

«I’m not scared to show it “Lunatic” children. They learn a lot of good things from the cartoon! And even the caterpillars, the most harmful in the cartoon, bring a smile. The child is taught a sense of beauty, diligence, diligence, order, obedience».

«A lot of positive things in this cartoon series! Luntik teaches our children not to respond with aggression, to remain tactful and polite. It deals with different life situations in each series, guiding kids on how to act».

Funny Cartoons for Children | LITTLE RACERS | Sunny Bunnies | Cartoons For Children

7. «A kitten named Woof» — A time-tested cartoon about friendship

Why in our ranking: unsinkable classics of Soviet animation.

Score : 9.4 out of 10.

Cartoons such as «A Kitten Named Woof», Make us all kinder, and give kids an excellent basis for developing real feelings and emotions, friendship, mutual support, and love for animals.


Realistic and interesting stories;

Minus: Alas, poor video and sound quality.

Typical reviews of the m/f «A Kitten Named Gav»:

«Kind characters, funny songs, positive storyline with a happy ending (when the kitten and the puppy finally find their owners) – what could be better for your child’s development?»

«This one – Cartoon with a capital letter. That’s how cartoons should be – With real adventures and experiences of friends and a wonderful ending».

8. Masha and the Bear — cartoon for all ages

Why in our ranking: Universal cartoon for the whole family.

Score: 9.3 out of 10

Of course, «Expert Prices» Couldn’t pass up this mega-popular domestic series about the friendship of a girl and a bear. Classic fairy tale creators «unwrapped» To a very funny, positive and modern series, which with interest watched not only children but also adults. «Masha and the Bear», judging by the reviews, suitable for children from 2.5 years of age, but not all plot twists and actions of the characters may be understandable to kids.


  • excellent quality;
  • great hit songs;
  • funny characters.

Cons: eFor children ages 2-4, watch with parents to avoid misunderstanding the plot (this is not a minus, but more of a recommendation).

Typical reviews of the animated series «Masha and the Bear»:

«The cartoon is bright and positive. Beautiful animation and three-dimensional graphics. And most importantly, children like it. And if some of the kids copy Masha, but it’s not a cartoon problem, but a family upbringing».

«We have been watching it since we were 1.5 years old, we like it a lot! The cartoon is interesting, funny, meaningful, and something to watch for both kids and adults».

9. Guess with Jess — educational cartoon for kids from 4 years old

Why in our rating: A successful educational cartoon with kind characters.

Assessment: 9 out of 10.

A cartoon about an inquisitive kitten and his friends, who in each episode are looking for an answer to some «The big question»: «How to Build a Ship?», «What to do with garbage?», «Why spiders need a web?» and t.д. The characters are constantly talking to the viewer, involving them in an amazing process of learning.


  • Non-trivial developmental stories;
  • Kind and likeable characters.


  • The graphics are not perfect;
  • It is difficult to find a high-quality USA-language version.

Typical reviews of m/f «Jess’s Riddles»:

«A very good-natured cartoon. I really like that each episode has a riddle that kids have to guess along with the characters».

«The drawings, facial expressions, and animal behavior all evoke only positive emotions. The cartoon teaches friendship, ingenuity, motivates to acquire new knowledge and admire the world around, shows how to take care and love nature».

10. Theme’s drawings — First drawing lessons for toddlers

Why in our ranking: teaches you to draw in a playful way.

Score: 8.8 out of 10.

The cartoon is made for toddlers 1-3 years old with their attention span at that age in mind. The main character Theme (in the French version – Didou, in English – Louis) and his ladybug friend Lisa draw something new in each series, and the drawing becomes real. The drawings appear step-by-step, and Theme continually addresses the viewer as he draws.


  • interactive;
  • awakens interest in drawing;
  • understandable for toddlers and not overloaded with details.

Cons: Simplified animation (but that’s probably what the creators intended).

Typical reviews of m/f «Theme’s drawings»:

«Theme’s drawings» help them learn about the world around them, develop their imagination, and give them a visual example of how to draw simple objects. We watch together and try to repeat the drawing after watching it».

«A very useful cartoon that engages a toddler in a wonderful activity – drawing! It is created primitive, of course, but nothing unnecessary – For my two-year-old it’s great, he watches it with pleasure».

So what cartoons for the little ones to choose?

Of course, it’s the parents who educate the child, not the cartoons. But all the same «Price expert» Advises not to neglect the selection of cartoons for your child. Be sure to watch them yourself before showing them to your child. Evaluate and analyze the quality and plots so that your baby is surrounded by kind, understandable characters that teach friendship, compassion, and respect for nature and people. Have fun watching them!

Total votes – 18, rating – 4

* Note that the reliability of the information and the results of the ratings is subjective and does not constitute advertising

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